Summer Love!

Katie is just a normal 20 year old girl that loves One Direction!!!!


2. The Call

 Katie's POV:

 When I looked at my phone I saw that it was my boss calling. So I answered and he said " I need you to come into work today because somebody had to go to their grandmas funeral and if you don't come you will be fired." I said " But I am going to a One Direction concert now." Then he said "KATIE IF YOU DON'T COME NOW YOU WILL BE FIRED!!" I said ''Okay".  The only reason I said okay was because my dad said that is I get fired from a job again he would take my phone, posters, and never let me go to One Direction concert's.So I headed off to work instead if the concert. When I got their the whole restaurant was full of people! I got my apron and started taking peoples orders. 



 The concert just ended because i saw people coming out of the coliseum and I was so sad that a didn't get to go to the concert.

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