Love Bug

What happens if Niall leaves Kathryn to go to the X Factor? And years later, what will happen if they meet again? Read to find out!! :)


1. Sunny Day

Kathryn's POV

" Ready or not, here I come! " I say as Niall and I play hide and seek. It may seem weird people like our age playing but, what the heck. Anyways, I'm the it. ALWAYS. I go through our tree house, garden and the sides of the house. That's always where he hides. I go to our big garden. Its really a hot day outside, my hair is scorching hot, my face dripping with sweat, So I gave up. " Niall! Please come out? It's so hot! Let's get something cold to eat? Please??? " I beg. He comes out under the slide in our playground while whistling and holding two popsicles. He's so good in hiding. He copies the sound of a chicken teasing me. I fake smile at him. He smirks. "Chicken!" he says as he gives me my melon popsicle my fav. I sigh loudly. It was just so hot that's all. We've been best friends since birth. He just lives at the side of our house so when we were small we always play. Our parents are really good frie- " Kath?" Niall says, interrupting my thoughts. "Yeah?" I reply. "I want to tell you something." He says as he shifts uncomfortably. He looks at me with his charming blue eyes. What is he going to tell me? Is it good news? " I'm leaving to audition in X Factor." Turns out I was wrong.



 Yo! Thanks for reading! Im going to update the best I can. Keep on reading! Thanks guys! 😚


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