The Moment I Met Him

Jessie, a normal 15 year old girl gets her heart strings pulled when she meets Justin. They both know they have feelings for each other but are to scared to tell each other, will he make the first move or will she? We will just have to see.


1. It was him


It was 8th June 2013, my birthday wasn't far away and I wanted a party but my mum didn't want me to have one, typical. I was a normal 15 year old girl who went to a normal school who had normal friends, normal right? Anyway it was a Friday morning and I had just woke up to get ready for school, I didn't want to be late so I always got up at six every morning. My hair was a tad greasy so I decided to have a quick shower, I turned the shower on and left it to heat up a bit, when it had I stripped from head to toe and slowly stepped in under the shower head; letting the hot water droplets flow down my tense body. Once I was finished in the shower I shut it off and wrapped a towel round me, it was now 6:15 and my mum had just got up. 

Grabbing the nearest bra and undies I quickly slid them on, I also picked up a pair of shorts, crop top, socks and converses; placing them over my warm clean body. I made my way downstairs, almost falling in the process. My mum would always make me breakfast in the morning and give me some money, I don't know where all of it comes from. Realising it was quarter to seven I rushed upstairs, brushed my hair and my teeth, applied some mascara to my eyelashes and lip gloss to my lips, perfect. Quickly picking up my phone and bag I ran out the house.

"Bye mum!" I shouted, hoping she would hear me "I love you!" I do hope she heard me. My school was 25 minutes down the road so I'd always leave my house early so I could have a fag and buy some food from the corner shop; schools food tastes like shit. Oh fuck I forgot to get chewing gums. Pulling my phone out my pocket, unlocking it and going on my messages I text lulu; she was my best friend. 

'Yo girl, have you got any chuds?' 
Chuds are chewing gums but its a slang word we use.

*buzz buzz* 

'Yeah where are you? I got someone I'd like you to meet' 

'Almost at our place homie, ooo who?   have you got something you're not telling me misses' 
I giggled at the last but knowing it'll piss her off. 

*buzz buzz*

'Na man, just hurry your skinny white ass up'
Boom and she's pissed off, see I knew it would piss her off. I turned the corner to get to mine and lulu's usual spot where we smoke before school.

Walking down the narrow alley way I came to mine and lulu's spot. She was wearing a pair of pink denim jean shorts, white top that had tassels hanging off it, with white converses. Her make-up was noticeable but it wasn't over the top, then I noticed someone else, someone who I haven't seen before. He was looking at the ground with his hands in his pockets but his thumbs were out. His hair was a perfect colour of honey brown, which was cut short and styled, he was wearing black skinny's, blue supras, white v-neck and a leather jacket; which pulled the hole outfit in together. His eyes were hazel coloured with a hint of hold in them when he looked into the light, he had pink plump lips and a really cute smile. I just stood there motionless. Nothing. It was him, he did this to me. Before the mystery person and lulu noticed I had stopped in my tracks I snapped out of the trance he had me in and grabbed another fag before placing it between my lips and lighting it up. 

"Hey lulu, want some of this?" I tried to ignore the fact a stranger was standing in mine and lulu's place. "Yeah, um Jess this is Justin" she looked at me with soft eyes; I didn't like meeting new people. "The one I wanted you to meet, he's new to our school" I stood there for a second and finally handed the fag to lulu, turning around to say hi. 

"Hey I'm Jessie, welcome to our shitty school" I poshly spoke, before taking one glance at lulu and bursting out with laughter. "Cute" he replied with a little snicker "nice to meet you Jessie, what classes do you have?" he asked with a curious look spread across his tiny but cute face. "Biology, history, maths, English and pe, you?" He let out a little smile "so do I, in rooms 13,10, n1,17 and the gym." I was happy but I couldn't show it, he was in all my fricking lessons. "Yeah me too, I guess we should head off to class now, don't want you being late on your first day here" he nodded hugging lulu goodbye me and Justin walked into school and headed to our first class together. Mr Atkins wasn't that bad,  I don't think anyway. 

"That's Mr Atkins, piss him off and he will probably hit you with a ruler" he looked at me in a weird way but finally got what he wanted to say out "R..really?" I looked him straight in the eyes and whispered to him "really" he gulped down hard and followed me into the class. "Mr Atkins, this is Justin he's new to our school" clearing his throat he nodded once and said in a hoarse voice "Justin, sit next to Jessie she will fill you in on what you need to know" I smiled grabbed a book and gave it to Justin. 

Throughout the lesson Justin was really quiet and hardly said anything unless sir asked him anything. I however couldn't stop myself from looking at Justin all through the lesson, occasionally he would catch my gaze which would make me turn away pretty quick. He was so mysterious, there was something about him but I couldn't pin point it. He made me go wild.

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