Zayn; My bully

Fun story..... No more


5. Telling

"What the hell? How could you be dating my little sister?" Said Louis in awe. I was scared he would forbid me dating Zayn. 


"But Louis, I love her and I will keep her safe. I won't hurt her." Said Zayn with a serious look. 


"Louis, I am a 20 year old graduating from being a senior. I can handle myself." I said.


"No no no no no no no no no no no no no. I will not have this. He is my best friend and I cannot have this happening. So no, Jamie." Said Louis looking into my eyes with a serious look.


"YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO. I AM PERFECTLY FINE ON MY OWN. I DON'T HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOU! I CAN DATE WHO I PLEASE. GOODBYE." I screamed. I ran out the door in awe that I yelled at Louis. I felt bad that I screamed at him and told him I don't need him. "I'll show him. I won't come home until tomorrow. Or the next day." I told myself.


Zayn's POV

"What just happened?" I asked myself. "Did she really just tell him to stay out of her life? All I am doing is dating her." I said in my mind. "Louis, I am so sorry. I didn't think she'd blow up like that. Louis, I hope you can forgive me." I looked at him with a sad look.


"No. It is YOUR fault. If you would've just stayed out like I told you to when you first met her this wouldn't have happened. I can't believe you Zayn." 


"What the fuck? I didn't do shit. I didn't think she'd say yes. I am glad she ran out on you. 'Cause now I can find her for MYSELF, and bang her. Your welcome. goodbye." I said to him and walked out the door. "I knew not to tell Louis. But no, 'I know he'll except it.' Said that stupid little whore. No, its not her fault." I said to myself as I got in the car to go find Jamie.


Jamie's POV

"I should've known he wouldn't except us." As I said cutting my wrists. Yes, I used to cut until I met Zayn. Well , until he made me feel like I mattered. Now, I just wished I'd... "Help. sq-q-q-q-qurting bloo" I said before I passed out.


Louis's POV

"I CANNOT believe that little weasel asked her out after he made a promise not to." I said to myself as I was washing dishes. "He PROMI..." The phone started ringing. I went to go see who it was. It was Zayn. I was so mad, I didn't want to answer. But I did anyways just to see what that weasel would say.





L:" What, Zayn?"

Z: "Oh... My... You need to come to the hospital NOW, Louis!" I heard sirens in the background.

L: "Woah, why? What the hell happened? 

Z: "Its Jamie."


Louis dropped the phone and ran out the door to go to the hospital

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