Zayn; My bully

Fun story..... No more


3. Meet Anthony Crabtree

Meet Anthony Crabtree

Personality: Loud, obnoxious, gamer, fun, annoying to others




Best friends: Carina Vaughen and Jamie Tomlinson




Likes: Candy, being loud, playing games, helping out my friends, and spending time with my family and friends




Dislikes: Haters, hot and humid days, Zayn Malik, and Hannah




Bio: Hello, my name is Anthony and I get mad Kinda easy. I will protect my best friends and I know Jamie really well. I have 1 sister. She lives on her own. I am a gamer. I like minecraft. I am a nerd and no one can tell me I am not. I will beat up the first guy that hurts Jamie or Carina. I love them as best friends. No one can tell me to start hanging out with guys. Well, I told you guys enough! Got to go!.!

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