Living for you

Hi I'm Layla, I'm 18 and I live in Australia. I come from a small inland city, Bathurst. I'm tall, thin and I have long dark brown hair that lightens at the ends. I have big brown eyes and a little button nose. I've had a rough past. When I was 13 my bestfriend Lexie moved away. She was gone for about a year and a half and we hadn't seen each other since she left, we talked almost everyday. But one day I got a gloomy call from........


1. Chapter 1. Bad News

Chapter 1: Bad News

'Attention please' the loud speakers roured to life.

'Ughhhhhhh, class already' my friend Simone exclaimed.

'Could the following students please come to the office immediately' the speakers sounded again.

'Simone Sargent and Layla Smith' Simone and I just looked at each other.

'Ughhhhhh, please don't tell me we have a detention again' I moaned getting up off the floor of the library.

We dragged our selves out of the library up the corridor and round the counter and down our year bay. We stopped at the office door and looked at each other. We nodded and walked in, we walked up to the lady at the front desk. 

'Simone Sargent and Jessie Marshall' I said.

She looked down at her note pad and a read something. We were expecting her to say to go to the principals office, as usual. She looked up with an unusual look on her face. That's when I knew it wasn't the usual thing, there was something wrong. Something really bad, I could feel it in my bones.

'I-I'm very sorry' she paused. 'I have been notified by Lexie Kinsela's mother that she passed away early this morning'

It took a moment to realise what she had just told us. 

Simone's POV

I processed what the office lady was saying. I turned and looked at Layla, she was devistated. She had turned white and was now still,  just staring out the window. Not moving, not even a shiver. She stood there still, not even blinking. 

'L-L-Layla-a' i whispered to her. 

I knew what this would do to her. She has been best friends with Lexie since they first spoke to each other. They were like sisters to each other. They told each other everything. To be honest I was kinda jealous of them, I mean before Lexie came along me and Layla were pretty close. I was never as close to Lexie as Layla, she was the one who introduced me to her. I mean me and Lexie considered each other our best friends but we weren't quiet as close as her and Layla.

'I d-don't know w-w-what t-t-to s-s-say' I admitted quiet shakily. 

I looked back at Layla she looked like she was going to be sick. Her beautiful big eyes that normally sparkled were dull as she stood there, trying to come to terms of what has happened. She gagged, her hand rushed to cover her mouth. I grabbed her wrist and dragged her out of the office and back down the corridor straight into the bathrooms. I pushed her into the second cubicle, she bent over the toilet and gagged again. I held her beautiful long hair off her face as she vomited. 

The lady from the office must have watched us and called the councillor to go after us because after a few minutes she appeared behind us at the cubicle door. Layla sat down leaning on the cubicle wall and sliding down it. I followed after her.

I could see how much she wanted to just see her one more time. She wanted to just talk to her one more time. Laugh with her one more time. Fan girl with her one more time. She just wanted to hug her one last time. 

'Girls I think you should come back to my office with me, I've got some tissues and you'll be more comfortable' the councillor explained.

I looked at Layla, she was staring at the cubicle wall opposite her. 

'Layla' I asked.

She looked at me, I could see the tears brimming in her eyes. I knew what she was like, she wouldn't let anyone see her cry. I had only ever seen her cry once, that was when Lexie left. 

I stood up, I grabbed her hand and pulled her up after me. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her out of the cubicle and over to the sink. I grabbed a paper towel and wet it under the water. I carefully dabbed the wet paper over her beautiful face that had a light layer of makeup over it. She just stood there in silence letting me clean her face.

I threw out the paper towel when I was done and then dried her face with a fresh paper towel. When I was done I noticed the councillor had left knowing that I would take her to her office. Sue was the councillors name, she new us quiet well. We have seen her before for other problems. 

I grabbed her wrist again, pulling her out of the bathroom. As I helped her up the stairs I got a few wierd looks but that didn't bother me. I pulled her up the corridor around the corner and into Sue's office.

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