You've stole my heart

Jennifer hates how she get treated at home, how her step dad abuse her daily. One day, she get packed and leave her home, where will she stay? How will she live? Will zayn save her? What is the secret of her necklace?

Read out to find out ღ

1. Run out

Jenny p.o.v:

i won't. I will never stay in this house, I thought as I sob. I can never handle years of my dad abuses. I hate him! "You little shit! Come here!" His voice rang downstairs, along with heavy steps. My breath slows, while my heart beats like crazy. Please, no! "You disgusting..." As he opened the door, which slammed right at my face. I groan, as I touch my check."don't worry, your face won't be the only one ruined today!" He grabs me for my collar, up to met him. I hit, and smack, but couldn't help it, but gotten hurt as twice as I felt.


He throws me hurt at the floor, which caused a major pain in my butt. "Aw" I groan. He looks at my eyes, and kick me right in my back. "Aghhh!" I felt at the ground, and couldn't breath. Why should this happen to me? Why didn't mom take me with her. Wy should I be with him! "You shits" as he went out of my room.


Tears were streaming down my face, as a British shower, I couldn't help but cry. No I won't stay here, I will go, run were the winds go, when the river flows me to " i don't know where". Maybe a prince will save me, I giggled, which caused more pain, at the right cheeck. 


I took a sport bag of mine, and stuffed the necessary things, such as my mobile, the diary, my toothbrush, and other important stuff. I won't stay here. "Iam coming!" My dad voice rang in my ears. I took the bag as fast as possible, and opened the window.


i smiled at him, he tried coming to me, but I slipped some oil in the floor. "See ya!" As I jumped from the window. "Ouch" as I grab the bag, and walked, more specific run, and went in in many corners. "I will find you!" Was all I heard, when I turned the eighth corner. He won't find me

met opened my mobile, to see the time. Omg, it is 12 in the night! Maybe I will sleep here, as I headed to the bench. I put the bag as a pillow, but won't sleep. I stood up, and sat down again.


 I saw a glimpse of a boy in the street. Fear had run along my spine. He headed closer, but I couldn't handle it, but fall right at his arms, and everything followed by darkness.

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