Bowlover's Twist



1. Bowlover


Fantasy Meal Short Story

Bowlover’s Twist


By: Josiah D. Shaw


Lucas had Blonde hair, brown eyes, and was slightly fair. Athletic, Lucas was six feet tall. The young lad was seventeen and could hardly wait for graduation day, which was weeks away. As it neared, he thought to himself how spectacular it would be to be someone new in school.

“Rather than myself I will go as someone else…” he thought.

On that day Lucas decided to stop eating.

“This would change my physical appearance” he assumed, “now for some cosmetics.”

One morning, up bright and early, he starred at a bowl of cheerios his mother had made for him; as he stirred his bowl of cereal he had an idea.

“I will call myself Cheerio…yes…my new name will be Bowlover Cheerio”

Without haste, Lucas bought new clothes and new shoes. He bought black hair die, which he applied later that evening. Hurrying on with his day he planned his new disguise accordingly.

Seven days have gone by and Lucas was starving. It was a Saturday afternoon. Tired, he crept into bed with a nice meal on his mind. He was wearing his red boxers with white circles and a plain white-T.

“A sirloin steak with broccoli and mashed potatoes…” he murmured. He grew dreadfully weary.

The sun’s rays were shining through the window. The wood in his house creaked. Softly, a slow breeze blew through his hair, everything was still. There was a chill down his spine as the sun kissed his legs. His T.V. on with the volume turned down low. The back of his head made a deep impression on his pillow.

“Up Lucas, it’s time to eat,” a voice said.

“Huh,” Lucas gowned as he sat up out on his bed.

Lucas reached for his face to wipe his eyes.

[Splat] Lucas had felt something warm and fuzzy on his face. He checked his hands and saw mashed potatoes. Stunned, Lucas cautiously put his hand back on his bed [Squish]. Something slimy was beneath his fingers. Lucas jumped up and screamed. While on his feet, Lucas turned to see his bed. To his surprise the bed was a steak, the pillow mashed potatoes, the blanket a lettuce leaf. Everything around him was food. He peeked out his window; the tree’s, the grass, even the mailbox was eatable.

Lucas ran outside in his new clothes. He quickly made friends with the neighboring people, who thought he was a bit odd—yet they were cheerful. Lucas eventually became mayor of the town and called it Bowlover Valley.

Lucas knew he was dreaming and thought he needed to come back to visit when he woke up, but alas Lucas did not awake and he lived happily as Bowlover Cheerio in Bowlover Valley.

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