She's The One



1. Chapter One

[Bella's POV]

I threw my phone in anger, "Damn! No wifi!" I shout. "Hey! You know I don't like that language!" My mom screams from downstairs. Man and I thought I was gonna have a lazy day where I lay in bed and did absolutely nothing! I was wrong cause I want wifi. I slowly get out of my comfy bed and find some clothes. I wiggle into some skin tight jeans and throw on a hot pink tank top. Then I slip on some white high tops and grab my phone off the floor. I put my hair up in a bun and put on some make up. I fly down the stairs and open the front door which creeks causing my mom to say, "Where do you think you're going?" I sigh and drop my head looking at my small feet, "Mom I'm going to Starbucks, they have wifi there and after that I might find something to do with my life." "First, would you like some breakfast?" She asks. "Sure." I mumble and I walk into the kitchen and quickly stuff my face full of pancakes. My brother sprints into the kitchen shouting, "FOOD!!!" My brother Luke will eat absolutely anything. He is sixteen and likes to annoy me, we get into a lot of fights. His hair is a mess and he is wearing sweat pants and no shirt. "No plans?" I ask him as he sits down next to me. "Nah, I might invite Logan over to play some video games but that's it." He responds. I finish eating and walk fast to the door, "See you later!" I say loudly as I walk out of the house. I immediately feel the hot air and regret putting on jeans, I wish I put on shorts.

Once I reach Starbucks I walk in and feel the cool air on my sweaty skin. I walked all the way here and it was a long ass walk! I quickly order some coffee and pull out my phone while I wait. Yes! I have wifi now I can check Twitter! I look through some Tweets and there wasn't anything good on there. I finally got my coffee and sat down at a table. I slump down in the chair and continue to read. There were some Tweets that were very rude from the people that hated me. I was half popular and half not at my school before we graduated. But there have been times when some people got so rude and asked me to kill myself and I did try but I actually failed. I sipped on my coffee and looked around Starbucks, there were only a couple people sitting around me but they were all using wifi too! I sigh as I start to finish drinking my coffee. I need to find a job or something I mean I'm eighteen, I need to do something great with my life though! Once I finish my coffee I slowly stand up and throw away my cup. My phone starts playing a One Direction song and I quickly grab it and answer it, now all eyes are staring at me. "Hello?" I say into the phone as I lean against the wall of Starbucks. "Shopping!" My friend Jasmine sings. I smile, "Now?" "Yes. And don't worry cause I of course can pay! I'm coming to pick you up! Where ya at?" I laugh, "I'm at Starbucks! Hurry cause I'm bored!" Then I hang up. Jasmine can pay only cause she is a famous singer, she's so awesome! Even though I don't want her to pay... I can let it slide this time.

It only took her five minutes to pick me up and now were shopping. We found a candy store in the mall and we just had to go in. I like this lollipop! I say as I grab a giant lollipop and hold it in front of her face. "Dude that's huge!" She shouts. I laugh and we search for normal sized candy. I kept finding really huge candy and she kept finding all the ones that either looked weird or had weird names. We ended up buying half of the candy at the store and then quickly walked out. Lets actually find clothes! So when went walking around the mall until we stumbled upon a store that we haven't seen before, we walked in and saw billions of clothes and we quickly grabbed as much clothes as we could! I grabbed a cute tank top that had mickey mouse on the front and I turned around to show Jasmine, thinking that she was behind me but she wasn't. My jaw dropped to the floor once I saw that Niall Horan was standing behind me. He laughed and I quickly shut my mouth, "Well, hello." I say quietly with a small smile. "Your friend Jasmine is talking to Liam and Harry and she told me that I could find you here? Liam desperately wants to take Jasmine to his place to hang out but she insisted on bringing you along." He says with a smile. "Yeah, I'll go!" I say trying to act like I'm not shocked. I mean this is Niall Horan from One Direction and I'm going to go hang out with him and the boys? No, this must be a dream or something? He looks so adorable though with his blonde hair in a quiff and looking down at me with his ocean blue eyes. "So what's your name beautiful?" He asks as we go to pay for all the clothes. "Bella." I say as I pull out my money. I know Jasmine was gonna pay but whatever I want to. "No no no." Niall says as he pushes my money away. "I can pay." He says flashing me a cheeky smile and then paying. "Thanks Niall!" "Oh so you know my name?" "Yeah! Your from One Direction. I would be crazy if I didn't know your name." I say with a smile.


A/N: Wow this is my first book so I hope it is good? Sorry if it's bad though!!! xxx

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