My Love; Harry Styles (sequel)

It's been 2 years sense Harry and Amber got back together that almost fatle night. Amber and Harry are now engaged and are living together. Liam and Harry have made some new friends their names are Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson. Life is finally perfect for Amber and everyone around her. But what happens when the boys go off to the british X-Factor to fulfill their dreams? When manegment disapproves of Amber and Harry? And how will she hide the fact that she is carrying Harrys child?


5. what do we do now?

Amber's P.O.V.

We stood on the front steps for a long while. just staring at the road the boys disappeared on. I finally snapped out of my transe and turned to the girls. They were still looking at the road. I can tell this is going to be a long four months away from the boys. We had to something. We can't just stand here and stare into space. I got an idea.

"Lets go shopping!" They looked at me as if I had three heads. "C'mon! We can't just stand here looking like idiot staring at NOTHING!!" They look at each other and back at me. They both nod their heads.  

We run into the house to get ready. Oh yeah and Margery is going to live with me and Helena until the boys get back, thats how much they like each other, it's so cute. I go to my room to find what to ware. I'm not that big on fashion, so I don't have all that fancy designer stuff. 

I pull out one of my favorite plad long sleeve shirts that Zayn got me for my birthday last year. It was blue, dark blue, gray and white. Not my favorite colors but I still loved it. I walked over to my drawer and pulled out my ripped black skinny jeans. Then I found my black high heels and put them on. I curled my hair in tight curles and put on a little make up. 

I walked down stairs to see Margery and Helena were all ready. Helena was waring a pink top that said "hi!" on the front and "bye!" on the back, with blue jean shorts with pink high heels that were about 3 inches (Helena will not ware anything bigger than that). She put her hair up in a high pony tail with a little more make up on than me.

Margery was waring a tank-top that said "paradise" on the front. She also had pink skinny jeans with white high heels. She had her hair down in loose curles. Her make up was like mine. A little cover up with eye shadow, mascara, and a little lip gloss. 

"Ready to go?" I asked. They both nodded again and with that we were out the door. We were taking my car. Helena in the passenger seet and Margery in the back. Off to the mall!

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