My Love; Harry Styles (sequel)

It's been 2 years sense Harry and Amber got back together that almost fatle night. Amber and Harry are now engaged and are living together. Liam and Harry have made some new friends their names are Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson. Life is finally perfect for Amber and everyone around her. But what happens when the boys go off to the british X-Factor to fulfill their dreams? When manegment disapproves of Amber and Harry? And how will she hide the fact that she is carrying Harrys child?


4. goodbyes

         Amber's P.O.V. 

         *next morning*

         "Harry do you have everything?" I ask with tears in my eyes. He walks over to me and cups my chin.

         "Please don't cry love! I'll be back before you know it. And we can skype every night, I promise!" He smilled wipping the tears from my cheek. 

         "Please be safe." I was so worried. They were headed all the way to london. Harry had only been there a few times when he was little. I don't think he remembers much of how to get around there. 

         "I will. Don't worry! Me and the lads have each others back, right lads?" He called out to them.

         "Yeah, don't worry Amber. We will make sure Harry keeps out of trouble." Louis laughs patting harry on the back. I had to let out a small giggle. I was going to miss all of them. Life was going to be so quiet and boring without them. Louis went back to loading his things into the car. And Harrys eyes landed back on mine.

         "I'm going to miss you so much!" He had tears in his eyes now. He closed his eyes and let one fall onto his cheek. I brought my hand up to head and wipped his tear away. He leand down and rested his head on mine.

         "I'm going to miss you, too!" To think, after everything he did to me for all of those years we would be engaged and I would be sad to see him leave. If told me this two years ago I would have probably slapped you upside the head.

        "Harry! Niall! Liam! We have to go!" Zayn yelled from the passenger seat. Niall had met a girl last night. She is very sweet. She has brown eyes, brown wavy hair, and is around my hight of 5'3''-5'5''. Niall really seemed to like her. After she left last night, she was all niall talked about. It was really cute, the smile on his face the whole time. 

       Harry and I finally finish our good-byes. Niall and margery were finishing up and Liam and Helena had also finish and liam was climbing in the car. Finally they were all in the car. They kind of just sat there for a minute or so and then the engine came to life and the car slow pulled away. We were waving goodbye and they had their hands and heads out the window, accept Louis thank god, waving and blowing kisses. They were finally out of sight leaving me, Helena, and Margery standing on the front steps staring into space. 

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