Is There Hope?

In a time of kings and swords, Ronki finds that the simple life of a farmer is not what he dreamed it to be. The nightmare of life just continues to get worse and threatens to rip everything away from him. He can’t let it take his magical little princess from him, but really is there any hope?
This is for A Hidden Power competition.


4. Tripsy

                 “Daddy I didn’t say goodbye to Tripsy?” cried a small boy to a man a few paces to the left of Ronki. He missed the answer the man gave due to the loudest sneeze that he had ever heard in his life, did the owners nose explode? As if not to be outdone by the exploding nostrils, babies’ cries could be heard popping up all over, trying to drown out their foes in the loudest noise competition. Horses, pigs and countless other animals joined the chorus of noise. Then there was the constant thumping of thousands of trudging feet as the mass of people flowed like a mudslide across the pristine land to the capital.

                Ronki raised his little rose early, hoping to miss the rush of refugees but they found him anyways and engulfed him in their current. Bramith had left last night after briefing Ronki on the latest news from the borders. He had to continue onward to see the hoard of death in person. He said that he would meet Ronki back at the capital and that the king was expecting him.

                Ronki was just hoping to reach the capital without his precious getting trampled or pulled away in the chaos that surrounded them. He instinctively looked down to make sure she was there right next to him and saw a lifeless, empty blob that was quickly filled by a goat. His heart stopped. After missing the first year of Idra’s existence, her first words, her first steps and her first experiences, he had vowed to never leave her again. Now he had lost her in a sea of confusion in which the barracuda Kalps had been spotted earlier. He looked around and shouted her name, hope fading to a small feeble flicker. He looked left and right and then left again and then his heart gave a single beat, just one. Was that her standing next to the little boy petting the air? His heart beat again and then again. Yes, that is her hair. Ronki fiercely swam his way through the crowd and they gave way to him as a school of fish part for a shark. When he reached her, his heart returned to its normal pulse as he confirmed his suspicion, it was Idra. 

                He arrived just in time to hear the boy say, with tears in his eyes, to the air in front of him, “Tripsy, after this is over I will find you! I love you!”

                He then gave Idra a big hug and said, “Thank you for letting me say bye to Tripsy.” His parents then pulled him away, with concerned faces as if they worried for the boy’s sanity. Ronki did not blame them; their son was just petting and talking to air as if it was a dog. He took Idra’s hand and continued forward. Idra turned her attention back to the tin chip that the magic man had given her and continued practicing making it disappear and reappear in her hand. He held tight to her hand the rest of the way to the capital.

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