Forever Lasting

A girl, Brooke, has been abused by her family. Everyone is jealous because she is a beautiful blonde young woman! One day she ran out of her house and she ran into a boy named Harry! They fall in love together but something special happens during the story. Will their love really last forever?


3. "Home"

   I thought to my self, why would he want to move so fast? I just kept thinking about Harry and I couldn't get him off of my mind! Not saying that I wanted to but, I think I'm falling for Harry!

   Well, I should be getting back to Harry, my boyfriend. *winks*

   As I walked into Harry's door, he looked worried and he was pacing back and forth. I don't think he noticed I was standing in the doorway. He turned and looked at me, rushing to get to me! He gave me another big hug.

   "I thought you were not going to come back!" He said feeling worried!

   "Why would you think that, Harry?" I asked.

   "Because, You said I was moving to fast and I was just worried about you, that's how much I love you!" He replied!

   My eyes started to fill up with water. I think he's the one, I love him!

   As we leaned in, I thought here we go again! In a good way though. But this time it seemed a little different, It was a longer kiss, than usual!

   Harry stopped and this was very unusual for him to do that but, I can tell something was bothering him or he was wanting to tell me something.

   "Brooke, how would you like to call this place home?" He asked me.

   "Its very kind of you but, you've already done enough for me!" I told him.

   "Please, I want you to be safe and you can sleep with me." *winks*, as he says that.

   "Ok, promise me you won't do anything else for me." I tell him.

   "I can't promise you that, because I love you!" He says passionately!

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