Forever Lasting

A girl, Brooke, has been abused by her family. Everyone is jealous because she is a beautiful blonde young woman! One day she ran out of her house and she ran into a boy named Harry! They fall in love together but something special happens during the story. Will their love really last forever?


1. Help:

   "Help!!!" I yelled as I was being abused by my father.

My father slapped me like I was a baby doll that could just be thrown around without getting hurt.

As my father kept slapping me, my mother walked into the door and seen my father raise his hand. my face was beat red because of the slapping. Mother ran torwards father yelling " Stop!". 

When I could get away from my father I ran out of the house, and I just kept running and running until I found some where safe. 

I felt like I never wanted to go back home. As I continued walking the time passed and the sun began to rise.

I did not have any friends so I had no where to go. I had friends before but they were all backstabbers and they used me.

As I was walking down the road one day I saw this boy he was a little taller than me and he looked familiar. 

"Hey, hey you! Come back!" I demanded.

"Who me," as he turned around in surprise, I caught up with him. "Are you ok? You look exhausted, and you have scars on your face. Do you want me to take you back to my place and clean you up?"

"That's very kind of you but, you don't have to. I was just wondering how far away the nearest town is from here?" I asked.

"The nearest town from here is about 2 miles away. Just let me take you back to my house, it's fine I have nothing going on. Please just let me help." he Replied.

"Ok, thank you so much! I owe you one!" I said.

We walk to his house and it was not that far away, but we got to know each other a little more. I have to admit... I could tell the way he looked at me that something just connected. As I looked into his eyes, those sparkling green eyes, I just couldn't get enough. I tried not to make it obvious though!


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