Forever Lasting

A girl, Brooke, has been abused by her family. Everyone is jealous because she is a beautiful blonde young woman! One day she ran out of her house and she ran into a boy named Harry! They fall in love together but something special happens during the story. Will their love really last forever?


11. Chapter 11:

   I'm pregnant is all i could think of the rest of the night and so on, I lost a lot of sleep thinking of names to keep the scared part off of my mind. Having a baby will hurt, but yeah I know it's worth it, blah blah blah. My mom always told me that but my father was not the best father.

   Harry. Harry. Harry is more excited than I am because he has already pushed a stroller around a store acting like our baby was in it. He was like talking to the "Baby" in the "Stroller". It was cute though. I think he's ready to be a father though. To be honest, I want 3 boys. Colt, Wyatt, and Zander. Harry wants a girl though. That's weird cause the dad usually wants a boy.

   I'm pregnant!

*2 months later*

   I went to go check out what the due date is, I knew it was somewhere around January. January 7th. Every night Harry would kiss my belly, daily even. Harry keeps telling me we need to go shopping. Shopping? What guy wants to shop? Yes I understand he is going to be a daddy. We dont even know what gender the baby is yet.


A/N: Sorry this chapter was short! Comment what should happen next. running out of ideas:( ~ Brooke:)

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