Forever Lasting

A girl, Brooke, has been abused by her family. Everyone is jealous because she is a beautiful blonde young woman! One day she ran out of her house and she ran into a boy named Harry! They fall in love together but something special happens during the story. Will their love really last forever?


8. Caught! Not!

   "Sir there must be a mistake!" Harry begged. 

   "No! You guys are the ones that are chopping down the trees!" He shouted coming torwards us acting like he was going to take us to jail. 

   "Sir, all we are doing is sitting on the bench and who would cut down trees? We were gonna go home pretty soon." He told the officer. 

   The officer replied, "Sorry we must have mistaken! I see to dont have any weapons with you to chop down trees, so I'll let you go. Go on home." He told Harry.

   "Thank you sir!" He said relieved. The officer just nodded. Harry and I walked fast to the car and we giggled as we ran. When we got home I could tell Harry was getting a little frisky by the way he was kissing me and I told him, "I can't, Harry. I'm on my period."

   "Damn it!" He shouted. 

   But we still kissed Harry slowly slipped his tounge into my mouth almost like asking for permission. It was kinda cute, more like HOT! 

   "Harry?" I asked 

   "Yes babe?" He said still trying to kiss me.

   "Will you ever stop loving me?"

   "WHAT? Never! You're my wife and I will love you forever. Even if we divorce, which will not happen because... Well... We are FOREVER!"


    I started to kiss him passionately, "FOREVER" just kept replaying in my mind like a love song. I thought to myself how good Harry is to me. 

   "Would you ever want kids?" I asked him.

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