love has no limit

BLURB: mia is a normal 17 teen year old girl she is a nerd she gets fun of every day by the popular kids but worst of all a gang called the lions the people in the gang are liam payn,harry styles,niall horan ,louis tomilson and the leader zayn malik. what happens when one of the boys stick up for her????


2. zayn malik

i sat down in my normal seat witch was in the middle row infrount of zayn malik"s seatand if anyone sat in it they would be screwed.i was just sitting in my seat minding my own buisness when the king of all dicks (zayn malik) walked in and sat behind me and started kicking my so sick of this shit i thoughti stood up walked over to him and yelled "who the fuck do you think you are malik" i spat in his face i didnt care what the teachers think i walked out of school leaving that fuck wit behind and drove,drove as far away as i could away from all that crap away from them away from everyone


harry's P.O.V

i heard screaming while i was walking down to my class thinking about that girl i think her name was mia?i ran to were the screaming was only to find mia screaming at zayn fuckshe ran out crying geez i fucking hate zayn i ran up to him and grabbed him and pushed him onto the wall"WHAT THE FUCK ZAYN WHATS YOUR PROBLEM" i yelled at him he made my blood boili started punching the shit out of him till i was pulled off him by some people in the class.i could of fucking killed him right now but i shook the people off me and yelled at him one more time "YOU LEAVE HER THE FUCK ALONE" then i stormed out of the school to find her getting in her audi geez she has the same car as me. i just relised something i love this girl.

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