love has no limit

BLURB: mia is a normal 17 teen year old girl she is a nerd she gets fun of every day by the popular kids but worst of all a gang called the lions the people in the gang are liam payn,harry styles,niall horan ,louis tomilson and the leader zayn malik. what happens when one of the boys stick up for her????


1. school

mia's pov

I can't belive i have to get out of bed and have another day of bullying from the popular kids its so stupid why do i ever have to wake up.

"MIA!!" my mum yelled from downstairs "your going to be late"

"grrr go away mum" I yelled back

"mia rose leed get out of bed this instence" she yelled very serious

"grr i'm coming" i yelled very annoyed at my mum

I decided to get up and take a shower after that I went into my walk in wardrobe and put on a white t shirt with tight jeans and really pretty earings i got from fiji

Its not the best but it will do.

I ran down the stairs and grabbed an apple and my purse and keys

but before i slammed the door i yelled "love ya mum"

"love you honey" she yelled back.

(skip to school)

as i walked through the school to my first class witch just happens to be with zayn malik the leader of the gang called lions.

geez i hate them they think there so good well i have to admit they are pretty dang cute.

just as i was thinking that i bumped into someone SHIT

i fell to the ground and all my books for class went everywere

i looked up to see a smiling harry who just happend to fucking be in the lions

"oh shit im sorry harry" i mumbled while collecting my books that fell

"nah its cool let me help you " he said bending down and helping me collect my books.

"oh thanks harry" i said really suprised that he wanted to help me he noticed that I sounded like that

he just chuckled and said it was fine

we both stood up and looked at each other but it didnt last long because the bell went that ment class has just started

i shook my head out of my thoughts and said thanks one more time before leaving to class

but i heard him say to himself "why am i such a dick"

i ran down to my class because i was 10 minutes late for english.

i ran into my class and made everyone look at me.


ok so tell me if i should update and if i should continue

love you guys xxxxx

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