love has no limit

BLURB: mia is a normal 17 teen year old girl she is a nerd she gets fun of every day by the popular kids but worst of all a gang called the lions the people in the gang are liam payn,harry styles,niall horan ,louis tomilson and the leader zayn malik. what happens when one of the boys stick up for her????



i drove after her as fast as i could. i was right behind her but then i saw right in my face her crash into a car i screamed out to her but she couldnt hear me. i started balling my eyes out i got out of the car and ran to her lifeless body i cradled her in my arms crying hopeing she will survive she's strong i know she can get through it i screamed when they took her to the hospital. i drove to the hospital crying i got there to see them rushing her into surgery i started crying more heavily i called the only person who i could trust louis.

me: louis mia had just been in a car accedent you need to come here now (i told him about mia earlier)

louis: omg mate im coming


about 10 minutes later louis came running through the doors with ZAYN what the fuck was he doing here. "WHAT THE FUCK LOU WHY DID YOU BRING HIM?" i yelled at him with all my heart probably too loud for a hospital. "what i thought you would want him here" he said annoyed i yelled at him"HE CAUSED THIS LOU SHE RAN FROM HIM" i yelled again "someones happy" zayn smirked but before i could react a doctor came in and said anyone here for Mia Rose Leed i looked at him straight away and nodded.



this book is for my best friends i miss them so so so so much and i love my fans so so so muchxxxx

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