Will She Confess???

Okay, so this is my first movella i have actually written ..
Dear diary,
Hi.. My name is Melody, but my friends call me Mel unless its my best friends then they call me Mayo.. I'm not quite sure why tho. Well i go to Green Bay High school, and my two best friends happen to be.. First my neighbor Niall Horan (Which ive had a crush on since kindergarten) .. Second my bestie Nikki Howell .. Niall Just came back from the X-factor yesterday, yet i haven't seen him , but i heard he didn't come alone.. He happened to bring his rather attractive band members ... Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn. Ever since he has left Nikki has been aggravating me, she thinks i should tell Niall about how i feel.. But will he feel the same? Will it ruin all these years of friendship or worse will someone else get in the way ???
page 1.


1. Intro...

 I woke up to the sound of clown horns.. My phone was going off.. "Ugh" I mumbled as i rolled over to retrieve it. Only to see four missed calls from Nikki (my best friend). I tried to drift back off to sleep but then the thought of her not being okay pops in my head. I yanked my phone from the charger which was probably broken now, an rang her. Not a second pass the third ring and she picked up.

" Nikki whats wrong. Are you okay" I yelled as fast as i could.

"Yea Im fine. Actually now that you think about it my- " she spoke calmly


"I'm Guessing you were asleep?"


"Fine grouchy pants. I was on my way to come pick you up. But now id rather go shopping with my grandma."

"Why do you want to go shopping?" I was finally cooled down. I mean she mentioned shopping i was about to get real nice .

"Because i don't want to hear you complain about not having anything to wear when Niall ask you to go meet the lads tonight"

"WHAT?!?!?!" I was back at freaking out ...

"He text me and asked if he should invite you over to meet them"

I went silent .. So many thoughts were running through my mind.

"I'll be there in five" she spoke hanging up.

      I ran to my closet, sliding the doors open. I walked in and turned on the lights. (notice its a walk in closet) I started looking through my shirts. "Too baggy" "Ugly" "Hmm" I pulled out my grey, loose fitting long sleeve shirt, which had the words "MAKE LOVE" written on the front in white. Next i grabbed my black skinny jeans and a grey beanie. After I threw on my clothes i ran in the bathroom and scrunched my long blonde hair .I put on light makeup and brushed my teeth. As i walked out of my bathroom i put my beanie on and grabbed my black nerd glasses.

     Then my phone rang "Man i really got to change my ringtone"


"I'm hereeee!"

"Right, be there in a sec"

    I quickly put on my black and white vans and ran out the house almost falling when i ran down the steps .




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