Will She Confess???

Okay, so this is my first movella i have actually written ..
Dear diary,
Hi.. My name is Melody, but my friends call me Mel unless its my best friends then they call me Mayo.. I'm not quite sure why tho. Well i go to Green Bay High school, and my two best friends happen to be.. First my neighbor Niall Horan (Which ive had a crush on since kindergarten) .. Second my bestie Nikki Howell .. Niall Just came back from the X-factor yesterday, yet i haven't seen him , but i heard he didn't come alone.. He happened to bring his rather attractive band members ... Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn. Ever since he has left Nikki has been aggravating me, she thinks i should tell Niall about how i feel.. But will he feel the same? Will it ruin all these years of friendship or worse will someone else get in the way ???
page 1.


8. Hospital

  I have no clue why my eyes are close. Oh no was i next to fall asleep. Wait was it a dream ?!?! I I tried to sit up but i felt like a force was keeping me down. My head started Pounding. I tried to open my eyes.. And i opened them just to have them close. Where was i ? This was not my room! "Ugh" I groaned. Then i herd shuffling.What was going on ?? 

"Mayo ??" Oh how the sound of his voice calmed me .I Reopened my eyes and this time they didn't close . As i opened them Niall stood over me

"Niall whats going on " I said as once agian i tried to sit up only to have him ease me back down.Then I heard a faint sound of Beeping. I was panicking again as the beeping got faster and my head stared pounding .I felt i was about to cry... Scratch that i was crying .

"Niall?" i cried

"Shh its okay. You fell and hit your head pretty bad ..... You've been out for two days" He sighed 

"What ??" I cried

"Yea.. But the doctors said when you wake up you can go home."

"Okay lets go!"

"Melody" He began to giggle


"You cant just get up and leave"

"Oh yea.. I knew that" No i didn't .. Ive never been put in the hospital . I'm healthy and usually i don't get hurt .."Fine just please get me out of here fast"

"Let me go get the nurse" And as he finished his sentence he was out the door.


"Hello Miss. Royal." The nurse greeted .. Yes my name is Melody Nicole Royal ..Ive always thought it sounded weird but its what ever. I just smiled and nodded

"How are you feeling ?"

"My head hurts "

"Okay that's normal." then she started to write on her clip board ."Here take these. They should ease the ache" Then she handed me two blue pills and honestly i didn't care what they were . I just wanted this pain to go away ... "Okay well get dressed and you may leave" I nodded "Mr. Horan can you please follow me " Then they left me here to change.

  After i was done getting dressed i just sat on the bed. Until there was a knock on the door.. More like One knock two knocks, one knock, two knocks and right away I knew it was Niall ... Once he opened the door I ran to him and jumped in his arms with my legs wrapped around his waist. And he spun me around .

"Niall I..." I had sad something that might have stopped the world from spinning .....

~~~~~ Sorry for the short chapter ~~~~~

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