Who Am I?

I struggled to figure out who I was but I soon found out


1. Who Am I?

Someone help me,


This is not who I want to be,

I thought I could see,

But I was wrong,

And now I have to be strong,

For who?

Is it you?

I have no clue,

And I don't know what to do,

I try to change,

But it always feels so strange,

Now I know,

And it's time to let it show


You don't need to help me,

I know who I want to be,

Now I can see, 

This time I'm not wrong,

And I'll still be strong,

For who?

Well not for you,

You never knew,

So don't worry about what I do,

I've been so estranged,

And it feels great to change,

Now I know,

So I'm going to let it show



Written: 6/25/13


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