Being One Direction's Personal Maid

What happens when you become a personal maid to the hottest boy band?
What happens when they have a big impact on you?
You're charmed by each of their good looks, and voices...maybe not personalities.

What happens when you've grown slowly attached to them and maybe even fallen for them?
Maids aren't suppose to fall for their masters...right?


1. A Job As A Personal Maid


I was strolling in the park with my skateboard, listening to my favorite song. Besides having no money, I had exactly nowhere to go. I uttered a sigh and started walking with no destination. 

Soon, I'd realized I was lost. I was on the rich side of town now.

Mansions were everywhere I looked. I looked at the mansion right in front of where I was standing and spotted a notice.


Looking for a maid. Any age is acceptable.

Offering a generous amount of money.


"Oh, this is a great opportunity for me." I thought. 

Without a single hesitation, I took a deep breath and entered the pathway leading to the mansion. The pathway was made of marble. 

The lawn was wide and green. Beautiful flowers surrounded a small fountain running in the middle of the front yard. I couldn't even imagine what the backyard looked like.

The mansion was white. There was a small set of stairs I had to climb to reach the front door.

I cleared my throat and smoothed my hair before knocking on the big wooden doors.

"Hello?"  a voice suddenly appeared making me jump a bit. What was happening?

"Hello..."  I looked beside the door and found a small speaker there. Ah, so that was where the voice was coming from.

I cleared my throat, "H-hello.." I said awkwardly.

"My name is Belle," I slightly bowed and then mentally whacked myself for bowing at the speaker, "I-I'm here for the job offer."

"Ah! Please wait a minute, I'll be at the door."

I sighed in relief.

"Okay Belle, be classy, be sophisticated." I told myself. I looked down at my outfit and sighed. So much for classy and sophisticated.

Hopefully, my personality will win them through.

The big oak doors opened revealing a tall slender woman. She looked like a bodyguard or manager from the way she dressed.

"Good morning." I quickly bowed.

She didn't even crack a smile, "Come in."

I nodded and followed her, slipping off my sneakers and leaving them outside.

The house was spotless. It was all white. White marble floors, white walls, white furniture. White everything.

The moment I entered, there was a stairway in view that lead up to another level. It looked like it led to the bedrooms.

I felt like every step I took, I would leave dirty footsteps behind. A chandilier hung on the ceiling right above the front doors. 

"Follow me, Belle." the woman said.

She led me into the kitchen. The kitchen floors were made of headwood. There was a large dining table that looked like it could seat 20 people or so. Next to the dinin table was the actual kitchen. The counters were emerald and there was about 3 stoves.

The woman took a seat on the dining table chair. She motioned me to sit down with his hands. I took a seat directly across from her.


"Introduce yourself." the woman said. I noticed that she never even cracked a smile from just now. I was starting to feel out of place.


I cleared my throat before speaking, "My name is Belle. I am 16 years old."

The woman nodded, "You're quite young to be a maid but that's good. I'm sure you can learn from the other maids here."

I smiled.


"So, tell me Belle, why did you decide to take this job?" she asked.

"My mom and I are kind of financially stuck right now. I'm taking every chance and opportunity thrown my way to be able to support my family." I said.

She was unimpressed. I could care less about how she was going to react, I was only doing this for my mom. 

"You will have to live here too." she said raising an eye, "we need a maid 24/7 and we're willing to give a generous amount of money. It could help your mother." she said.


If it was for my mom, I'd do anything.

"Would you be willing to endure all that?" she asked.

"I do have one problem." she said.

"And what is that?"

"Who am I working for?" I curiously asked.

"For your information, I'm one of the world's famous boy band, One Direction's manager. You will be working for them as their personal maid from now on." she said. My eyes widened in shock and my jaw immediately dropped.

"So, are you willing to accept this offer?" she asked.

I nodded. 

"Great. Get dressed into your uniform and prepared the breakfast for the boys." she said.


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