Take A Chance (Liam Payne Fanfic)

Avery is a psychology student from the US. She doesn't even like One Direction. Just read, don't want to spoil anything.


7. Chapter 7

"Evan," Avery muttered before gaining the courage she needed to actually talk to him in front of all of these people. "You are drunk. I'm going home."

Avery made a move to start leaving but then noticed the look in Evan's eyes. He wasn't going to let this little situation go away just like that. 

The party goers booed from the background and this only edged Evan on just a little bit. She could tell by the smirk that was coming across his face that something was about to happen. He turned all of his attention toward Liam who was just standing there with a confused look upon his face. 

"You, who are you?" Evan said, steadying himself upright. 

"Liam," he repeated for the second time. "There isn't anything going on here. Just go back to your party. I was just leaving," Liam turned toward Avery. "It was a pleasure to meet you Avery." 

Liam made a pivot and started walking on the sidewalk away from the frat house. The party people began to rush back inside the house, disappointed by the deficit of action that just occurred.  

"So, preppy boys are your style now?" Evan smirked, looking Avery up and down. "I don't think I told you this, but you sure do look beautiful tonight. So beautiful Avery," he took a step toward her. 

"Thank you Evan," she smiled remembering how nice it was to be complimented by someone who held your heart close. 

Evan stumbled the rest of the steps to her, missing the final step he fell to the ground right below Avery's feet. Avery immediately knelt down to make sure he was okay. 

"I'm so jealous," Evan chuckled, sucking in a huge gasp of air. 

"Jealous of what Evan?" Avery questioned. 

"Anyone who makes you laugh."

Avery wanted to laugh at the statement but something told her it would be best if she didn't say anything and just let Evan finish. 

"I could hear y'alls conversation. I heard the way he made you laugh. I know it was real because I use to make you laugh like that. I use to bring a real smile to your face. But now I can't even get you to talk to me half the time."

"Evan," Avery wasn't even really sure what to say in the moment. Evan was just babbling about the 'good ole days' and it made no sense. What did it have to do with the guy called Liam. 

"Do me one favor," Evan looked into Avery's big brown eyes, "take a chance with that guy. He likes you. Please."

Avery rolled her eyes, coming up to her feet in only a few seconds. She extended her hand down and made a come on motion for Evan to take her hand immediately because in a few seconds the offer would be retracted. Evan took her hand and came up to his feet. He only stood a few inches taller than Avery but the heels made them almost eye level. 

"Just go take a chance Avery. I know you aren't one for risks but please. You need this and even if it only one harmless night of flirting it will do you good," Evan sounded so sincere and Avery couldn't help but think this was his way of getting her back. 

"You know this isn't going to make me want you back, right?" she raised her eyebrows wanting nothing but the truth. 

"I know," he took his line of vision away from hers. "I just know that if I don't let you go after him for a chance then that makes me the person I swore I'd never be, again. So go," he looked back at her and smiled. 

Avery wasn't exactly sure if this was going to be something that would work but like Evan said it was worth a shot. You have one life and if you don't take the risks that are laid out in front of you then you never will know the outcome. You cannot live your life full of what if's or should be's.

And tonight would be the first night that Avery would make sure that her life was not spent this way. 

"Thank you Evan," she grabbed him for a hug. "Thank you."

"Go!" he said pushing her off of him. 

Avery smiled and started for the sidewalk that Liam had recently walked down himself. Nervous wouldn't even begin to describe how Avery was feeling in that moment but she knew that Evan was right. It felt good to laugh again and she wanted that feeling once more. 

"He could not have gotten that far," Avery thought out loud as she passed yet another street sign signalling another block had been passed. 

"Who?" a British accent called from behind her. 

"I said that out loud didn't I?" she blushed while she turned around to see that Liam was standing right there. 



Oh man. Did y'all see that coming? I know I didn't. I just starting typing and it happened. Well, I hope you all like it! Let me know with some comments!

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