Take A Chance (Liam Payne Fanfic)

Avery is a psychology student from the US. She doesn't even like One Direction. Just read, don't want to spoil anything.


4. Chapter 4

Avery pulled her phone back out of pocket as she turned around. It was vibrating yet again, the third call from Evan tonight. 

"One sec," she sighed at the cute, British boy who had came after her. 

She swiped her phone where immediately she heard loud, party music in the background. She set her to-go cup with her cappuccino down on the window sill of a restaurant located beside Brew You. 

"Evan?" Avery asked. She was shocked she even answered the phone but it probably was the only way to get him to stop calling. "Evan! I can't hear you."

Then Evan began screaming into the phone. 

"Avery! Come to Beta's party! It's getting crazy! Come on!" he yelled then the line was disconnected. 

"Sorry about that," Avery said slipping the phone into her pocket. 

The wind blew and she rubbed her arms to keep warm. She gave Liam a 'so what did you want' look that meant 'hurry up, I'm cold.'

"I was just wondering if you were doing anything tonight?"

Avery couldn't help but laugh, well she snorted at the hysterical thing she had just been asked. 

"Do you do this often?"


"Hit on random girls. You are expecting me to just jump for joy at your interest in me right?" Liam looked stunned by her accusation. "Well, sorry. I'm not that girl."

"I. I. I," Liam looked so confused by what Avery was saying. 

"Just because girls like Chad's little sister are obsessed with you because you are in One Direction doesn't mean you get everything you want. You were three seconds away from feeding me some bullshit line," Avery changed her tone to a girly reference and fluttered her eyes, "about how you just knew we were meant to be. You knew I was something so special."

She laughed again and picked up her cappuccino.

"Sorry, I've got somewhere to be right now. But, have fun finding some floozy to sleep with you tonight," she yelled as she spun on her heel and began to walk off. 

Even though it was clear that Avery would not be able to hear him Liam felt the need to say, "I didn't think that was remotely possible. You were just beautiful and I had to ask."

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