Take A Chance (Liam Payne Fanfic)

Avery is a psychology student from the US. She doesn't even like One Direction. Just read, don't want to spoil anything.


3. Chapter 3

Chad rushed out from behind the bar to check on his little sister. The five boys who were labeled One Direction by the girl were hovering over him. Avery knelt down beside Chad to help check on Stacy. 

"Stacy can you hear me?" Chad observed her as her eyes blinked a few times coming back.

"Whoa, I thought I saw One Direction," Stacy mumbled leaning up. Her eyes were blinking fast and she looked toward Avery. "Hey Avery. Sorry I fainted."

Avery chuckled at the adorableness of the kid. 

"It's fine, I understand."

Chad and Avery helped Stacy stand up. 

"Stacy stay calm and please don't faint again," Chad said motioning toward the five boys. "They really are here though."

Stacy didn't scream this time, rather just left her mouth gaping open as the five boys began to laugh. Stacy looked frantic and Chad braced her just in case she fainted yet again.

"ONE DIRECTION!" Stacy screamed causing Avery to take a step back and cover her ears. 

"Sorry guys," Chad said walking back behind the counter. 

The one with rather curly hair was the first to speak. 

"It's cool man," he started walking toward Stacy. "If I hug you will you stop screaming?"

Avery laughed again and returned to her table to finish cleaning up her things. She could still hear the ongoing conversation behind her. 

"Oh my, Harry Styles wants to hug me," she muttered seeming close to fainting. 

"Group hug!" yelled one with an Irish accent. 

Avery smiled because she was happy for Stacy. Obviously these boys were here idols and she thought back to when she was into boy bands. This is exactly how she would have acted if she met the Backstreet Boys when she was her age. 

Brew You was filled will coffee scents mixed with warm vanilla and chocolate. Avery slipped her phone out of her pocket to see a few missed text messages and a missed call. The call had been from her mother who just liked to call and check in on Avery. 

Sorry mom, was studying at Brew You. Are you still up?

Avery slipped her phone back into her pocket to turn around to one of the guys standing behind her with her vanilla cappuccino in hand. 

"Oh thanks," Avery mumbled. "You guys didn't have to pay for it. I could have gotten it myself you know."

"We don't mind. We like when girls don't scream in our faces," he smiled. "I'm Liam."

Avery saw Stacy taking a picture with the other boys, smiling a bright young smile. After the last picture had snapped she said her thanks and ran back outside. 

"Avery," she smiled. "Nice to meet you."

Slipping her laptop bag over her shoulder she smiled and darted her eyes to the side, hinting she would like for Liam to move. 

"Oh sorry," he jumped out of the way quickly. 

"Thanks Chad," Avery said leaning against the counter. "What time do you work tomorrow? Nobody else every makes my cappuccino right."

Chad laughed at the comment as the five boys were still standing there talking among themselves. Liam had walked back over to the rest of them and was engaging in their quiet conversation.

"I think two to closing. Do you ever do anything beside drink coffee and do schoolwork?" Chad joked with Avery knowing that she could be a party girl and maintain her GPA but she chose to just be a studious girl. 

"Ha, very funny. I'll see you at two then," Avery pivoted on her foot and headed for the door. 

Avery kept thinking of where she had heard the name One Direction before. Of course, she knew they were a boy band but she wasn't exactly in tune with all pop culture. She knew that she had to know at least one of their songs. What was it called? All upbeat, overplayed on the radio, and decent voices. 

"Avery! Hey wait!" a voice made her get out of her own thoughts. 

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