Take A Chance (Liam Payne Fanfic)

Avery is a psychology student from the US. She doesn't even like One Direction. Just read, don't want to spoil anything.


2. Chapter 2

Closing time at Brew You was coming up within minutes. Chad was sweeping the floor and Avery had yet to notice the time only thinking that Chad was trying to keep the work load lighter for later. Avery was reading an article for her paper when the door opened and five, young guys walked into Brew You. Avery looked down at her computer to see that it was 10:49. She laughed at herself for getting so caught up in everything else.

A pain crossed her knowing she would have to go back to her dorm room where there was always a possibility of hearing her peers coming in drunk from their nights of partying. Also, there was a good chance Evan would try to come visit her tonight seeing he couldn't grasp the idea of them breaking up. She pulled out her headphones and heard the five boys who had came in begin their order.

"What do you want Louis?" one said in a thick British accent. "Sorry mate," he said to Chad.

"It's fine. Take your time guys," Chad replied even though Avery knew he was always annoyed with people who came in this close to closing.

"Lads go ahead and order. I might be a minute," another one said in his own British accent.

Avery was pretty intrigued by the fact there was two British guys near her. With her mother being from London she always wanted to meet someone who lived there or was from anywhere in England.

"Yeah mate, I'll just have a hot chocolate with whipped cream please," a third said with his British accent.

Avery turned around because the last British accent sounded far more sexy than the other two she heard. At this moment Avery realized she was the only other customer left in Brew You. Everyone else must have left while she was in tuned to her paper.

The rest of the boys put in their orders and she noted that four were British and the other one was Irish. She noted from afar that they looked pretty damn good looking but she wasn't concerned at all. They seemed to really only being paying attention to each other and she continued to pack up her stuff that was spread all over the table.

Chad was quickly trying to fix all their drinks and pack up the pastries the Irish one had ordered.

"I like this place. Quite nice boys," the one they called Louis said.

"I like the name. Brew You, very clever," the Irish one laughed loudly.

Avery walked up to the counter while Chad was still fixing their drinks.

"Chad? Would you mind making me another Vanilla Cappuccino? If you wanna go ahead and close up after their orders it's fine."

"I got you Avery, be about five minutes?"

"That's fine," Avery said walking back over to her table to finish putting her papers away.

"Well that's an incredible relief," the tall, dark, and handsome one joked as she walked away.

"I know man. So nice she didn't beg for an autograph or picture," the one was curly, brown hair replied to him.

"What do you mean?" Avery asked turning back around to face them.

"We take it your not a fan and that's not cool," the Irish one joked.

"A fan?" Avery asked completely confused.

"Here you go guys," Chad interrupted. "$17.32," he said.

"Go ahead and add her cappuccino to the order," the other brunette said handing him a credit card and smiling at Avery.

A young, blonde girl entered Brew You humming a pop song walking right up to the counter. "Chad? Mom wants to know how much longer?" she popped her head up and looked at Chad.

"I will be closing in a few minutes Stacy," Chad replied sounding annoyed.

"Okay whatever," she went back to humming and Avery noted that the boys elbowed each other like they knew the song. Stacy kept walking but when she got to the door she stopped and quickly turned around. "Oh my God! Oh my God! It's One Direction! Right in front of me! Oh my God!"

And before anyone could react to the screaming twelve year old girl she fainted and fell to the floor.

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