Take A Chance (Liam Payne Fanfic)

Avery is a psychology student from the US. She doesn't even like One Direction. Just read, don't want to spoil anything.


1. Chapter 1

*!To all the fans who started reading this!*

Sorry guys but I should have stuck with my gut and just wrote in third person but I wanted to try first person again. So I am rewriting the story and it maybe a little different than the original. I hope you like this version just as much.



Avery pulled her hair into a messy bun and looked at herself in the mirror. Her dark complexion made everyone assume that they knew her and who she was. Most people didn't know that she was biracial because of it. Her mother, an immigrant from London and her father, an immigrant from Mexico City met twenty-one years ago.

Avery was now twenty years old and attending college studying psychology. She wasn't a party girl anymore. After her most recent break-up that happened a week ago she was trying to avoid anything that reminded her of Evan.

Evan and Avery were "high school sweethearts" who beat the odds and went to the same university. Now in their third year Avery had caught Evan cheating on her with one of her so called best friends.

Avery couldn't let it affect her though because she had a GPA to maintain and a scholarship to keep. Her mother was a high school English teacher and her father was currently unemployed. University costs kept getting higher every year and she needed the full scholarship for keeping a 4.0 GPA.

Swearing off boys for the remaining year and a half of undergraduate school was the plan. Nothing would change her mind about this. The decision wasn't based only on the need to stay focused but rather the fact she didn't want to take another chance and get hurt.

Avery had dedicated four years of her life to Evan and the only thought that remained was how many other girls had he been with? Evan claimed to be a virgin when they started dating but Avery knew he only said that to make her feel a little less pressured to have sex with him because she was a virgin.

Evan claimed her virginity in senior year and everything changed after that. Avery stayed with him simply because he was her first true love.

Avery put on a little eye liner and mascara looking into the mirror wondering who exactly she was? It had been so long since she was single and she wasn't really sure what to do about it. No, she wasn't an insecure girl who relied on a guy but everything had begun to feel so routine.

Quickly, Avery grabbed her bag and put her laptop in it. She had a paper due Monday and just because it was Friday night didn't mean she couldn't work on it. If she was still with Evan she would be at one of the frat parties right now.

She pulled on jeans and a hoodie with her school name on it. Avery walked out of the dorm room she thankfully did not have to share with anyone else and headed outside.

It was pretty cold but then again it was November. Avery looked up at the clear sky and saw the bright stars in the sea of darkness.

Avery walked two blocks until she showed up to Brew You, her favorite coffee shop. She walked inside and immediately the barista knew what she wanted.

"I'll bring it over in a minute Avery," Chad, the barista, said as he swiped her debit card.

"Thanks," Avery said taking back her card and walking to the corner of the shop.

Avery pulled out her laptop and waited for the internet connection. She sighed as she waited and noted the almost empty shop. Two girls sat at the bar and a mom with her baby on the couches and Avery felt great knowing there would be no distractions.

She pulled up Pandora and clicked on her Top Hits station to keep the music mutual for the night. Chad came over and set down her coffee.

"Thanks," Avery smiled and Chad returned the smile.

Evan use to get jealous because of how nice Chad was to Avery. Avery was constantly reminding him it was his job to be nice. Evan of course always thought that other guys were trying to pick up Avery even when he was around.

She knocked the thought from her mind almost as fast as it popped up and put in her headphones. Taking a deep breath she thought, 'Relaxing night just writing my paper' and began to type.

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