School Of Vampires

Winnie is 15, she's starting her freshman year in high school at a new school. She has to start fresh; new friends, new school, and new house. After 13 years of not seeing nor living with her dad, she now has to live with him. Why? Well because her mom was found dead in the woods, with all her blood drained, and bites on her neck and wrists. Meanwhile Winnie is trying to find her moms murderer. But what if someone gets in her way? What if that person has a secret? (One Direction Fanfiction) Enjoy!! ;) xx


5. Chapter 5

Winnie's POV. 

I stood there frozen. What am I gonna do? I turned slowly to face Harry's beautiful green eyes and his messy hair. 

A tear fell from my eye. Harry's face dropped. 

"Harry why do you care about me?" I asked. 

"Because Winnie. Your beautiful, and smart. And I really want you to be mine."

I went silent. No words came out. 

Harry leant in and kissed me! I didn't push him off cause in felt right. He pushed me on the bed and began kissing my neck. Abd suddenly, His fangs appeared. 

He went to my ear. "I'm sorry." He whispered. 

Then it happened. His fangs cut threw my neck. I felt the sensation through my body. It was a rush. 


Hey guys. This chapter is, so short. I didn't wanna leave y'all hanging. I'll try to update soon!! Peace.- Bri

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