School Of Vampires

Winnie is 15, she's starting her freshman year in high school at a new school. She has to start fresh; new friends, new school, and new house. After 13 years of not seeing nor living with her dad, she now has to live with him. Why? Well because her mom was found dead in the woods, with all her blood drained, and bites on her neck and wrists. Meanwhile Winnie is trying to find her moms murderer. But what if someone gets in her way? What if that person has a secret? (One Direction Fanfiction) Enjoy!! ;) xx


3. Chapter 3

Winnie's POV. 

"It was my moms, before she was murdered in the woods." I said looking down at the necklace. 

Harry's face changed he now had a frown. 

"Harry?" I asked. 

"You can't be here!" He yelled. 

"Harr-" he pushed me out of the room. He stared at me with pain in his eyes. Almost as if he felt what I was feeling. 

He closed his eyes and slowly closed the door. I heard him yelling and screaming curse words and he was throwing things. I barged in the room checking if he was ok. 

He stood there staring at me. He had red eyes, and fangs. 

I've never seen anything like that before. I looked into his red angered eyes. "Harry, a-are you ok?" I stutter. 

He walked towards me. We are now inches apart. He put his lips centimeters away from mine. I could feel him breathing heavily. 

 He picked me up and through me against the wall. 

I grabbed my head for i had banged my head on the wall when he through me. My vision was blurry.  I saw Leah run in. She had fangs and red eyes too. They began fighting, fiscally. But not like regular fighting. They were jumping off walls. And with one punch they flew far back. 

Harry knocked Leah to the ground and she wasn't moving. 

"Leah!" I yelled. I ran up to her and shook her..still No movement. 

Niall ran in revealing his fangs. He threw Harry to the wall and they began fighting. 

I carried Leah into the living room. Her eyes opened. "Winnie?" She asked. 

"Yeah. I'm here it's gonna be ok!" I cried. 

"Run!" She whispered. 

"I can't leave you!" 

"I'll be fine! Now go!"

I did as she ordered. I was about to open the door when I felt a hand on my shoulder. 

I turned to see Harry. 

"Leave me alone!" I cried. 

 He laughed evilly. 

"You bastard!" Leah yelled out of no where, while hitting Harry with a lamp. 

He didn't nudge. Instead he turned and grabbed Leah by her neck. 

"Put her down!" I cry. 

I felt weak. I fell to the floor crying. 

I felt arms pick me up. It was.. Niall. "Shh. Follow me." He whispered. He walked me into the bathroom. "Climb out the window." He ordered. 


"No buts! Run home." 

"What about you?" I asked. 

"I'll be fine! And so will Leah." 

I nodded and climbed out the window. The grass was wet. There was a cold breeze. I finally got to the old pavement road And ran. 

I got home and closed the door quietly do my dad wouldn't wake up. I tip toed up to my room an opened the door to see Harry on my bed. 

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