School Of Vampires

Winnie is 15, she's starting her freshman year in high school at a new school. She has to start fresh; new friends, new school, and new house. After 13 years of not seeing nor living with her dad, she now has to live with him. Why? Well because her mom was found dead in the woods, with all her blood drained, and bites on her neck and wrists. Meanwhile Winnie is trying to find her moms murderer. But what if someone gets in her way? What if that person has a secret? (One Direction Fanfiction) Enjoy!! ;) xx


2. Chapter 2

Winnie's POV. 

I didn't sleep at all last night. Everything was running through my head. Nothing adds up. 

I kept pondering my thoughts as I walked into the school. 

I went to my locker and got my books. 

"Nice pjs." 

I jumped. I turned to see Leah laughing at her sarcastic remark. 

"Sorry I didn't feel like getting dressed." I sighed hugging my books. 

"Well your the only one that can pull off pink bunny pj bottoms." She laughed. 

We went to chemistry lab and sat down and passed notes.  

Hey, where was Harry last night? - Winnie xx

Out, with the other lads. Why? - Leah :)

Just wondering. :) - Winnie xx

We went to lunch and sat with the group. I kept feeling Harry's eyes on me I gave him a weak smile. 

"Leah, I have to go to the bathroom. Come with me?" I asked. And with that all the girls came; Leah, Perrie, El, and dani. 

"What's up?" Perrie asked. 

"I have to ask you guys something."

Their faces tensed up. "Go ahead." Dani said. 

"Why is Harry single?" I asked. 

They started to chuckle. "Harry is the "bad boy" of the school. So, everyone's afraid of him." El explained. 

"Ok, but why is he "bad"." I asked. 

"We can't say." Dani sighed. "Guys, she's one of us now!" Leah said. "Yeah but not literally." Perrie added. 

"Hello! I'm right here!" I yelled. 

They looked at me and went back to their conversation. 

"We can make her one of us!" Leah suggested. 

"We would have to ask Harry, after all he is the leader." Dani said. 

"Ok then we will ask." Leah said. 
"Ask what?" I asked. 

"Nothing. Meet us at Harry's flat at midnight." She handed me the address. 

For my last 4 classes I stared at the address. I basically memorized it. 

Leah's POV. 

"Harry let me in it's Leah!" I banged on his front door. 

The door swung open. "What were you thinking?" He asked. 


"You invited a human!" He growled. "It's one thing to have her sit with us at lunch but to bring her here!"

"She's not hear yet.." I whispered. 

"What where you thinking Leah?"

"I was thinking we could turn her into one of us." 

"Does she know about us?"


"If she finds out it's on you!" He hissed. 

"I'm not the one kissing her with BLOODY lips when she's sleeping!" I hissed back. 

"She knew it was me?" Harry frowned. 

"I guess. The girls smart styles. We might as well change her before she finds out!" 

"I can't."

"Why?" I quizzed. 

"I can't take away her innocents." Harry sighed slouching on the couch. 

"Oh but you didn't have a problem taking mine!" I yelled. 

"That's different. You were my friend. Winnie is different from others. I sense her pain."

I felt a vibrate. I grabbed my phone. It was a text from Winnie. 

From Winnie: I'm here! :) xx

"She's here." I stated. 

He nodded. 

I opened the door to see Winnie in her sweat pants and a pink tank top. 

I waved her in. 

Harry's POV. 

"Hi Harry." Winnie smiled. 

I blushed. "Hi Winnie." I winked. I really have to learn to control myself around her. I could smell her blood. I clenched my teeth shut. 

"Well Winnie we want to tell you our secret." Leah smiled. "Harry will show you. 

I grabbed her hand and pulled her into my room. 

"Soo.." She said awkwardly. 

I pulled her in for a hug. Her sent became stronger. I felt her heart beating as we hugged. I really wanted her blood, but I can't. I saw her neck. It was so smooth. She was wearing a neck less. I've seen that neck less before. 

"Where'd you get that neck less?" I asked. 

"It was my moms. Before she was murdered, in the woods." She explained. 

It hit me just then. I killed Winnie's mom!


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