School Of Vampires

Winnie is 15, she's starting her freshman year in high school at a new school. She has to start fresh; new friends, new school, and new house. After 13 years of not seeing nor living with her dad, she now has to live with him. Why? Well because her mom was found dead in the woods, with all her blood drained, and bites on her neck and wrists. Meanwhile Winnie is trying to find her moms murderer. But what if someone gets in her way? What if that person has a secret? (One Direction Fanfiction) Enjoy!! ;) xx


1. Chapter 1

Winnie's POV. 

"Winnie, hurry up! You don't wanna be late for school!" My dad yelled up the stairs. 

"Yeah yeah yeah, I'll be down in a sec!" I yelled, straightening the last chunk of my hair. 

I grabbed my book bag and swung it over my shoulder. I quickly ran down the stairs and grabbed a bagel. 

"Love you dad!" I yelled, running out the door. 

I began walking towards the school, which is about a block away from my house.  It's cold this morning. All I had on was shorts and a star wars t-shirt, that I'm pretty sure I wore when I was 9. 

I got to the school and walked through the doors. I instantly had a weird vibe. I tried to find locker number 179, for it was my new locker. The lockers were old, they squeaked every time some one opened theirs. I found my locker and put in my combination. It squeaked open. 

I put my book bag in there. And took out my books for chemistry. I walked; looking for the chemistry lab. 'Found it!' I cheered in my head. 

I took my seat in the back of the class. Hopefully the teacher won't notice me. Kids later piled in the class. 

"That's my seat." I heard a soft voice say. I looked up to see a short girl with beautiful blue eyes and brown hair. 

"Oh s-sorry." I stutter. I begin to get up but she takes a seat next to me. 

"It's ok." She laughed. "I'm Leah Tomlinson." She greeted 

"Winnie Colt." I shook her hand. 

"So, you like it here?" She asked. 

"Yeah, it's different." I laugh. 

Her face dropped. "You know?" 

"Erm, about what?" 

"About us vampires..?" She whispered. 

"Us? Vampires?" I laughed. 

"Oh, nevermind.." She laughed with me. 

Class ended and it was lunch time. I walked in and saw Leah. She sat with a table full of boys. And a few girls. 

"Winnie!" Leah waved me towards her. 

I smiled and sat next to her. 

"Lads this is Winnie." Leah said to everyone at our table. 

Everyone's eyes went red, except Leah's. I waved awkwardly; ignoring their red eyes. 

"Guys stop! She's my friend." Leah whispered to them. 

Their eyes changed. To normal colors. 

"Hey Leah?" I whispered. 


"Who are these people?" I asked

"My gang." 

"Gang?" I asked confused. 

"Well my group of friends. But that's my brother Louie." She pointed to the boy with blue eyes, and brown hair. "That's his girlfriend El. And there's my brothers friends, Harry, Liam and his girlfriend Dani, and Zayn and his girlfriend Perrie. They're seniors."

"What about the blonde one?" I asked. 

"Hes a senior too. And he's also my boyfriend Niall." She smiled. 

"Aw, you guys are cute!" I laughed. 

She smiled and began laughing with Niall. 

Something about this group felt, off. They seem different. 

The rest of the day flew by and before I knew it I was home!

"How was school?" My dad asked. 

"Great. I actually like it here!"

"Good. We're ordering Chinese for dinner." 

"Yummmm!" I laughed. 

I went upstairs to get into comply clothes. I changed then sat on my bed. And started looking at my moms death pictures. She had bites.. Rare animal bites. I payed my head down on my pillow. 

I heard a pebble hit my window. I slowly walked towards the window. I looked out and saw a familiar face. I opened the window and looked down at him. 

"Can I help you?" I asked sternly. 

"I'm Harry, uh, From school."

"Oh. Stay there." I said. 

I ran downstairs. "I'll be right back." I said to my dad. He nodded. 

I went out the back door. I looked for Harry. He wasn't anywhere. I felt arms grab my waist from behind. And heavy breathing in my ear. 

"I've been waiting for you my whole life." He breathed. 

I turned and saw Harry. He had blood on his lips. No words. He leaned in. He lightly put his lips against mine. 

"DINNERS HERE!!" I woke up. It was a dream? But it felt real. 

I stumbled down the stairs. And sat at the table. 

"Hun, you have some ketchup on your face."  

I looked at him weird. I got up and looked in the mirror. It was... Blood. It must've gotten on me when I kissed Harry. But that was a dream. Wasn't it?

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