No Bravery

I used to be Zayn Maliks little sister, but now I am one of the few humans left. I must stay alive at all costs, including throwing myself off a cliff into a river.


3. 3. One for Me

"Liam!" I called out. He kept walking. I ran up to him and turned him around. His eyes were swollen and red with tears. As they fell I wiped them away. 

"Please don't cry... " I whispered. He grabbed onto my wrists gently. 

"Stop... please. Crystal, I can't. I'm a killer, a murderer. I took an innocent life." He rambled. 

"Shut up Liam. Shut up. You said so yourself, you didn't choose. You didn't want this. Liam everyone dies." I said calmly. I held his face in my hands. 

"He didn't deserve to, he didn't do anything wrong. I did, I took his life. I deserve to di-" I cut him off by slamming my lips onto his. He was frozen in shock. He pulled back. 

"I-i-i..... I don't know what to do...." He said quietly. A deep red crept onto his perfect cheeks. 

"But Liam did. You have his memory. Now kiss me you fool." I said. He laughed before slamming his lips onto my in a powerful, passionate, emotional kiss. I ran my fingers through his soft hair. His hands held me at the small of my back. We pulled away gasping for air. I ran my hand gently across his cheek. His eyes slightly closed and he seemed to nuzzle himself into my palm. 

"Liam..... can I ask you something?" I said silently.

"Anything...." He told me. 

"Why me?" I asked. He took in a deep breath. He grabbed my hand and led me into a room. It had a bed in it. We both laid down next to each other. 

"Because, well at first I saw bravery. I was walking along the river when I saw you throw yourself in. When you didn't move at first I thought you would be a easy meal. So I followed. Then I saw you blink and gasp for air. What truly drew me in was your eyes. The most human  eyes I have ever seen. So full of determination, youth, love, I got you out of the water and brought you here. I don't really know the rest but something just pulled me to you." He whispered. "Crystal... why me. You could have any human out there but you chose me. I'm not even human. I'm just a parasite." 

"Liam, I didn't fall in love with Liam Payne from one direction. No I fell in love with the self conscious compassionate caring parasite Liam. I love everything about you. I don't know why. But I did. And I regret nothing. I love you  Liam and there is no doubt in my mind that you are the one for me." I told him before crashing my lips onto his. He snaked his arms around my waist pulling me close. I gripped his hair he let out a slight moan. Everything stopped suddenly.

He let out a gasp of pain I got off of him. He curled into a ball grasping his head and chest. He was now screaming in pain. "Liam?" I asked concerned. His body went limp. My heart started to race. I grabbed his face in my hands. "Liam wake up!" I said panicked. He let out a slight groan. His eyes fluttered open. They were a solid chocolate brown. "Liam?" I asked my eyes filling with tears.

"Who are you?" He asked confusion written across his face. I moved away from him. 

"Where is Liam? What did you do to him?" I screamed. 

"I'm right here. Are you talking about the parasite?" He asked.

"YES! WHERE IS HE!" I screamed. 

"I don't know, it's alright love." He said coming closer to me. I shook my head and cried.

"No, it will never be. Give him back. I want him, I need him back." I sobbed. "I love him..." 

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