No Bravery

I used to be Zayn Maliks little sister, but now I am one of the few humans left. I must stay alive at all costs, including throwing myself off a cliff into a river.


1. 1. Caught by the Parasite

There are children standing here,
Arms outstretched into the sky,
Tears drying on their face.
He has been here.
Brothers lie in shallow graves.
Fathers lost without a trace.
A nation blind to their disgrace,
Since he's been here.

I ran, ran from the voices screaming for me. Terror led my feet. They were after me. I ran and threw myself into the rapid river below. Pain sliced through my nerves as I struck the harsh waters below. It swirled around me, catching my from its rocky bed. I was weak. I let the river carry me away. Away from the parasites. 

These parasites, were once human like you and me. They lived, laughed and loved. They would sing, dance. Then the ship landed. The celestial being aboard was dying. It had been infected. It warned humanity to never open the canister carried within him. Scientists did anyways. They were soon infected. The disease spread quickly. They feed on humans. Our blood is what they need. Ones that are not infected are either underground or held captive to be used until their time has come to be one of them. They are faster, stronger, older, and smarter than an average human. Their eyes have a sparkling purple, blue, pink, or orange iris. Thats how they are marked. You might think that these parasites are vampires but I wish the most terrifying vampire was real and these things were not. 

The cold of the river slowly cooled my body. I felt time itself slow down. I felt each pump of my heart, it felt strained. I felt a pair of arms wrap under my legs and back. They lifted me out of the frozen waters. I was too weak to open my eyes, to see my saviour. I was even too weak to open my eyes. 


I woke up to silence. I went to stretch out my limbs but my feet hit metal bars. I snapped open my eyes. I quickly gathered my surroundings in. I was in a cage. I started to cry. The door to the room opened up and a guy walked in. He looked to be about 20. I froze. 

"Are you awake?" He asked. His voice was deep, and british. He was about 5'10", short brown hair and he was very muscular. He flicked on the lights. I squinted my eyes shut. I opened them slowly. I looked at him. He was quite attractive for a parasite. 

"Let me go." I whimpered. He walked over to me. He crouched down in front of the cage. His eyes fixated on me. They were a different color. A bright gold. Not any of the other colors. I started to tremble. Tears freely fell down my cheeks. He stood up and walked back to the door. He shut it and locked it. He came back over. He opened the cage and backed away. I inched further into it. 

"You humans are funny creatures. You want out but when I open it you go further in..." He chuckled. I stayed put. "Come on out I won't bite." He whispered. 

"Lies... "I hissed. He sat down and watched me. After a while I felt my joints and muscles start to ache. I looked at him. He was asleep. I carefully and quietly crawled out. I stood up and ran to the door. I twisted the knob. It wouldn't open that 's when I remembered he locked it. Tears flowed from my eyes. I felt a hand place itself on my hip. I started to cry harder. My body trembled in fear. 

"Forget that I have a key?" He asked, his tone almost threatening but at the same time playful. I watched as he pulled a key from his pocket. He slipped it into the handle of the door.  I listened for the click of the lock. Before he opened it he stopped and turned me to face him. 

"Stay close to me.... If you want to live. Anyone asks you are Liam's human." He said carefully. I nodded then he opened the door. I followed him outside. He seemed to stiffen up. We walked into a long glass hallway. I looked out the windows and realized we were suspended in the air. We were the only thing connecting two high risers. I felt my knees start to shake. 

"Liam...." I squeaked. He stopped and turned to me. He noticed my fragile state. He picked me up and carried me across. We entered another door and he set me down. I looked around the room and noticed several parasites. Then I noticed humans.... on leashes. We were their pets. My eyes landed on one human. My brother.... He stood up and faced the female parasite. He spit on her. She struck him hard. 

"ZAYN!"' I cried out. He looked up in my direction. I went to run to him but was pulled back. Liam kept his firm grip on me while I screamed for my brother. He was taking a serious beating. Tears streamed down my face. 

"Magus take her back. She wasn't ready. I will deal with this one." He said gesturing to Zayn. The short stocky man grabbed ahold of me and dragged me kicking and screaming. Zayn saw what happening. Adrenaline kicked in. He screamed for me. Magnus took me around a corner. 

"This isn't the way. Take me back to Liam." I said. He chuckled. 

"Listen kid Liam isn't the big bad parasite. Look." He said pointing to a small window. I watched him grab the female parasite and throw her back. She leapt to attack him but he grabbed her throat and slammed her down to the floor. His face was red and he was yelling. She started to cry he tossed her to the side then grabbed Zayn. He helped him to his feet. Then they started to walk.

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