Adopted By Liam Payne

Grace is a 16 year old girl who lives in an orphanage find out her story with one direction.


5. Talking

Liam POV.

          Louis walked up to the door of the orphanage and knocked loudly. Right when his fist was about to knock on the door again it swung open. There was an old chubby lady on the other side of the door she said " please come in the girls are in the living room. I will brew some tea for you." As we were walking to the living room we heard quiet sobs coming from upstairs. Harry said" it sounds like a girl we should go up there." Then Zayn said " she might not want to talk to anyone we don't even know her!" Then Harry and Louis walked up the stairs and we sighed and followed. When we got to the door of the crying she started to sing Little Bird by Ed Sheeran she had a beautiful voice. When she started to sing Skinney Love Hazza did a silent YES!! Because he likes that song. Then Louis slowly creaked open the door . She looked so sad and had fresh tear tracks on her cheeks . She was beautiful she had long blonde hair with s few natural light brown highlights . She had dark ocean blue eyes which could switch in a second to electric light blue. When they did that she said " were you listening to me?" ( G-grace L-Liam BB-Louis H-Harry Z-Zayn N-Niall)


H-you sing beautifully 

G so you were listening! Why are you even here . Can't you tell I'm upset. 

Z-what's wrong 

G you wouldn't understand! Please leave me alone . Remember stranger danger.

L-let's talk down stairs

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