Adopted By Liam Payne

Grace is a 16 year old girl who lives in an orphanage find out her story with one direction.


7. Home sweet home NOT!

As I walked to the car with the boys I was silent I ha decided I wasn't gonna say anything we soon arrived at the hotel we were staying at I didn't care enough to see what it was called. When we arrived at our rooms Liam said I had to share with him great. So I set my stuff on the bed and locked myself in the bathroom. I stayed in there all day and when I came out it was to grab a pillow while they were all asleep. I soon cried myself into a deep dreamless sleep.


Liams POV. 

    When we wAlked to the car she was crying silently when she stopped I thought she might decide to talk to us but she didn't she hust stared at the floor.we soon arrived and I told her she would have to share with me she set her stuff on the bed and ran to the bathroom and locked herself in. We soon heard sobbing  through the door.

  This went on all day and eventually I fell asleep. I woke up at like 2 am cuz I was freezing a pillow and the blanket was missing she must have taken it while I was asleep. So I went to get another blanket and fell asleep. 

Louis POV. 

   I woke up to a girls scream and ran to the bathroom and heard crying. I didn't know what to do so I kicked the door in to find Grace curled in a ball laying side ways head on her pillow covered in Liam's blanket in the bathtub.she was crying so I did the only thing I new to I went over picked her ip brought her to my bed and held in my arms whispering sweet nothing's into her ear . She soon fell asleep in my arms she was so beautiful if only she would talk to me. I soon fell asleep beside her.

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