Adopted By Liam Payne

Grace is a 16 year old girl who lives in an orphanage find out her story with one direction.


1. The un-uvoidable bullies

Ok so my name Grace but I don't have a middle or last name I am 16 years old, my parents left me when I was 12 because they couldn't afford to feed me. I know they will come back for me one day I don't care what the head mistress says. The orphanage is named the happy hands orphanage ( I know what kind of person names an ORPHANAGE that oh well). I get bullied by the mean girls of the orphanage even the young kids don't like me and they don't even know why. Tara is the head mean girl she has 2 wanna be followers and everyone else just falls in line and does whatever she says. Sarah is the #1 wanna be she is right next on line to Tara she follows Tara around pretending she is better than them. she does most of the back up bullying. Hannah is the last wanna be she follows Tara and Sarah around like a lost puppy it's sick seriously. I have my own room brava use the headmistress says I need a place to cool down after they beat me up really it's just an oversized cuboard. That's it for the everyday life of the orphanage.

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