Bound together forever

Being bound to someone or something makes you feel wanted and loved. It fills the empty space in your heart so no one else has to see the sadness. I'm bound to an arctic fox named Snow. Ironic huh? A fox that lives in the snow named Snow. Snow is my best friend. She helps me do everything, choose clothes, find the perfect guy but it sucks knowing no one else in the world is bound to an animal like me. Why am I different? Who knows, maybe my destiny ties in with Snow's but I guess I will have to wait and see. Snow reminds me of a popular pretty girl but sometimes she has her moments where she act's all 'I'm-a-black-girl-and-I-have-heaps-of-attitude'. You know that act that people brings on. Yeah, that's her, sweet, funny but when you get on he dark side, oohh it's scary. Her fur is as white as snow and as soft and thick as hand full of fluff… Well… I guess her fur is just a hole lot of fluff… I'm sorry Snow, don't yell at me, I know you groom your fur to make it so shiny and soft, Jeez


3. Chapter 2

I walked  around the school, making my way to the schools studio. I opened the door and slipped through the door, hoping not to disturb any of the teachers eating. I took off my bag and through it to the other side of the room. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a girl with large grey eyes, long dark blonde hair running down her shoulders, her skirt not to high and not to low. She had her flaw's but not many. I sighed then turned to the studios stereo. I looked up a song to dance to then played it. Its was Eve's song called 'Tambourine' (Awesome song, look it up). I was dirty dancing. I flicked my hair, dropping to the floor, shaking my arse and chest, being as sexy as possible. I closed my eyes when the song finished and the next song came on.  It always helped me think, made me let all my feelings out just by singing it.

Monster by Meg and Dia was the song. I opened my eyes, went to the stereo, turned it down and restarted the song and sang.


'His little whispers,

"Love me, love me

That's all I ask for

Love me, love me."

He battered his tiny fists to feel something

Wondered what it's like to touch and feel something



How should I feel?

Creatures lie here

Looking through the window


That night he caged her

Bruised and broke her

He struggled closer

Then he stole her

Violet wrists and then her ankles

Silent Pain

Then he slowly saw their nightmares were his dreams



How should I feel?

Creatures lie here

Looking through the windows

I will

Hear their voices

I'm a glass child,

I am Hannah's regrets



How should I feel?

Turn the sheets down

Murder ears with pillow lace

There's bath tubs

Full of glow flies

Bathe in kerosene

Their words tattooed in his veins, yeah!'


The song stopped and I looked at my hands. The song reminded me of my life. The creatures is Snow, always watching but not doing anything to change how I feel. I would always hear her voice but I will always lock her out. The monster is my own sadness and hurt and I am the girl he wants to love him and always be with him, therefore taking away all my happiness and filling it with pain… so much sadness and pain. I'm always asking my sadness what should I feel every day but it always comes back and makes me sad. I bit my lip and felt tears stream down my face.

The monster has got me. I fell to my knees, not caring that I was in a skirt and just cried. I heard Snow trying to contact me but I just put up a thick wall so she couldn't get in. So she would not see me in this state of sadness and pity. I stood up on shaky legs then looked up at myself in the mirror. I was breaking down, crumbling into pieces. My mother used to always tell me that crying helped everything when, really it never did. After crying, I would always feel like sleeping afterwards. I looked at the doors of the studio and saw a black blur run past. I dried the tears off of my face, went to the stereo and put on 'Woohoo' by Christina Aguilera and Nicki Minaj and started dirty dancing again. I heard a scratching at the door, only to see Snow, Night and Caleb watching with Snow scratching at the door. I closed my eyes and let the last of my tears fall down my cheek, turned away, turned off the stereo, dry my tears then walked to the door, unlocking it then leaving them to open it. I walked back to the stereo and turned it back on. I saw Caleb and Night walk behind me and I saw Snow next to me, looking at me intently then jumped on me, knocking me to the ground. I hit the ground with a big thud and felt the air in my lungs whoosh out. I gasped for air and watching as Snow sat on my chest, awkwardly since it is not an a cup any more but a DD. I caught my breath.

"WHAT WAS THAT FOR!" I yelled in her face.

"You not letting her in, Prim, she wants in, you guys are bonded and you can't run from it," Caleb said.

"F*ck you and stay out of it! This is not your business!" I yelled to him and watched him flinch and so did Night.

Night slowly made his way to my side, looking at Snow. Snow jumped down and shot a look of pure hatred at me. She walked back to Caleb and sat down. I looked up at the ceiling and let a couple tears fall down my cheeks then monster came back on. I stood up, watching Snow, as she listened to the song then she whined, ran up to me and jumped into my arms. I unblocked her from my head and hugged her tightly to my chest, burying my face in her fluffy, soft fur and let the tears fall down my cheeks into her fur.

'I'm sorry Snow, I love you, I love you. I don't know what to do, I don't know,' I whispered into her mind.

'Shhh,' She licked my cheek and I knew Night and Caleb was listening into the conversation,'  breath, shh.'

'That night he caged her, Bruised and broke her, He struggled closer, Then he stole her, Violet wrists and then her ankles, Silent Pain, Then he slowly saw their nightmares were his dreams,' I sang into her mind and she whined out loud.

'Stop it, change the song, please? You have to. It's hurting you.' She told me and I chuckled sadly.

'I've always been hurt or have you not been digging into my mind much?' I asked her.

'I like my privacy so I let you have yours…' She told me and I smiled and kissed her fluffy head.

'Good to know,' I pulled away from her and we stared at each other for a while as she looked at my puffy, red eyes, the dried tear trails on my cheeks and my quivering bottom lip. I felt sadness over take her because I was sad then she showed me images of me and her playing around when we were little, her and Night talking about there feelings and her and Caleb talking about me and what he thinks about me...which was pretty good compared to the way I had been treating him.

'SNOW!' I screamed into her mind and she giggled.

I looked at her in shock then looked at Caleb, knowing he did not hear and see what we were talking about.

I giggled then smiled a big goofy smile at Snow.

'Oh yeah, that's right Flower. He likes you and he wants you for sure,' Snow told me.

'Snow? Why are you telling Prim that I like her and why did you call her Flower and why am I saying this when she can hear me?' Caleb said in our minds and I laughed out loud then smiled sweetly at him.

'Calm down, Caleb. She's just being honest,' I told him then bent down and lifted Snow up in my arms then put her in my bag.

'But… I don't know if you like me so I just feel awkward,' Caleb said.

'Stop being a sissy and ask her how she feels about you, Caleb!' Nights Russian voice said through the bond and Snow giggled at his voice or maybe the word 'sissy' being used in his sentence.

'Yeah, you big sissy,' I said and laughed out loud then saw Caleb blush and look down, trying to cover his cheeks with his scene hair.

I looked down at Night and Snow, rubbing there sides against each other, having a silent talk together and I looked back up at Caleb. He was looking at me. I smiled a shy smile, turned on the stereo, put on woohoo again and danced. I looked in the mirror every couple of seconds to see what Caleb was doing and all I saw was him watching me, my body and how I use my body.

I stopped and felt my chest rise and fall with every gasp of air. I flicked my hair out of my eyes and looked at the foxes that moved into the corner, curled together in a ball of fluffy white and black fur, Snow sleeping with Night fully awake, watching her with big, love filled eyes. I sighed. I want that. I want someone to look at me like that. I sighed, looked away, ran my hands threw my hair and looked at Caleb. He was watching me. I turned around and made my way towards him slowly, then, I was infront of him.

"Yo-you’re a g-good dancer, arghh Prim," He told me, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand as an embarrassed gesture. I ran my hand through his hair, reaching up to do so since he was 6 foot 4 inches to me 5 foot 10 inches. I loved the feel of his silky hair threw my fingers. I blushed when I looked into his gorgeous face to find him studying me carefully and thoroughly. I smiled sweetly, got on my tippy toes and brought my lips…. To his ear and whispered," If you want me, come get me."

Then I turned, grabbed my bag, walked to the corner and grabbed a sleeping Snow from Night's protective curve of his tail and body around her, put her in my bag lightly then left the room.

I knew I was playing hard to get but you always have to have back-up if the guy did not chase after you, after you dirty danced in front of him…. I smiled. Stupid Caleb.

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