Bound together forever

Being bound to someone or something makes you feel wanted and loved. It fills the empty space in your heart so no one else has to see the sadness. I'm bound to an arctic fox named Snow. Ironic huh? A fox that lives in the snow named Snow. Snow is my best friend. She helps me do everything, choose clothes, find the perfect guy but it sucks knowing no one else in the world is bound to an animal like me. Why am I different? Who knows, maybe my destiny ties in with Snow's but I guess I will have to wait and see. Snow reminds me of a popular pretty girl but sometimes she has her moments where she act's all 'I'm-a-black-girl-and-I-have-heaps-of-attitude'. You know that act that people brings on. Yeah, that's her, sweet, funny but when you get on he dark side, oohh it's scary. Her fur is as white as snow and as soft and thick as hand full of fluff… Well… I guess her fur is just a hole lot of fluff… I'm sorry Snow, don't yell at me, I know you groom your fur to make it so shiny and soft, Jeez


2. Chapter 1

'Prim, wake up, Prim, C'mon, school today,' I felt  a wet cold thing keep touching my cheek,' PRIMROSE!'

I shot up out of bed and saw Snow near my head, the big ball of fluff.

'I heard that!' She snapped at me, of course she could hear me think to myself, she can always see into my thoughts, that's how we talk to each other, through our thoughts, sending messages and pictures threw brain waves.

"I'm sorry," I murmured, rubbing my eyes, getting the sleep out of the corner of my eyes.

'It's ok, now hurry up woman! You slept in Flower! Go get ready!' I looked up to see Snow baring her teeth a me, her large deep brown eyes staring into my grey.

'Yes Ma'am,' I thought to her while I walked to my bathroom and started getting ready for school with Snow next to me for we can't leave each others side without getting hurt.

"Honey, you awake!" I heard my mum yell from outside my room.

"Yes mother, I'm awake and getting ready for school now," I yelled back to her, hearing her walk away from the door.

Mum and Dad always thought it was odd how I was bound to Snow. I was born then Snow  was born outside the hospital to be carried by her mother into my small, baby arms and never to leave my arms till we were both older. My parent's hated how I refused to leave Snow's side and her, me. But they got over it after I turned 15, finding out when we get parted, we both go crazy, I double over and puke from the pain and scream while Snow whines and whines and cries out in pain and whimpers so they made sure never to make us part ways. I explained what was going on between me and Snow to my parent's, being bound together and all and they tried there hardest to understand but they just couldn't.  Any way, life has gone on and me and Snow haven't left each others side and never ever wanted to.

I put on some make up, got changed into my red and black plaided school skirt and white blouse. I brushed my dark blonde hair out and brushed my teeth. Not caring that Snow is there and watching. I turned around and looked at Snow.

'How do I look?' I asked her for it was our first day of grade 10.

'Beautiful,' I tuned into her thoughts and noticed how she wasn't lying.

I saw myself in her eyes, my blonde hair tumbling down my back and shoulders in waves, my grey eyes pronounced by eyeliner, the blouse showing off my new grown curves that grew during the holidays, making my figure my pronounced through the thing fabric, the skirt falling to my mid thigh, showing only an inch of tan skin before it hits my thigh high socks, and all she could think was why I have not had a boyfriend and why I was not popular but I knew why. I was different, quiet and always locked in my own thoughts, talking to Snow while drawing or studying or reading. I told Snow all the time that all I needed in life was her for she is my everything and she would just laugh at me and say how stupid I was.

I walked back into our room, grabbed my thigh high socks, grabbed my black converses and left my room with Snow behind me. I walked into the living room, sat onto the couch and put on my shoes and socks. I stood up again, put my black back pack on my back, picked up Snow and walked out of the house.

"Bye Mum! Love you!" Then I was walking to school with my best friend in my arms, all soft and small and light.

'Snow, are you hungry?' I asked her through our bond.

'Just a little bit, put me down and I will quickly eat a mouse or something,' I put her down and watched her run off to my right.

I heard a small squeak then Snow was eating. I smiled and kept walking forwards slowly, knowing Snow will be finished her breakfast soon. I looked around the neighbour hood, seeing people mowing there lawns,  watering there gardens and talking to each other. I sighed. I people to like me, not for me to do there homework but to talk to and for them to understand what I'm talking about but I guess Snow is that. The person well, thing I talk to.

'Stop having a little self pity party and put me in your bag Flower!' Snow said through the bond and I looked to my side to see her white fur and blood covered face.

I lifted her up, grabbed a disinfectant wipe from my bag and cleaned her muzzle and fur, getting the blood off of her.

'I'm not called flower, I'm Primrose ok? And you call me Prim or Rose. Ok?' I told her.

'Ok, Jeez, don't have a fit now. Put me in your bag, schools near, I can smell the school,' She wrinkled her nose,' Not a good smell by the way.'

'I know Snow, I can smell it too you know,' I told her while taking off my bag and unzipping it.

'Huh? Is that so Prim? Oh yeah, you can smell what I smell because you can tune into my senses like I can tune into yours,' She said while I put her in my large bag, softly.

'Bingo,' I smiled and then zipped the bag up, then left it open 5 centimetres to let Snow have air to breath and to be able to see when she needs to.

I put the bag back on then made my way to school with Snow telling me not to be nervous. I laughed at her through the bond because she was only making me more nervous. I walked through the gates then made my way to my classroom. I sat into the seat out back ,as far away from everyone then took my bag off of my back, putting onto the ground carefully. I looked up to see Mr. Pokion telling us the rules but I was talking to Snow through the bond.

'Snow, do you reckon I could get a boyfriend this year?'

'Hell yeah, the way you look now, definitely.'

I smiled then there was a knock at the door.

'Hang on a second class," Mr Pokion opened the door then started talking to someone.

After a minute or so, Mr Pokion came back into the classroom but I didn't look up from my desk.

"Class, this is a new student, be nice to him please and someone show him around," Mr Pokion said then got back to explaining the rules. I looked up slightly to see a guy come my way and sat next to me.

"Can I sit here?" He asked and I fully looked up to see a black haired guy with the brightest blue eyes ever.

"Arghhh, ok," I said then looked back down at my hands.

'Oh my gawd, he's so cute, so god damn cute, Snow? What do I do?' I asked Snow.

'I smell something different. Not a person but a fox and it's not me… he's cute, talk to him! Darr!' I snorted at Snow through the bond then her words hit me.

'Another fox? Maybe a fox is hiding somewhere in this room?' I asked her.

'But the smell only came when that new guy sat next to you… maybe when it's just you and him and me, you can talk to him about it?'

'Ok, sure Snow, I will do that.'

I looked at the board only to see the new guy staring at me. I looked fully twards him.

"What's wrong?" I asked him in a sweet voice.

"Arghh, nothing… actually I was just wondering if you own a fox or have been near one?" He asked me and I raised an eyebrow.

"Funny, I was going to ask you the same thing."

He looked down at his bag then back up at me ," This is going to sound weird me asking since we barely know eachother but ummmm, are you bound to a fox?"

"Why would you think that?" I asked him.

"I-I'm bound to a black fox and he is smelling a fox in this room and he's arghh, haha, interested I guess," He said all awkwardly and I smiled.

'Snow," I told him.

'Snow?" He said with a question in the one word.

"Her name is Snow, Arctic Fox… and yours is?' I asked him softly.

"His name is Night, Silver fox… completely black in colouring."

I looked at the board and smiled.

"Another pair bound together I'm assuming," I said.

"Yes, we are bound together and thought we were the only ones…"

"Your aren't," I looked at him again and memorized his blue eyes, his scene black hair, tan skin, his strong body, his baggy white shirt and his baggy black jeans with chains dangling on them," And you obviously don't have the school uniform yet."

"Nope," He smiled at me then the bell went for break time," C'mon, Night is getting a bit anxious to meet Snow…"

I giggled.

'God, Night must like the smell of me then… lucky I wash my fur every day,' Snow said and I laughed.

The new boy looked at me with a funny look on his face and I smiled," Snow."

He nodded then stood up out of his seat, grabbing his bag in the process.

"Umm, I don't know your name yet…" I said and he looked down at me.

"I don't know yours either."

"Primrose," I told him then stood up and grabbed my bag, only to lightly put it on the desk since the teacher already left the room.

"Caleb," He smiled," Pretty name by the way, arghhh, Prim?"

I smiled," Thank you," I started to unzip my bag and grabbed Snow who was lying down.

I lifted her beautiful self out of my bag and hugged her to my chest.

"This is Snow," I told him and he smiled.

"Nice to meet you Snow," He smiled.

'Damn girl, you were right, he is one hunk of a man. Damn look at those arms. God I'm panting just looking at him. Hi Caleb,' She said to me and giggled.

"She says Hi."

He unzipped his bag and brought out a pretty large black fox with large brown eyes. His eyes looked at Snow then I felt Snow's feelings and what she was thinking. It was love at first sight for her. He was gorgeous and had a soft, shiny black coat and his eyes mesmerized her.

'God, he's, Night is so hot,' She told me and I laughed then I heard another voice through the bond. A deep Russian accent spoken by none other then a man.

'Why thank you Miss Snow, your very nice to look at too,' I heard the smile in his voice then Snow jumped out of my arms and landed on the floor as did Night.

'God, Night, be mine?' I heard Snow say to him.

'You both are so lucky to have found each other for I have never had a boyfriend,' I told then through the bond.

'I will be yours Snow and Primrose, you will find the right guy eventually, just be patient. Snow, you fur is so soft,' I watched as Night rubbed his side against Snow's then licked her muzzle.

'Yeah, you will find the right guy eventually,' There was a new voice and I looked up to Caleb… he was talking to me through the bond,' You are very pretty after all, and your body is just fine.'

I laughed out loud then looked him in the eye,' That's lovely, good to know I'm just pretty and my body is just fine,' I said sarcastically then put my bag on and looked at Snow and Night then looked back at Caleb,' You better look after my best friend Caleb or I will tare you apart,' I told him then stormed out of the room.

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