Let the Tiger Be

Tigers, love, shape shift, sex, hot guys. What else can anyone ask for?


2. Chapter 1

My alarm clock started beeping, I growled and pushed a button to turn it off. I yawned, stretched and ran my hand through my hair. I smiled when I felt content and full again, me and the tiger working together to be whole. I growled again and got up.

"Ugh!" School today.

I brushed my wavy blonde hair and got ready for school. I went to my bathroom and put on mascara, foundation, eyeliner (pencil and liquid), red lipstick and a little bit of blush. I walked back into my room and put on skin tight leather pants, a pink belt, a white tank top, a semi tight leather bike jacket left undone and black leather boots with heels. I sighed and walked into the kitchen, grabbed a drink of water, grabbed my school bag off of the dining table, walked into the garage and walked around my black, motor bike that I made from scratch with a white tiger that I painted on it that looks like it is ripping apart the bike with its claws. I sighed and ran my finger across my bike. I like things fast. I grabbed my sunglasses and put them on, put my bag into the storage underneath my seat, closed it and put my black helmet on. I giggled and got onto my bike, opened the garage, rolled down my drive way and then closed my garage door. I faced the road and smiled.

"School time," I smiled and sped off out of my drive way.

I exhilarated the bike to make it go faster on the back roads. I took the corners not slowing down. My heart beat was becoming faster and faster and I felt adrenaline beating through my veins. I giggled and then I had to slow down. I growled, turned into my high school's parking lot and zoomed through to get a park. I revved the bike for the roaring sound it makes that makes me smile. I turned off the bike and took out the keys. I then got off my bike and took off my helmet. I shook out my long wavy hair and noticed some popular guys staring at me. I bared my teeth and growled loudly while they opened there mouths and looked away. I smiled and opened the storage under the seat, grabbed my bag and replaced my bag with my helmet in the storage. I slipped my black leather bag onto my shoulder and walked into the school grounds. I breathed in and smelt smoke, alcohol, heaps of different smelling deodorant, sweat, plants, a wide range of animals and insects and the distinct smell of old classrooms. I wrinkled my nose and  tuned out on the tiger smell and focused on human smell. I heard heaps of teenagers talking very loud. I looked at a group of grade 11 popular boys talking about how I looked today which apparently attracts the opposite sex. I shook my head and tuned out of my tiger hearing. I love my tiger sight though. It's clearer and you can see people a long way away and another bonus is my blue tiger eyes. When I'm playful or loving something, my pupils grow huge, when I'm threatened or frightened my pupils become really small and any other mood, my eyes look like cats eyes, horizontal black slits within the iris. I love my eyes. I kept walking, ignoring the boys that stare. I was about to turn the corner to my locker until I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"Excuse me, Passion, my car just died and I don't know what happened to it," A girl said and I turned around to see a popular girl, Chelsea and her follows, Trish, Jade, Hannah, Kelly and Pheobe," Can you please fix it for me after school?"

I smiled at the pretty blonde haired, brown eyed girl and crossed my arms across my chest," Sure, how much you payin'?" I asked and raised my eyebrow.

"Fifty," I nodded.

"Meet you at my bike," and with that I walked off, I'm not popular but I could be. Everyone respects me and doesn't talk behind my back or spread rumours because I am strong and will hurt them.

I got to my locker, unlocked it and grabbed books then closed my locker. I turned around really fast while bumping into someone during the process and dropped all my books as well as knock my sunglasses off of my face.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," A deep, warm, wonderful voice said then bent down and picked up my books and pencil cases," I wasn't looking where I was going," He stood up and handed me my things," I'm new and I was just looking around."

"It's ok, I should have been more careful" I murmured and put my stuff in my bag and when I looked up, I was startled to see long black hair that falls over his blue human eyes and his bangs just reach past his chin. His hair was layered and was in a messy style that boys never do any more even though it's the hottest hair style out. The boy had my glasses in his hand and his eyes focused on my eyes.

"Your eyes, they look like cats eyes," His eyes widened and I looked at what he was wearing, black jeans with chains running from the front pockets to the back, a baggy white shirt and skate shoes... Hmm, I like it, I like it alot," Your pupils are... Growing, there real, aren't they?" The boy asked.

I nodded and cleared my throat ,"My pupils are growing? Huh... Different... I'm lucky to have such unique eyes I guess," I sighed," My eyes are a bit different, that's why I where sunglasses... ," I informed him then looked down at my clothes... Huh, my tank top is a bit wrinkled... I smoothed out my singlet and then looked back at the new guy to see him looking me over.

He grinned and that's when I took notice of his light pink, full lips, definitely kissable, I felt the tiger agree with me and purr in content of this new boy," I'm Joshua Harrison Leroy the second but you can call me  Edge," He offered me his hand to shake and I gave him a small smile, grabbed my glasses out of his hand, put them on, then grabbed his hand and shook it.

"Nice to meet you Edge, I'm Passion DeTygar," I let go of his hand and stepped away slightly to adjust my shoulder bag a little.

"Pretty name," I looked up to see him staring at me, I blushed," I believe you shouldn't where your sunglasses, your eyes are pretty, why hide them? You do like them... Don't you?"

"Yes, of course I like my eyes... It's just...Lot's of people like to stare and I don't like having people crowd around me, touching me and looking into my eyes," because I believe if people look into my eyes hard enough, they will see the tiger with in, and I hate cages and heaps of people staring at me makes the tiger within claws at my skin and tells me to run away... I can't handle it. So many bad things happened in cages and with people watching... I didn't notice that I was staring at nothing at the ground until Edge snapped me out of my memories of cages, I shivered.

"Any one home in there?" He chuckled and when I looked up, the laughter left his eyes, being replaced by concern and that's when I knew tears weld up in my eyes but didn't fall onto my cheek," I'm sorry, what's wrong? Was it me? Don't cry." I gave him a weak smile.

" I don't cry, I never cry, your hallucinating," I took a step towards him and then noticed how tall he was, a whole head  taller, I reached out my hand to grab a bunch of his hair, moved it so I can feel it's silky texture with my fingers . When I pulled away he looked a bit startled but didn't act on it, just tensed his muscles and stood still.

"Sorry, I-" I got interrupted by grade 11 popular boys group stepping beside Edge and I, Jackson, Liam, Tony, Russel, Xavier, Bradley, Scott and... Wait where's the alpha of the group? Harrison? The boys started bombarding Edge with questions like 'I can't believe Passion is talking to you, what's so good about you?', 'Do you think Passions hot?' and 'are you hoping to bang Passion, new kid?' and statements like ' Passion is a Grade 10 hottie and she doesn't like talking to anyone which is weird because she's talking to you,' and 'everyone believes Passion got her eyes ripped out then got people to put cat eyes in her eye sockets.' I snickered when Edge raised an eyebrow at me, grinning then started talking to the boys about well... Me. I unblocked my tiger senses and smelt and heard Harrison behind me. I turned around quickly when he was about to touch my hips, I dropped my bag and sunglasses and growled and showed him my teeth as well as scrunched up my nose to show him I was not happy in  tiger language. I felt the tiger within want to rip him apart, eat him and show him some manners. I kept growling and snarling then before I noticed, everyone in the hall went quite and was staring at me and Harrison. Harrison grinned, the pig! I would eat him for breakfast... Literally... But he wouldn't be a full meal... Maybe his friends will also satisfy my tiger's needs

"Hey baby, I thought you hated everyone and anyone and you don't talk to new kids," He said and I smiled.

"Are you jealous that I was talking to Edge and not you?" I asked him and started to stalk towards him.

"No, why would I be? I could get you in my bed anytime," He said with a smirk on his face when I stopped stalking towards him and was in front of him, I laughed.

"You've tried so many times and haven't succeeded... I remember one time at a party when you dragged me into a room and tried to kiss me but I kept pushing you away, then next day you spread lies saying you fucked me... Your a loser and a phoney and Edge here is the complete opposite of you," I turned around and grabbed my stuff then felt Harrison grab my hips and I growled louder and twisted around to claw him with my long human nails on his arm, drawing blood with the swipe.

"Oh kitten, I like it when you play dirty," He purred and reached for me again then I heard a small bang, a crunch then saw Harrison's body slump involuntarily to the floor.

I turned towards his attacker and saw Edge pulling his fist back to his body and my Tiger part of me calmed down and purred with in. Edge was shaking his hand then bent down over Harrisons body and whispered words to him that only I could hear. Harrison was down but he could hear every word.

"Don't ever touch Passion again, Harrison or I will do more then punch you in the face," Harrison whimpered and gingerly touched his eye while looking at a very angry Edge," Passion deserves better then you, you only want her for her body but she won't give it to you. Your low and don't deserve to be treated with respect. I swear if you touch Passion or even look at her, I will come after you and hurt you," Edge got up and walked towards me with a smile.

Without noticing, my tiger with in got so happy I started purring out loud. Everyone looked at me and I knew my pupils were very large plus I had a small smile on my face. Edge's smile grew.

"Are you ok?" Edge asked, I kept purring while giving him a nod with my head.

"I'm great," I told him, still purring

Why am I acting like this? It's not normal. I'm normally a independent tiger but I like Edge. I have feelings for a guy I only met 20 minutes or so ago. How? But I already had my answer, he defended me and kept me safe from another man.

"Your purring," Edge told me, I opened my mouth still purring, growled softly, closed my eyes and got myself together.

"I... I do that some times, I like to mimic Big cat sounds," I cringed on the inside and thought how lame I was.

"That's cool... What grade are you in?"

"10, you?"

"11, can you show me to my class for animal behaviour?"

"Of course," I smiled," What's the room?"

"K7," He told me and he studied my face.

"It's just down here," I pointed down the hall," If you want, I can show you to your classrooms till you get used to the school," please say sure, yes, anything that will let me to do so?

He smiled," That would be great." We started walking towards his class and I pulled myself together, put on my normal expression, put on my sunnies and fixed up my jacket.

Everyone was staring at Edge and I, so I took off my sunnies and growled as a warning. After I growled, everyone turned around and kept doing what they wanted to do, then the bell rang for classes.

"Here," I motioned to the door of his classroom then hugged Edge, kissed him on the cheek and whispered," Thank you, for everything," I stepped back and saw Edges face turned a light pink.

I grinned," I will come get you after class," I told him while walking away and after math class, which was boring as always. After class I walked to where Edge was waiting for me then took him to his next class which was English.

Throughout that day, Edge and I talked about my eyes and Harrison's bruised face. It was good to find someone like Edge. He's sweet, funny, caring, cute and my tiger part of me likes him too.

School finally came to an end. I walked to my bike with Edge following. I smiled when I saw my baby and ran my finger along the handle bars sighing happily.

"Nice bike," Edge said approvingly.

"Made it and painted it myself," I said dreamily which made Edges eyes widen and his mouth opened.

"Really?" I nodded," you are amazing!"

I blushed. He caught my blush and smiled while I looked away. The tiger started clawing at my skin to get let out. I gasped in pain, took a deep breath and looked back at Edge.

" I have some stuff to do then I need to go home," I told him.

"Stuff? What type of stuff?" He asked me with raised eyebrows and a cheeky grin on his face.

I opened my mouth and then Chelsea was walking my way.

"Hey new guy, I need to steal Passion now, sorry," she grabbed my arm and started dragging me away from Edge.

I felt the tiger disapprove of me leaving Edge. I growled and yanked my arm away from Chelsea, took off my sunnies, and walked up to Edge.

"I gotta fix Chelsea's car," I informed him," and I need to go home and feed my pet cat," He nodded and then hugged me.

I smiled, kissed his cheek then waved good bye and left him standing near my bike shocked, yet smiling.

Chelsea walked to her Ford Mustang with me following and I sighed dreamily. Nice car... But I love my bike more.

"I don't know what happened, I revved it to hear it roar but then it sounded like it choked and wouldn't turn on again-" I nodded and she kept talking  but I tuned out and got to work.

I opened the bonnet and checked the oil, water, I checked the cords and the engine. I turned around and asked for a tool box and a jack. Chelsea went to the boot and came back with a tool kit and a red jack. I jacked up the front of the car so I could slide under the car and check for leakages and broken parts. I grabbed a clamp and a screw driver. I tightened screws and fixed bolts. I used a rag and cleaned some oil and dirt off of a leakage and tightened a bolt there. I got out from under the car, went to the engine and used a clamp and tightened a very  loose screw. I smiled when I found a broken wire. I leaned over the car's front, and put my hands deep with in the car, twisted the wires back together and used electric tape to keep it from coming undone. I got up, dusted my hands on a rag and looked at Chelsea talking to Harrison and his crew about everything but the conversation always changes back to Harrison saying how nice my arse looks. I rolled my eyes.

"Chelsea, throw me your keys," Chelsea grabbed her keys from her pocket and through them at me. I caught them and slid into the drivers side seat. I put the keys in the ignition and smiled when the car roared back into life.

I gasped in pain. The tiger is getting impatient. I need to go... NOW! I took the key out of the ignition, lowered the jack and the car, put the tool box and the  jack into the boot, shut it, went to Chelsea and smiled a fake smile.

"Fixed, loose screws and snapped wire, $50 please," I held out my hand to Chelsea, she gave me the note and then turned her attention back to the boys... No thank you, no nothing! I locked my jaw together because of the pain caused from the tiger.

I ran to my bike, hopped on, not caring about my helmet, checked the time, an hour and a half spent on fixing Chelsea's car with the tiger clawing and roaring at me to let it out. Very good. I put the key in the ignition, turned the key and backed up my bike. I  growled in pain, revved my bike so it roared and covered up the sound of my roar. I looked up breathing heavy to find Edge walking my way. I smiled when my tiger stopped hurting me and purred. Maybe i need to take Edge home with me so my tiger is always content.

"Hey, Pash, just wondering if I could, you know, hang out with you this afternoon? My parents are fighting right now and I needed to get out of the house for a while..." He stopped in front of my bike and I saw sadness in his eyes.

"Sure, you can stay the night if you want... I understand family problems and well, I am lonely at home with no one to keep me company," My tiger roared at me and I mentally said, you know what I mean.

He smiled," Thank you so much, I got stuff in my car to keep me clothed for a week," He informed me and I nodded.

"Get in your car and follow me, just keep up with me because... I do love to ride fast," I smiled and revved up my bike causing a small burn out with my back wheel.

Edge laughed, winked at me then walked down to where a nice looking Holden Commodore was parked. His car was white with blue flames. My mouth opened wide. This boy's got style. He opened the drivers side door and got in. I grinned and exhilarated out of the parking lot fast, pulled over fast and did a burn out while waiting. I smelt the burning rubber and chemicals within my bike with my tiger smell and I sighed, running my hand through my hair waiting. Next minute a car pulled over behind me and beeped it's horn. I turned around, grinned, put my hands on the handles and then twisted the handle making the bike drive down the road fast with Edge following in his car. I felt my long hair blow behind me and my jacket flap on my sides. I leaned into a turn, without breaking and slowed a little to make sure Edge was following me and he was... Going pretty fast to keep behind me. I turned around and he winked at me, I blushed and turned around. My tiger with in wanted him to scratch her ears and rub her belly. I giggled because I wanted more from him then that. I turned onto my road and went faster then slowed and turned into my driveway. My drive way was cement about a kilometre long, leading to my garage.  With in the kilometre to my house is bush. I slowed and breathed in the air. Home. Mine. I looked around, saw the lake and animals drinking. I licked my lips. My tiger and I was starving for another hunt. I saw the house, reached into my pocket for my keys and pressed the button to open my garage without crashing my bike into a tree. I heard loud music being played in Edges car... Hmm.. Put that ass to work by LMFAO. I smiled and drove into my garage while Edge parked his car in front of the other roller door. I walked out of the garage with my bag and walked to Edge.

"This is my place," I informed him," I'm kind of the only one living here," because I ate my parents... My house is a large brick house with 5 rooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 laundry, 1 entertainment rooms, 1 beautiful kitchen and a studio where I practice dancing. That's right, I'm a major badass, I break dance, do hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, tap and ballet...that's right, I do ballet, not as badass as you thought huh? "C'mon," I walked to my front door, unlocked it with my key and shoved it open with my hip. I walked through the hall with Edge following behind me. I turned left at the end of the hall and walked into the lounge room and gestured around the room with my hand, smiling then turned around to see Edge looking at me, he quickly looked away from me and looked around the room.

I had a large right angle couch, fluffy, soft and the colour of white. I had white carpet and a Persian mat, all different shades of blue. I had a large plasma on a white small entertainment unit with blu ray player, a DVD player and a large stereo. On the left side of the unit is a large bookshelf, full of books and ornaments of tigers. On the right side of the unit is another large bookshelf, full of DVD's. I walked to the stereo, pressed play and let the music vibrate off the walls and soothe me. I sighed then turned around to see Edge studying my body again.

"Umm, what do you think?" I asked nervously, playing with the edge of my tank top.

"It is gorgeous," He replied and I didn't know if he was talking about the room or me.

"Umm, next room?" I walked to the kitchen which has white marble bench top and white cupboards. I let him look at it then showed him the dining room which has a chandelier hanging on the roof, above the black slate table. I walked down the hall to show him my studio which had timber floors, mirror walls and poles on the side of the room for my stretching and ballet. I then showed him the 4 spare rooms which all had queen sized beds and cupboards for clothes and carpet floors and whatever else. All the rooms have different themes. One of the rooms is a princess room. Pink room with pink walls and pink wardrobes, pink everything. Another room is a plain room with black everything. Another room has pictures of wolves on the walls, a wolf mat, a wolf quilt cover and a wolf cushion. The other room is a room where I hang up my drawings and photos... I even have photo's of me in tiger form. The room has a nice rainbow rug, teddies in a corner and the quilt cover is a mauve colour.  The spare bathroom is white with soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes and tooth paste. The shower is large with 3 shower heads. On the opposite side of the room is a large spa and toilet. The faucet is gorgeous too. White marble tops, a deep sink and beautiful taps. I then showed him my room and my bathroom. The theme of my room and the bathroom is white, light blue and black. I walked to my bed. My bed is a queen sized bed with blue sheets, a black and white tiger print quilt, blue and tiger print pillows plus a cushion with a tiger face on it. My rooms floors is timber like the kitchen and dining rooms floors and the halls floors. On the ground is a tiger print rug with my bed sitting on top of it. I listened to the music for a second and noticed the song was 'Rock you like a Hurricane' from the movie 'Rock Of Ages'. I blushed when I looked at Edge, looking around my room, taking in every detail with care like if he missed a detail he would fall into a pit of nothingness. When he looked at me I beckoned him to me with my finger then showed him my bathroom. My tiles is black with metallic blue flakes through it. My shower is like the spare bathroom's but with my stuff in it and the door is always open for my tiger to wash itself after a meal. That reminded me of how hungry I am. I let him look at the toilet, my black spa, my faucet and everything else.

"Nice place, you must have a fair bit of money," He turned around and smiled.

I grinned," You can have the princess room because you really are such a princess," He narrowed his eyes and I giggled," You can have whatever room you like."

I walked back into my room and took off my boots. I sighed and took off my jacket as well then walked into the kitchen to see Edge walking to his car to get 2 bags... One I assume full of clothes. He walked through the door.

"Hungry? Thirsty?" I asked him, went to my fridge and got 2 can's of Coke, and a plate of cookies I cooked yesterday.

"Thank you for letting me stay Passion," He walked to the breakfast bar, sat on a stool and grabbed a cookie.

"Anytime, I think I owe you for hitting Harrison," I told him, popped my can open and guzzled the fizzy drink.

"Pfft, he deserved it... It's not right the way he tried to get in your pants and touch you when you don't want to be touched," He told me around bites of his cookie," These are good," He told me with the crumbs in his mouth.

'Thank you," I smiled, grabbed a cookie and nibbled on the sides.

He smiled, I walked out of the kitchen to where Edge was sitting, jumped up onto the bench next to him, grabbed my drink and drank it. I put the can down, licked my lips and looked down at Edge... He was studying my body again and I can't let that go without saying something.

I crossed my legs and leaned forward, towards him," See anything you like?" I purred.

He looked at my face then smiled," That's for me to know and you to find out," He told me, got up, grabbed his stuff and shuffled down to the black themed room. I sighed and felt the tiger part of me want out. I growled and hit the ground with a thud, clawing at my stomach. I heard Edge run behind me but all I know is the tiger needs out and she wants out now. I used my hands to drag myself to the front door but then I felt strong hands grab my hips, left me up, walked to the lounge room and laid my on the couch. I felt sweat drip down my face... Well, I hope its sweat and not tears. I cried out and felt my bones twist and turn. I opened my eyes to see Edge looking at me with a very worried and concerned expression on his face and I couldn't help myself and smiled but I think it looked more like a grimace. Then I closed my eyes and let the tiger take over my body because I knew I couldn't stop it.

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