Life with Jack Frost

Watch as an amazing story unfurls before your eyes!


1. Prologue: Kamerin

You don't know what's its like to believe in stuff other people your age doesn't believe in. Children around 8 to 12 years old stops believing in things like the Easter bunny, Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and Sand Man, the protector of dreams.  They can't imagine them being out there, making children happy. All they see is they get free chocolate and presents and money. I believe in them still and I'm 15 years old.  I have moved from orphanage to orphanage, carer to carer, foster home to foster home ever since I was 7 years old. That's when I lost all hope in life, my mum saved my life by throwing me out of our 2 story building when it was on fire. I cried and cried. I watched the house burn down to nothing and heard my mum scream and cry and yelling to me that she will love me forever. I got to hospital that night some time but I don't remember when. I got wheeled out of that hospital a couple days later when I should of stayed in the hospital to recover. One of the reasons I got wheeled out early was because when I go to sleep I'd see mum's face when she threw me out the window. I'd wake up screaming with nurses and doctors around me. I sobbed till my throat was to sore to swallow, my eyes burned and until my chest ached. I'd wake up all of the other patience at the hospital and the next night was the same. The doctors sent me out of the hospital because they didn't know what to do. It got to much for them to handle. I had fractured ribs, a broken arm and leg. It took me 2 months to physically recover but not mentally. I'd stay quiet, never said a word to any one, then Christmas came around and I got a present from Santa. It was a book set written by Dr Suess, the one I had wanted ever since my preschool teacher read it to me and also I got a card. The card said that I've been a very good girl and that I need to smile and be happy because Santa would always be there for me and that's when I started to believe in something good and that was and still is Santa, Tooth Fairy, Sand Man, Easter Bunny and Jack Frost. I needed something that will make me happy for something in life and believing in what others don't was and still is it.

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