Life with Jack Frost

Watch as an amazing story unfurls before your eyes!


6. Chapter 5

I woke up hearing Jack and Tooth screaming at each other about how I've been (staying in my room, writing down what I see in my dreams, the only time I leave my room is for food or to go to the bathroom to shower and go to the toilet) for 3 days, not speaking to anyone. My dreams have been going wild. I saw Tooth with pink and dark purple wings, flying around, getting children's teeth and giving them  a dollar. I saw Tooth fly back to a huge palace like thing in the sky, putting teeth in there rightful places and telling her helpers where to get teeth.

 In another dream I say Santa talking to a woman and some little people about Christmas. I'm assuming the woman was Mrs. Clause and the little people was elves. Everything is going to plan for this Christmas and nothing will go wrong, the elves told Santa then left to finish making toys.

 I woke up from a dream and it was about Jack. My Jack, making winter happen. Snow  fell from the sky. Lakes ice over. No one would see him but he's always there causing snow fights, making people have fun on snow sleds and ice skating on rivers. In this dream he was in the sky, letting the winter wind carry him around when he saw a girl with blonde hair crying outside a house in the snow, on the ground, hugging her knees to her chest, at night time in nothing but a singlet and thin long pants, shaking from the cold. He landed in front of her and knelt down to see her front on and listened to her sob and watch her body shake.

"Mum, Mum, I miss you, why did you leave.... Me, in this world by myself... Why didn't you jump out the house... Why," The girl sobbed and I remembered that memory.

The girl was me 2 years ago. I saw Jacks face and saw hurt. He reached out to cup my face and then dropped his hand. I heard his thoughts. Kamerin, only if you were allowed to see me now, I would take the hurt away, I hate seeing you cry all the time. You may think no one loves you but I do, I do. I love you Kamerin. He smiled warily and blew on my face causing the cold wind to blow on my face, blowing my hair out of my face so he could see my blue eyes. They shone with knowledge and hurt. Pain shot threw Jack's heart. The old me, wiped  her cheeks and under her eyes to dry them. She breathed in and then exhaled and sighed. Only if, Jack thought, then stood up, leaned over and lightly brushed his lips against her forehead then jumped and let the wind take him away.

I smiled and stretched, got up off of my bed, went to the toilet, brushed my hair, and walked out of my bathroom still hearing the 2 fighting. I got changed into a white singlet, a sexy light pink bra and light blue Jayjay's skinny jeans. I sighed, fluffed up my wavy hair, put on some foundation, mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss since my lips were still a little bit swollen from kissing Jack 3 days ago. I exhaled, grabbed my folder with all my dreams, drawings, paintings, everything involving the Easter bunny, Santa, Tooth, Jack and Mr Greene. I grabbed my drawing of Jack leaning over my 13 year old self and what he thought underneath the picture which was ' Kamerin, only if you were allowed to see me now, I would take the hurt away, I hate seeing you cry all the time. You may think no one loves you but I do, I do. I love you Kamerin.' I sighed audibly and left my room.. Jack and Tooth were screaming at each other about time near the stairs.

"Winter is coming soon, Tooth and I need to be focused on that! Not saving your little 'Tooth collecting business'!" Jack screamed, rage was radiating off of him.

"You get to slack off for 9 months a year, Jack, but I have to stay focused every night a child goes to sleep! I need to rest today and you don't understand that! I love collecting teeth and making children happy with money, every night and I need your help. All I need you to do is set stuff up for a party tonight, that's it and you can't even do that? You know Mr and Mrs Clause, bunny, Sandy, and everyone needs to wind down but you are to pigheaded to understand that? You piece of-" I interrupted Tooth.

"I can set up the party if you want Tooth... I have something to talk to everyone about anyway," I told her, hugging my folder to my chest, watching surprise take over Tooth's and Jack's expressions.

"Ummm, Ok, I'll have a list of thing you need to do on the kitchen bench. The party is held outside so you can get started... What's this thing you need to show everyone?" Tooth asked.

"I've been having dreams about the past, present and future involving all of you... All my dreams are written and drawn in this folder," I handed her my folder and she started looking through and reading with Jack beside her," Everything in there has the date I saw it in my dreams in the left hand corner."

Jack gasped when he read the dream I had last night about him visiting me 2 years ago and then he smiled when he saw the picture of him in front of my curled up body. Then Jack's eyes widened and Tooth covered her mouth with a tear trickling out of the corner of her eye, they both looked up at me.

"Is that why you cried in my room? Because you saw... Him in your vision?" Jack asked and I nodded.

"That vision a future vision because that happened 2 nights ago, the girls body was found in the morning with designs cut into her body and the police have no leads," I told them," Bogey man is making the children scared of everything, but he's looking for one child in particular, a child that he needs to kill to get to you guys, to make every other child in the world stop believing and make you guys disappear..." I didn't tell them who the child was because I didn't want them to worry about me. I knew it was the wrong thing to do but I don't want people protecting me from the Bogey Man. I knew he was coming after me to kill me but I can protect myself. I hope I can anyway.

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