Life with Jack Frost

Watch as an amazing story unfurls before your eyes!


4. Chapter 3

I woke up to Jack shaking my shoulders again, 2 days have passed... I was wearing a baggy shirt and underwear that I wore the first night I got there... so I was lucky I had my blankets pulled up to my chin. I got up, yawned, went to the toilet, then made my way down stairs, not sliding down the banister since I was not completely awake. I was half way down the stairs when I smelt eggs and bacon. I ran down the rest of the stairs and saw Jack in his uniform which consisted of black skinny jeans (of course) and a dress shirt and tie. He was near the stove with a frying pan in one hand and tongs in the other. When I got to the table he turned around and smiled at me.

"Good Morning, hungry?" He asked me while I rubbed my eyes.

"Where's Tooth?" I asked him, yawning, lifting my arms over my head, stretching then watched Jacks eyes stare at my legs, then I look down at my shirt and saw my bonds underwear showing, put my arms down quickly and blushed.

"She sleeps until like 10 o'clock so we will be at school before she wakes up. Oh and you have an hour to be ready for school, or our ride drives off, oh and your uniform shirt is over there," he pointed to a chair that has a shirt and tie on it," It's mine but you can make it fit some how, Tooth will take you shopping sometime for your shirts, for pants you wear a black skirt or black long pants, get ready."

I saluted at him and stole a piece of bacon off of his plate.

"Hey, that was my piece of bacon," he said while I ate the rest of the bacon, swallowed and gave him a cheeky grin, grabbed the shirt I'm borrowing and ran upstairs and heard Jack mutter something under his breath that sounded like, 'Lucky she's cute or I would have tackled her to the ground." I rolled my eyes and ran to my room and closed the door. I put the shirt on my bed, went into my bathroom and put some makeup on. Foundation, eye liner, mascara and lip gloss. The natural look. I brushed my hair out and straightened my hair as well as style my side fringe so it doesn't fall into my eye. When I approved of how I looked, I went into my room and checked the time. 20 minutes till I have to leave... Great. I grabbed clean underwear and grabbed my black skinny jeans. I took off my pyjamas and put on my underwear, jeans and shirt then laid the tie undone in the collar. I left one button undone at the top of the dress shirt, put my hair over my shoulders. Since the shirt was huge I grabbed a hair tie and bunched it at the back and folded the bunch into my shirt. The bunch made the shirt look smaller as well as defined my curves a little but not as much as all the other girls do these days.

"What shoes do I have to wear?" I yelled to Jack.

"Whatever you have right now since you probably don't have any black leather sneakers," He told me through my door," Ready yet?"

"Not yet, need shoes," I told him.

"Well hurry up, our rides here," He told me then ran down the stairs.

I looked through my shoes and put on my black leather high heels... Better then nothing and then looked at my mirror wall and checked how I looked. Presentable I guess. Then grabbed my monster backpack, put a pencil case and book into it, walked out my room and then slid down the banister. I looked at the lounge room since I heard voices in there and saw Jack sitting on a armchair laughing at the black haired guy on the arm chair next to him and on the large couch was a light brown haired guy fixed on his phone. I shook my head and laughed under my breath and walked into the kitchen, letting my heels click on the timber underneath them.

"Ready yet Kamerin?" I heard Jack call out in the lounge room.

"Kamerin? Is that her name? I bet she's not as hot as you say she is Jack," One of his friends said to him while his other friend laughed.

I sighed, dumped my bag on the table, walked into the kitchen, grabbed a cup, opened the fridge, grabbed the orange juice and then poured me some. I gulped it down, licked the orange juice from my lips and sighed. I then left the kitchen, grabbed my bag, fluffed my hair a little with my hand and walked out of the dining room into the lounge room and flopped onto a 2 seater couch with my feet hanging off of an edge and looked at Jack and gave him a flirty smile.

"The question is," I swung my feet over the side so I'm sitting on the chair properly, back straight, chest up, finger tracing the bottom of my lip and continued," are you ready?" I used a phrase from Burlesque.

 I watched his friends eyes slide over my body, approvingly and then looked at Jack who was just smiling at them.

"Ready guys or are you just gonna stare at Kamerin over there?" He asked smiling.

"I like the second option," said the guy with black hair, he beckoned me with his finger to stand up so I  did as well as bend down at the hips to get my backpack so the boys have a full view of my butt, flirt and tease I sure am, I stood back up and swung my hips to the side, hands on my hips," She sure is as hot as you said Jack... Maybe even hotter."

"You guys we're talking about how hot I am? I'm not that hot guy's," I told them.

"Understatement of this year! She's not hot, she's sexy!" The guy with brown hair said.

"Ugh," I rolled my eyes, "School? How am I gonna get there?" I asked

"My car, I'm driving you to school but... It's gonna cost ya," Black haired guy told me.

"Oh yeah? I don't even know your name, hon so I don't owe you nothing right now."

"Brad," Black haired dude said, standing up and walking towards me, hand extended, I took it and shook it," Nice to meet you Kamerin," He said while I looked into his dark blue eyes... Not as attractive as Jack.

"Nice to meet you to Bradley, and so... What's the cost of getting a ride with you?" I asked him with my hands on my hips.

He grinned," A make out sesh and I'm not Bradley, just Brad," He told me.

I sighed," Fine, whatever Bradley, when and where?" I told him and I heard Jack gasp and the brown haired guy whooped and stood up.

Brad sighed still smiling," I will tell you the time later."

I smiled and looked at the brown haired guy," What's your name?" I asked.

" Xavier but everyone calls me-" He got interrupted by Jack who dragged Brad away from me by his shirt.

"Mr X is what everyone calls him, C'mon, school time guys," Jack said, looking me in the eye.

"Yes sir," Xavier and Brad said at the same time then walked out the door, talking, leaving Jack and I alone.

'Kam... I know you only came a couple days ago but I have to be honest with you..." He hesitated, closed his eyes, opened them then closed the distance between me and him so he was only a foot away from me," I like you... A lot, and I never tell girls I like them because... Well... I like to flirt with girls to but never wanted a serious relationship but now I think I do, please don't feel awkward around me, if you don't like me that way then forget we had this conversation but I like you... I really do, your funny and sweet and very beautiful and-" I interrupted him by reaching up to wrap my arms behind his neck, while doing so I felt my shirt ride up to show my stomach, I pulled his head down and he understood what I wanted.

I tilted my head up to him and put my lips onto his lips while Jack put one of his hands on my exposed skin on my hip and put the other in my straight hair. The hand on my hip sent heat up my body and made me shiver at the same time. I opened my mouth and put my tongue between his closed lips. He knew what I wanted so he opened his mouth and tangled his tongue with mine. I ran my tongue over his teeth, exploring his mouth while he explored mine. I ran my hand over his shoulders, down his chest and resting them on his hips. Jack backed me up against a wall and ran both hands down my face, over my shoulders, over my chest, over my stomach, slid them down to my butt then thighs and lifted them up so I wrapped my legs around his waist not breaking the kiss. I gasped into his mouth and he moaned then put kisses onto my cheek, running his lips down to my jaw. I tilted my head up slightly and he kissed my neck then bit it. I moaned. He moved me slightly so the only thing keeping me from falling onto the ground was his weight pushing me against the wall and my legs wrapped around his waist since his hands were running up and down my bare stomach, running higher and higher.

"Bite my jaw," I breathed and he did.

I closed my eyes as his nipped and kissed my jaw while his hands was molding my breasts. I moaned.

"Wow, Jack is getting some booty! X, check this out!" Brad said from the door way and then Jack groaned and pulled his head away from my jaw. I wrapped my hands behind his back and lowered myself onto the ground while removing my legs from around his waist.

"Haha, true! I knew it was gonna happen, hey Jack, does that mean Brad and I don't have a chance with Kamerin?" Xavier asked but Jack didn't answer, he had his hands on my hips then pulled my shirt down and fixed up my shirt, and did up my tie loosely around my neck  then looked back up into my eyes.

"I'm not sure, does it Kamerin Clementine?" He asked with his hands on my hips, his breath still as uneven as mine, my heart pounding hard and fast in my rib cage.

 I swallowed, smiled then looked at the 2 boys in the door way," well boys, Jack hasn't asked me out yet and also if you guys can kiss better then he could then," I shrugged," then we will see what happens."

I gasped when Jack lowered his lips to my collarbone that was showing and bitten hard, I moaned.

"I change my mind, I only want Jack, Sorry Brad but I can't repay you," I said fast then, Jack licked up my throat," Forgive me," I said within a moan.

"That's ok but guys, C'mon, we will be late for school, and I don't want a detention anytime soon," Brad said, I closed my eyes because all I wanted was Jack to keep bitting, licking, sucking and kissing my body.

Jack chuckled," School time, baby," Jack said then kissed my lips again but only a peck and I slipped my tongue in between his lips but he pulled away, " No," Jack said and I sighed, straightened myself up and got off of the wall.

Jack grabbed my monster bag and his and walked out the door with Brad following, leaving Xavier.

I sighed," I will be right back, Xavier," I told him and walked into the bathroom down stairs.

I looked in the mirror and groaned. My neck and jaw was covered in bites and my lips were swollen. Worth it. I smiled and walked out the room, crossed the living room and walked out the front door, closing the door behind me. I then walked to the car in the drive way where Xavier, Brad and Jack was talking. I walked to where Jack was leaning against the hood and stopped right in front of him.

"You left marks," I told him and he smiled and kissed my jaw.

Jack murmured against my jaw," Was it worth it?" Then bit my jaw again on my sensitive spot and I moaned again.

"Hell yeah," I moaned while Brad and Xavier laughed and went into the car, closed the doors and started up the car.

"C'mon, school time Kammy baby," He said getting up off the cars bonnet, pushed me away from him slightly, walked to the back of the car, opened a door and slid in.

I crossed my arms over my chest and said," Really?" I walked to the back door where Jack slid in and moved over  to the other side so I can slide in and ducked so I could see him," cute names already Jackson? You haven't even asked me out?" I told him and got into the car and buckled up while shutting the door.

Bradley and Xavier laughed, Bradley said," He's not gonna asked you out for a while Kam, he's a chick magnet, literally... You will see what we mean soon," I looked over at Jack and raised my eyebrows while he laughed and kicked Bradley's seat since Bradleys driving.

The boys we're talking about boy stuff so I tuned out, grabbed foundation, lipstick and a mirror to cover up my swollen lips and marks on my neck. I covered my neck, jaw and some of my collarbone with foundation and put red lipstick on my lips. I checked how I look in the hand held mirror. I sighed.

"Jack, is most of the bites and stuff covered?" I asked Jack and he turned, smiled, unbuckled me from my seat, lifted me up and put me next to him in the middle seat as well as checked my neck and everything.

"Yes, love the red lipstick... Very sexy," He informed me, his eyes lingering on my lips.

"Hmmm," I said starring at his lips.

"Hmmm?" Jack looked into my eyes and I smiled, cupped his face in my hands and brought him to my lips. He broke the kiss before I can get my tongue between his lips and lifted me up off of the seat and on him so I was straddling his thighs, his hands were on my hips. I giggled. He had red lipstick on his lips. I leaned forward slightly, brought my thumb to his lips and started slowly wiping the lipstick off of his slightly parted lips.

"No more kissing  for a while Jack, not when we're at school or before school when I'm wearing lipstick," I told him and gave him a small smile when I got all of the lipstick off of his lips.

I went to get up off of him and then his arms wrapped around my waist and brought my whole body against him and I gasped at how close we were and his friends laughed in the front seat. I put my hands flat on his chest and tried pushing off of him but he was to strong. I smiled at him sweetly and then brought my mouth to the side of his neck and bit down hard and he groaned and tightened his hold on my waist then softened it. I licked where I bit him then bit harder on the same spot and his head fell back against the seat and his eyes closed. I smiled against his neck and licked up his neck to a tendon in his throat that stuck out and nipped at it and Jack moaned and ran his hands up my back and that's when I got off of him and smiled at him sweetly. The car stopped. Bradley turned off the ignition and got out the car and then Xavier did too. Jack recovered from the bites and turned to look at me, his eyes bright with lust and pleasure. I  closed my eyes, got myself together, grabbed my bag then got out the car. Brad and X was talking with there bags on there backs. I walked up to them and a couple girls that walked past them stopped and hugged the boys then looked at me. The girls had there mid rift showing and they wore a skirt that was only about a millimetre away from showing there butts and they caked there face with makeup... Slut brigade. When I walked up to the  boys I gave them a flirty smile and they smiled back then looked back at the girls.

"Girls, this is Kamerin Haze, she's new," Brad told the girls and they looked me up and down then scowled.

I sighed, reached up and messed up the boys hair with my hands, they turned around trying to grab me and tickle me, so I giggled and ran off... Well tried too... Jack was behind me so I just ran into his body and nearly fell over then his hands grabbed my waist and kept me upright. I blushed and hugged him then let go and stepped away. His eyes followed my every move until the girls crowded around him all flirting and giggling and slutty. Ugh.

"Hey Jack," one of the girls from the Slut brigade purred as well as ran her manicured finger down his arm," You look so hot today... You should meet me in the disabled bathroom big lunch," She winked, Jack looked at me and I looked away, feeling like he could do better then me... After all, I'm a virgin and not willing to lose it any time soon and boys at his age want to do it every day.

When I looked back at the girls crowding Jack, all of the girls were touching him and asking him if he wants to have sex once a day with different girls everyday. I turned away and walked to where X and Brad were standing, watching Jack get all the attention from the girls. When they saw me they half smiled at me, Brad wrapped one of his arms around me in a half hug.

"C'mon, better go to the office and get your timetable," He said and lead me into the school gates with his hand on my lower back.

Students were sitting around, talking and laughing near buildings and trees. Boys were playing on the oval, running around with a football. Under a shaded area were benches and chairs with boys and girls my age and older, talking, flirting, kissing and groping each other. Brad and Mr X waved and did a lot of guy hugs to people they obviously knew and introduced me to all of them. The girls looked at me and scowled and the boys smiled and flirted with me. After chatting to people they lead me around the school and walked me on a path to the office. Mr X walked before us, opened the door and I walked in first to get hit by I chilly wave of air caused by air conditioner's being on at a temperature, to low for me to live with. I shivered and looked around the room. There was trophy's and all of the staff's names and pictures on a wall. I walked to the front desk to where a lady was sitting. She had brown hair, with some grey hair in it as well as black eyes and where's glasses. I gave her my best smile when she looked up from her computer.

"Hello, I'm new here, can I please have my time table?" I asked her nicely with no bitchiness or flirtatiousness  in the words... It was just the normal me, that startled Brad and X who stood behind me.

"Sure darling, what's your name?" The lady asked me with a smile then clicked some things on her computer then nodded.

"I'm Kamerin Clementine Haze-Gray," I told her and when I said Gray, it tasted like bile on my tongue...

"Arrgghh, Tooth adopted you didn't she?" I nodded and she grinned," She told me about you, poor child, if you need anything, the staff will gladly help you when ever we can," She said with a sympathetic smile, while typing then got up and went to the printer on the other side of the room, grabbed a piece of paper and came back and passed me the piece of paper," Here, your timetable, Mr Baxton and Mr Tyroon will show you around, won't you boys?" She smiled at them, I turned around and they nodded.

"Of course, since Jack is getting mobbed by girls we will gladly show her around Miss Hicks," X said to the office lady and smiled at me, grabbed my timetable and smiled," every single class you have is  near my classrooms, I will show you your rooms before going to class," He told me with a smile.

"Oh, I nearly forgot," Miss Hicks said, walking off then coming back with a maths book that was as thick as my pointer, rude and ring finger put together and a English literature book a little bigger then the maths book, she handed the giant books to me and I nearly dropped them from the weight, I struggled and then Brad took the books out of my hands.

"Hmmm, your in the smart classes... Most of the pretty girls are in the dumb classes... And your hotter then pretty so how are you so smart?" He asked me, while flipping through my maths book.

I crossed my arms over my chest and frowned up at him," are you saying that you thought I was dumb when you saw me?" I asked him then turned to Miss Hicks who was smiling and shaking her head," Boys... They don't know when to shut up, hey Miss?"

"Agreed, I'd keep your mouth shut if I were you Mr Tyroon... You will make everything ten times worse," X laughed while Brad hesitated then nodded and turned to me.

"I'm sorry," He said then walked behind me, unzipped my bag then put the books in my bag, then zipped it back up," there," He let go of my bag and I nearly fell back.

When I got used to the weight of my bag I gave Miss Hicks my biggest, sweetest smile," Thank-you Miss Hicks."

"Your Welcome Miss Haze, Your such a delightful young girl... Treat her nicely boys," She smiled then I walked off with the boys at my sides.

We left the office and walked back to the shaded area where the boys said 'hi' to everyone then I saw Jack at one of the tables, the girls still around him, flirting, and he was flirting back by the looks of things. Brad and X smiled and walked up to him and started talking to him. I sighed and read my timetable... First up, Ancient History... I smiled... I loved ancient history... Then after that, extension science, meaning experiments... I giggled, then first break. So, where is block R for ancient History? I turned my Timetable over to the map and pointed to where I was then looked up and followed the path to t block then turned right then left then...

"Ow!" I got hit in the thigh! I turned behind me to see the leader of the Slut Brigade in front of me with her sheep behind her. I gave her the finger and turned around and kept walking.

"You slut! Kissing MY boyfriend you hoe... He's mine and your gonna get it!" She kicked my thigh and that's when I got angry.

I turned around on my heels then I  gave her my scary face, clenching my hands into fists on either side of my body..

"Try that again," I told her with my low, scary voice that made her and her followers eyes go wide.

The leader recovered first and then smirked, her perfectly full, pouty lips smiling then she punched my cheek hard. It stung but won't leave a mark. I spat then looked back up and smiled then jumped on top of her, punching her on the ground one hard blow after the other. Everyone crowded around and was chanting 'fight fight fight' over and over and over again. I got up and put my fists on up in a boxing stance. The girl hobbled up with her friends helping then she pushed them back away from her and smiled, her eye and cheeks going red from my punches.

"You really are a slut, flirting with everyone and anyone you come across... Everyone knows your story... You got adopted by Tooth, Jack's mum's best friend before his mum left... Your mum died in a house fire and she through you out of the building to save you… I bet she did it because she didn't want to hear you stupid cries of pain and wanted to die quietly with no stupid bitch to get in her way… Your dad left before you even knew him... I bet he left cause your a worthless piece of shit," Thoughs words she said got to me and made me drop my guard and looked down at me fists.

It made me remember my Mum's screams when she got burnt alive in the building... The way she said sorry over and over again then kissed my forehead and said I love you then threw me out the house. I started shaking and looked back up at her and she smirked.

"I remember hearing from Jack that the only reason Tooth wanted to adopt you was because she thought you were a sad child, moving from foster home to foster home, getting expelled from schools, going from orphanage to orphanage with no friends or family... Jack said you were so sad. On Facebook, he would tell me how stupid you are and how you-" I couldn't hear any more, all I could hear was mum's screaming over and over.

I ran off, pushing through the crowd, trying to ran away from the past. Everyone was laughing at me. I kept on running until my legs gave out and I hit the ground, tears streaming down my face, pulled my knees to my chest and covered my ears. Her screams and pleas for the pain to stop, her face and hair being on fire, her face went black then the skin started to get eaten away by the fire, the flesh and blood falling off of her skull, white gleaming through the blood... That was the only thing I remember seeing through the opened window.

"Stop," I sobbed so hard that my body shook and my head throbbed.

 My throat was sore and my eyes burnt. I put my head on my knees, locked my arms around my legs and cried. I heard the bell ring but I couldn't move, I couldn't think or see. The only things I could think, see and feel was what happened when I was 7. I relived my worst nightmare over and over again. I remember the pain from my broken bones and the horror of seeing mum burning and dying. My heart was thumping so hard against my chest that I thought my ribs were going to shatter into a million pieces. That b*tch knows nothing about my life. She knows some details but she doesn't know everything... She doesn't know about me watching my mum die. She doesn't know what I've gone through. She's using my past against me to hurt me and I know that but it hurts so much. I didn't know how long I was hiding between 3 buildings but it felt good to cry but the pain's still there and I don't know how to get it out. The tears were still rolling down my cheeks, destroying my makeup... My lower lip trembling, my nose running and me sniffing loudly. I opened my eyes and wiped my face with my arms, my mascara and eyeliner coming off onto my arm. I tilted my head back onto the building I was leaning against and let out a trembling breath. I looked up at the blue sky, the very few clouds covering the blue. My chest hurt so much and that's when I knew my heart was breaking all over again. A bell rang then I heard people start talking and running out of class to get to the next class. My muscles clenched for a fight when I heard the leader of the slut brigade talk to her sheep.

"That Kamerin girl ran away from the fight... I heard that she ran off and ran out of school and got caught by police, and then I heard another rumour saying Tooth and everyone are sending a search party for her since she hasn't been seen for 4 hours, like what ever, she's a major hoar and I nearly punched her face in-" She got interrupted by someone with a deep, sexy voice.

"You know that's not true... She punched your face in and your just acting tough for your followers here. You shouldn't have brought up her past because that's what sore losers do... Your a sad person Lily... Now she's probably not gonna talk for days and not come near me or talk to me 'cause you made up shit to make her feel like shit... I told everyone to be nice to her because she has had a bad past... You weren't supposed to use that against her," Jack... Jack said.

"Oh my god, I was only being honest, I was just telling her to back off away from you because your mine," Lily said.

"Yeah, your her boyfriend, Jack," One of the girls said.

"Yeah, you guys were suppose to be doing it right now because you guys are in love," another girl added.

Someone laughed... I know that laugh... X was laughing ," God, you girls are so stupid, He was using you Lily, he never liked you! Don't you get it? He likes Kam, not you, so you hurt Kam to make sure she doesn't talk to Jack again... That's low."

"Poor Kam, I hope she's ok," Brad said with a sigh.

"No.. No no no you don't get it boys, I did it because she hurt me, like look at my face. She punched me because she was jealous of pretty I am, she even said it didn't she girls?" Lily said.

"Yes, Kamerin so totally said that."

"She really did then she jumped Lily."

"Yer she did, poor Lily."

"No she didn't," everyone looked my way and that's when I noticed I moved from where I was sitting," Want to hear the truth?" I asked, my voice trembling and thick from crying and I knew I looked horrible, red eyes, tears down my face, quivering lower lip and running make-up," I was trying to find the building to my first class then I got kicked on my thigh, I turned around and flipped her off and then kept walking. Then she kicked me again and then, what did you say Lily? Oh yeah, her words exactly, You slut! Kissing MY boyfriend you hoe... He's mine and your gonna get it," I said in a high, angelic voice to mimic Lily's voice," then she kicked my thigh again and I got angry and said, Try that again and then she punched my cheek, and I jumped on her and punched her face then got up and then," I choked and looked away from the boys," You guys know the rest," I breathed in and out slowly, my eyes burning again and I sobbed so hard all over again then looked up at Lily and closed the distance, she cringed," You don't know anything about my past, you don't know who I am or what I've gone through... No one does. No one knows what happened that night. I got thrown out of a window and watched my mum's beautiful blonde wavy hair burn, her skin and flesh burn and fall off, I heard her screams and pleas for it to stop, the pain, she screamed and screamed. I watched something no 7 year old should ever watch, I watched my mum die, her beautiful face and hair catching on fire, her skin going black then the skin started to get eaten away by the fire, the flesh and blood falling off of the skull, her bone showing through the blood, I couldn't tell the therapist or anyone. I dreamed about it over and over again and woke up screaming. The foster carers would take me back to the orphanage and tell them that I was crazy and should see someone and they would tell the carers that I had a traumatic experience and need time to get over it... I had no life, no home, no friends, no family, no one to talk to. I was alone and still am. I never told anyone about what I told you today, ever, you know nothing about me Lily, no one does, you think your life's bad and you cry to your groupies and they give you sympathy. I don't want sympathy, I'm not that type of girl. Never, ever tell me you know me and never, ever talk to me again or I will be your ticket to the hospital," I told Lily, the boys and Lily's sheep, all there eyes wide with shock and understanding.

"Oh my god," Lily whispered then turned to her group," she is a crazy bitch! Saying if I tell anyone about her fucked up life she will hurt me so much to hospital? This is something I gotta tell Mr Greene, C'mon girls."

"Is that all you got out of it Lily? Are you that heartless?" Jack whispered to Lily.

"Yes, She's phsyco making up bullsh*t to get attention? Don't you see it Jack or are you really that wound up around her?" Lily asked Jack then walked off, I breathed out a shaky breath and walk up to X and buried my face into his chest, my hands clinging to his shirt, his arms coming around me in an instant.

I sobbed against his chest. I heard Brad whisper to Jack then walked up behind me and ran his hands through my hair then patted my back.

"We better take you to the office and send you home. Tooth is already here and Jack told her everything. They've been looking for you all day... C'mon," Brad said while trying to pry my fingers off of X's shirt.

"I can't, she's gonna send me away... I'm breaking down all over again... I'm back to square A again... I can't live like this no more... I can't," I whispered while shivering then I felt someone put one arm behind my knees and the other around my shoulder blades...

Jack. He felt so warm and the way he looked at me, like he actually knows who I am, that made my heart  thud  a little faster then normal. I turned, wrapped my legs around his waist, grabbed his shirt with my hands and buried my face in between his neck and shoulder. His arms wrapped around me without hesitation and he started walking but I didn't care. The only thing that mattered was Jack whispering over and over again that he's sorry, that everything Lily said about him was a lie and that he's sorry for what happened with my mum, what I saw. All I could do was say shhh and breath him in. He smelt like a healthy, sexy teenage boy. I felt tears stream down my face but I didn't care. I felt Jack's white hair cover my face from everyone around him. I felt Jack stop walking for a couple seconds then he took a couple steps before stopping again and turning around.

"You guys can go now... Thank you guys for helping me find Kam," Jack said to obviously X and Brad.

"We will help when ever you need it bro and we... Will never abandon Kam, she's... We love her to you know... As a sister," Brad said then touched my back.

"Thank you," I whispered into Jacks neck and snuggled closer to him, still shivering.

"Kam says thank you to you guys as well," Jack told them then I felt someone touch my exposed cheek with his finger then I felt another hand on my back, above Jack's hands.

"Cya later Kam," Brad said," Gotta go to class, C'mon X, bye Jack," Then they left.

"Miss Hicks, where's Tooth?" Jack asked and I smiled and kissed his neck," Kam?"

"Mhm?" I moved my hands to wrap around his neck and bunched the shirt fabric in my hands.

"Forgive me?" He whispered.

"Nothing to forgive," I whispered back," she did it, not you."

"I shouldn't have told her or anyone, it should of just been something that my mates should of known, that's it," He whispered then turned his face to put it in the gap between my shoulder and  jaw.

"Don't beat yourself up, you thought you were doing the right thing," I whispered to him then heard foot steps come our way and Jack moved his face away from me.

"Jack, Tooth is in the other room, is Kamerin alright?" A lady asked

"She's had better days," he replied," Thank you Miss Hicks," then Jack started walking.

After a little walking, Jack stopped, moved one hand from my back to open a door then put it back on my back and kept walking. I felt Jacks heart beat on my chest. It was thumping at a normal rate... Not like mine, mine was going 5 times faster then normal.

"Kamerin, are you ok?" A lady, Tooth asked.

"She doesn't want to talk to anyone right now," Jack told Tooth then a door opened in front of me... Behind Jack.

"Kamerin Haze-Gray, I have information from Lily Howard saying you have been hurting her and making up story's about your past," A man with a deep voice asked.

"Kamerin does not lie about her past. Everything she has said has been completely true," Tooth informed the man.

"Well, I have very graphic information saying Kamerin watched her mother die in a blazing fire. Is that true Tooth?" He asked.

"From what I've been told, Yes," Tooth told him.

"So, when she said her mother threw her out of a building that was on fire, then she hit the ground broke bones, and watched," I started shaking and tears rolled down my cheeks, landing on Jacks neck," her mothers hair and face catch on fire? Lily described it with more detail but is that true?" The man asked.

"Kamerin hasn't talked about what she saw that night in great detail to anyone so I'm not sure. All I know is that when the fire brigade, ambulance and police got there, she was screaming and yelling for her mum to jump out the window."

"Make it stop, make them stop talking, please, please," I whispered with my lip trembling.

"Stop talking!," Jack yelled," It's hurting her more and more, she's already relived that night today so stop!"

"Jack, mind your manners," Tooth told him.

"Well at least let me and Kam leave the room so she doesn't get more upset with what you guys are going to talk about," He added the last bit so it doesn't upset me.

"Ok", Tooth told him," Here's the keys," He moved his hand slightly then brought it back to my back with something narrow in his hands," Go wait in the car," Jack nodded and walked out.

I moved away from Jacks neck slightly and caught a glimpse of a man with near grey skin, black hair, black eyes and wears a black tuxedo with a black satin tie. Something about him scared me. I shivered and put my face near Jacks neck again.

I felt sick and very worn out. I sighed and closed my eyes, then next minute I saw a glimpse of light and that's when I knew I was asleep.





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