Life with Jack Frost

Watch as an amazing story unfurls before your eyes!


3. Chapter 2

Tooth put my stuff down beside the door while she closed it.

" Well, Kamerin, you get too choose your room, I have about 3 rooms vacant so you get too choose," She said smiling.

" Your house is huge! How many rooms do you have?" I asked, looking around the house, there was a gorgeous  vase full of wild flowers on a small table near the stairs, the floor was timber, on my left was a huge flat screen television, 1 huge couch that fat in the corner since it was the shape of a right angle, the couch was white and fluffy, there was 2 arm chairs that were fluffy and white too curving around the tv but not on a wall and 2 more 2 seater couches in between the 2 armchairs but the 2 couches were white leather.

In the middle of all the couches was a glass top table with magazines of dolly, girlfriend etc and also a opened magazine of a girls half naked on cars and motor bikes... Obviously for the guy in the towel... What's his name again? Jack? I laughed.

"Oh shoot, Jack was suppose too put that in his room... I bet you don't want to see that huh?" She ran to the table and grabbed the magazine, closed it and put it under her arm," Shall we?" She gestured to the house.

"Tooth, boys my age do read that stuff and get off with it, to be honest, I was expecting more explicit stuff like.. Ya know... Oh and I believe that is kinda hot," I gestured to the magazine with my hand and sighed," Only if it was a half naked damn sexy hunk of a guy," I winked and grinned while Tooth laughed.

"I like you already Kamerin."

"Please, call me Kam or Kammy," I replied and looked to my right since I was still in the door way.

On my left was the kitchen and dining room. The kitchen was a marble top. The marble had specks of blue, black, green and silver metallic in it. The kitchen was huge! The dining room had a chandelier above the gorgeous black marble table that had a vase of roses and a couple candles on it. The house looked sooo fancy.

" Ok, your first question to me was  how many rooms are in this house am I correct?" Tooth asked and I nodded," On this floor there is the lounge room, dining room, kitchen, a toilet, shower, 3 rooms... 1 room is a study, another is a library and the other is a guest, on the second floor there is 3 toilets and showers, one shower and toilet in the main room which is my room, one near Jack's room which is his bathroom... Don't go in there, it's a bit disgusting... Another bathroom and toilet on the other side of the  house... How about we just go up and I show you?" Tooth said grabbing my stuff and making her way up the stairs.

The stairs were in a spiral set up and the banister you hold on looks like I could slide down... Wait, I really wanted to slide down them. I ran up the stairs taking 2 stairs at a time, when I was at the top I jumped onto the banister, my feet on either side of it for balance, screamed a loud ," Look out below," and slid down the banister laughing and screaming 'woohoo' at the top of my lungs. When I got to the bottom I fell off of the banister, butt first into the ground and laughed. I could here Tooth laughing too and saw her shaking her head.

" Can I do that again?" I asked getting to my feet.

" Your such a child," She laughed again.

"I get told that all the time," I shrugged," Can't help myself, I want to have fun as much as possible," I replied walking up the stairs in a civil manner, taking my stuff from Tooth and walking up the stairs with her.

" You can do it again after we sort out your room situation," She replied stopping at the top of the stairs.

All I could here was heavy metal music coming from a door that had a skull on it as well as caution tape. Next to that room on the left  was a bright pink door that was opened and had a double bed in the room with a pink quilt and pink walls and pink curtains that just made me want to hurl. Next to the skull door on the right was a bath room, the mirror still had steam on it, the room smelt like... I don't know... Is it weird that the smell just reminded me of teenage boys trying to attract the opposite sex? Yes that is weird. On the pink rooms left on another wall was another room that had mirrors on the walls and timber floors with poles on one side of the room and on the other was a mini cinema with black curtains that closed where you can watch movies and stuff I guess.

Tooth pointed to the room with music coming out of it," Jacks room," she pointed to the bathroom next to it," His bathroom," she pointed to the pink room," Spare room that you can have if you want but I'm guessing it's a bit too pink for you liking," She pointed to the room with mirrors on the walls," Studio, I got that built only a little while back, it used to be 4 rooms next to each other but I got it demolished so I can make a mini cinema and a dance area, this room has surround sound and a boom box for people too use," She pointed to the room opposite of Jacks room, the room was plain white with hooks on the walls, black curtains, and a bed with nothing on it but sheets and pillows, not quite made up, it had a large mirror for a wall, a door that leads to a bathroom which had  gorgeous blue tiles, blue marble bench top that had light blue metallic specks through it and a large sink, a blue spa, on the opposite side of the spa was a huge shower with blue tiles, and no toiletries in sight, next to the sink was the toilet which had toilet paper on the roll, a couple white mats on the floor, gorgeous! Tooth said," Another room you can have if you want-" I cut her off.

" I want it, oh please can I have it! It's sooo gorgeous like seriously! A blue bathroom like what! Oh my god. I'm gonna have a heart attack, I'm over heating, Oh god," I put my stuff onto the ground and fanned my face with my hands and started jumping up and down, squealing, while Tooth laughed.

" You sure can have it but the room is a bit plain don't you think?" She asked me.

" I have a tiger quilt and pillow set, tiger, fairies and other huge photos to put on the walls and I have pictures I can blue tack onto the mirror wall, like oh my god the room is huge! I can get a rainbow mat and put it there underneath the bed, the room will read me for sure! Thank you Tooth," I smiled, pounced on her and hugged her fiercely.

"Ok, Ok it's yours but lets finish the tour shall we?" she pointed to the room next to my new room," Spare room," She then pointed to the room next to the stairs," My room," Then she pointed to the stairs next to my bathroom leading higher up into the house," Spare room up there too... Would you like a drink of something Kam? You can keep exploring and get settled into your room and then I will give you a tour of the back yard," She said smiling and slowly making her way to the stairs to go to the bottom floor.

"Arrgghhhmmm,  what time is it?" I asked.

"10:30 in the morning why?" she asked raising her perfectly plucked and waxed eyebrow while I giggled.

" An hour ago I got kicked out of my ex carers place for being a teenage girl... AKA a bitchy, fucked up hormonal twit that has a problem with the way she looks and likes to make smart arse comments just to make people like her...  Miranda has threatened me  to many times so I kind of flipped out and then came here," I replied with a shrug," Oh and can I please have a hmmm water please?" I asked sweetly.

"Sure Honey, well, I'm glad your here and not with that Miranda person anyway, the way I see it is that it's her loss for not looking after you properly and I will not give you up Kamerin I promise you," She replied and smiled," Water it is then," She turned and made her way down the stairs.

I sighed, grabbed my stuff and literally threw it onto the bed and ran upstairs to the spare room. It was small and had stuff all on the floor like packets of chips, books and more magazines of girls but instead of half naked girls, they were fully naked with there legs spread and there faces looked like they were literally having a orgasm. Sad really. Then I saw a window seat much like the window seat in my room but it had cushions on it. There was no bed in this room, just a beanbag, desk, magazines, food, pictures of naked girls on the walls and nothing else really. Obviously Jack also claimed this room as his own. I sighed, grabbed a magazine with a naked girl sitting on a Harley Davidson motorbike with her hands on the handles, her hole body pressed up onto the bike and her face staring into the camera. I took the window seat put the magazine onto my lap and looked out of the window. How can I play house when I know I'm going to get kicked out? Tooth may have promised to not kick me out but everyone does eventually. I put my head back against the window seat since there is wood framing and sides of the window so you can lean back and sighed again. Maybe I could try changing myself a teeny tiny bit but I promised Billy I won't change myself. I shook my head to get that idea out of my head. If I have to change myself for someone then there not worth my time. I looked down at the magazine on my lap and turned to the first page and laughed. This girl was sitting on a Ferrari with her legs spread wide open, her hands on either side of her legs, her bare chest up and next to that girl was another girl with her hand on the other girls inner thigh, her legs crossed and licking her lips at the camera. Sluts. I went to turn to the next page when I noticed someone leaning against the doorframe, arms crossed, a smile on his face, looking at me and then the magazine.

"Hey, sorry I didn't introduce myself before, I'm Jack," He said  and pointed to the magazine in my hand," are you seriously looking at the pictures in my magazine?" He asked me, flicking his white hair out of his light blue eyes.

"Yep, gotta problem with that tough guy?" I asked, smiling at him then I noticed he was wearing black jeans that hung low on his hips, a chain hanging from them on one side, no shirt and no shoes.

He smiled," No, of course not," He stood up from the frame and ran a hand through his still damp hair," I think chicks that are bisexual or lesbian are very sexy."

"Nice to know, oh and who said I'm bi or lesbian huh?" I asked scrambling to my feet, dropping the magazine onto the window seat and making my way to the door before Jack stopped me by putting his body in front of me.

"No one, question since you are now living in my house and I have to put up with you-" He said before I interrupted him with a laugh.

"Who said I'm gonna answer your question, oh and You have to put up with me hey? I believe I have to put up with you Tough guy since you have already gotten on my nerve by assuming I was either bi or les just from me looking through a mag on the floor and how you're standing in my way now, so get out of my way," I looked at him square in the eye since he was hunched down and I had my face tilted up and that's when I knew he was as tall as Billy... Easily 6 foot 2 to my 5 foot 10 and also I was wearing heels too.

"Just answer this one question for me then I will leave you alone, What do you believe in?" He asked me with a smile on his face.

I tapped my lips thoughtfully," I don't know, really," I told him," believe that Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth fairy, Sand man and Jack Frost are real...I know I'm weird but whatever, you can judge me however you like because I don't care," When I said Jack Frost, Jack smiled.

"True? I won't judge because I also believe in them too," he told me and I just tilted my head," I'm not joking," I pouted my lips, grabbed a bunch of my hair, twirled it around my finger and looked into his eyes while pushing my chest out to see his reaction but all he did was close his eyes and exhaled," Don't do that please, it's so hot and all but," He opened his eyes and looked my body over," Imagine what Tooth would think, she'd hurt us both... Well not hurt but give us a lecture."

I laughed and ducked under his arm, put my butt on the banister and slid down the stairs and fell on my butt again at the bottom of the stairs and laughed. I walked into my room, heard Jack chuckle and walked down the stairs crossed the space to the other stairs and walked down them too yelling to Tooth," Tooth, can you make me a sandwich or something I'm starving, oh and Kamerin is definitely someone I will get along with," I could hear the smile in his voice.

That's when I smiled and started unpacking my stuff. I knew I was a major flirt and also a smart arse but that's what I liked doing, flirting and making smart arse comments. It took an hour or so for me to unpack my clothes and little things that mean a lot to me and put them in drawers, my closet and on my bed side table. I unwrapped a photo frame from my baggy black hooded jumper. The photo was the only thing that lived through the fire somehow. Maybe my mother threw it out the window with me but all the staff at the orphanage told me was that they found the photo in a broken frame. Guess what the photo was of? You can't guess huh? It was of my mum tickling me and laughing while I squirmed and laughed. I was holding the frame in my shaking hands and felt my chest tighten and my eyes burn. Don't you dare cry, I can't cry now, I thought to myself over and over again. The next thing I knew I was doing was putting the frame on my bedside table and laying down on the bed letting my eyes close.

I haven't slept for over 24 hours since I was fighting with Miranda for ages and what? The time now is 12 o'clock and I'm so tired. My exhaustion won the battle of staying awake. I was deep asleep in no time. I don't know how much time past but when I slowly drifted to a light sleep I could here Tooth and Jack talking and arguing if they should wake me up and who should wake me up and also how 'peaceful' I looked when sleeping. Tossers. I made a small noise in the back of my throat, rolled over and curled up into a tight ball with my pillow pet curled up in the small gap from my chest to my knees with my arms holding it in place. I heard  Tooth sigh.

"She looks so cute when she's asleep," Tooth said.

I heard the smile in Jacks voice," Yes, she is."

"You know maybe you should wake her up, huh?" Tooth said to Jack.

He sighed," Narr, I'm not sure what she'd do, she might punch me, slap me or I don't know, I don't want to get hurt."

"Aww you sook, I bet she'd just wake up, yawn, stretch and make a cute small noise like what she did before," Tooth told Jack.

" Fine, but... If she breaks my face I will never forgive you," Tooth laughed and walked out while I heard foot steps approaching the bed, then my bed dipped in front of me from Jack's weight.

"Wake up Kam," He said shaking my shoulder slightly, I made a small noise in my throat and moved slightly, he shook me harder this time," Wake up."

When I didn't even stir Jack sighed in frustration then chuckled and said," She's gonna hurt me for this," then I felt his lips on my collar bone moving up my neck, he moved himself so his hands were on either side of my curled up body, his knees on either side of my body too, no part of his body was touching mine but his lips and his hair.

I made a small noise of pleasure out loud when he nipped my jaw with his teeth. I uncurled my body and  shifted onto my back, moving my hands to above my head lightly brushing his arm in the process, moving my neck to give him more access to my neck and jaw. His teeth moved from my jaw after one last lingering kiss, his kisses trailing from my cheek to behind my ear then back down my neck. He moved some of my tangled blonde hair off of my neck and shoulders to kiss my neck then down my shoulder, moving my tank top strap and bra strap for even more places to kiss. I felt my heart accelerate and my breathing coming out faster.

 I felt Jack stop kissing me but felt his breath on my jaw near a sensitive spot. Jack moved his right hand and traced my lips, my high cheek bones, my jaw and down my neck. I shivered and opened my eyes to see him looking into my eyes with hunger and lust. Still looking me in the eye, he moved his right hand from my collar bone, down over my chest and placed it on the curve near my hip bone. I swallowed and closed my eyes. I felt Jack move so the lower part of his body was on top of mine... Don't freak out, I was wearing clothes and so was he, and he brought his mouth down to my neck, biting, sucking and kissing the flesh there. I moaned. I didn't know why I didn't tell him to stop, maybe because I liked how he bites me, kissed my neck or because the intensity in his eyes told me what he wanted to do. Tooth is gonna love this. Jack moved his mouth to my jaw, kissing, sucking and biting there then moving his lips to mine. I was surprised he even kissed me. I haven't even been in this house for 1 day and he is already kissing me? Does he like me? Stop kidding yourself Kam, he's using you for pleasure. The kiss started slow with no opening of mouths then he used his tongue to open my lips that made me separate my teeth. Jacks left hand moved into my hair, pulling my head off of the bed. I felt Jacks tongue flick into my mouth, sliding over my teeth then I reacted by tangling my tongue with his. I arched my back so my chest touched his and that's when he brought all of his body down onto mine.

 I groaned and put one of my hands into his hair tugging him off of my lips. I felt my heart beating so fast and my breathing too. I smiled at him, wrapped one of my legs around his waist and flipped him back first onto the bed so I was on top of him, sitting on his stomach, legs on either side of his hips, back straight watching him watch me with surprise itching onto his features. Obviously he didn't expect that I'd switch our positions. I giggled at how his lips were slightly parted, still wet from us kissing. I put my hands in my hair, pushed my chest up, and yawned then put my hands on either side of his head and smiled at him mischievously.

"Why did you wake me up by kissing my neck?" I asked him, my hair falling around my face while I tilted my head to the side in the way I always do when I ask a question.

He smiled and shrugged," It woke you up though didn't it?"

"I guess, but when I opened my eyes why did you keep kissing me?"

"I couldn't resist, I had you where I wanted you and you didn't tell me to get off so... I took that as a note for me to keep going."

I moved both of my hands, sat back straight on his stomach and ran one of my fingers on my bottom lip in a thinking gesture," Well," I looked back at him," lucky you did because I would of chucked a tantrum," He laughed and while he did I felt the vibrations shoot through my body in a good way and I stuck my tongue out slightly in a way that I always do when I play around.

"I never thought you'd be the kind of girl that chucked tantrums Kamerin Clementine," He smiled and when he saw my expression he said," That's right, I know your whole name, a very cute name by the way," He put his hands on my hips and ran them up the curve to rest them just below the curve of my breasts, I closed my eyes and moaned then I opened my eyes again and brought my mouth down onto his. Jack flicked his tongue and ran it along my lower lip before I sucked it in my mouth in a silent plea for more. He answered by kissing my harder running his hands up and down my back and letting them grab my thighs and pulled. I gasped into his mouth and he moaned. I felt his body arch then drop under my body and I chuckled and asked," What you thinking?" then got off of Jack, off of the bed and stood near Jacks feet.

"That  your, damn," He said then smiled, got up off the bed then grabbed my waist and backed me up against a wall.

I laughed, grabbed his hands, and ran out the door, leaving Jack in my room. I sat on the banister and slid down the stairs while I heard Jack running down the stairs behind me. When I got to the bottom I landed on my feet, fist pumped the air and looked left and right. Where's the kitchen? Right. I spun on the heel of my bare foot and stomped into the dinning area, grabbed a chair, dragged it near the kitchen bench and straddled it backwards and rested my hands on the back of the chair.

"Hello sleepy head, hungry?" Tooth asked while cutting up apples, pineapple, kiwi fruit, water melon and other fruits.

"Starving, haven't eaten since yesterday lunch," I informed her and sneaked a slice of apple into my mouth.

"I'm nearly done, I have sandwiches in the fridge, we can go eat outside," She said then turned around to get stuff out of the fridge, when she had her back to me I swallowed my apple and grabbed a bit of watermelon, turned around and ate it as fast as I could.

"Tooth! She's sneaking food!"Jack said while I finished my bit of watermelon.

I wiped my face," No I'm not! He's lying Tooth!" I informed Tooth while changing my position on the chair so I was straddling it again and in the process I smiled sweetly at Jack who was next to Tooth at the fridge, leaning himself against the wall, staring at me, looking me up and down then smiled back at me.

Tooth brought out a couple plates of sandwiches, put them on the bench looked up at me then Jack with a look that says 'Why now'," Stop it, both of you! You both have to get used to having each other around so be nice to each other."

Jack smiled at Tooth when Tooth faced him, he saluted, grabbed a sandwich, ducked when Tooth went to hit his head, smiled and ran out the room. Tooth  shook her head, her brown hair swaying with the movement and she chuckled then looked up at me.

"Can you put that chair away and come help me take all this stuff outside please?" She asked grabbing some stuff and started walking into the living room," I will be right back darling."

I put the chair I sat on away, grabbed a watermelon, put it into my mouth, grabbed a plate of fruit then a plate of sandwiches and waited for Tooth to come back since I had no clue where the back door was. Tooth came around the corner, grabbed the last couple of plates then tilted her head to where the living room is," Come on," she started walking and I followed.

We walked through the living room, through a hallway where a toilet and a couple rooms were then a door to outside. She used her hip to slide to screen door across and walked out and I followed. Jack was sitting down with a piece of pineapple in his hand and was chewing then swallowed and bit into the fruit. He had his feet on the third chair. I put the plates of onto the table and walked forward to look at the backyard. I pulled the watermelon out of my mouth and then bit into the fruit and chewed letting the sweetness burst onto my tongue. The backyard was huge with heaps of trees, a small garden shed, a vegetable patch, a pool, spa and a motor bike. I smiled and bit into the watermelon again and turned around to walk back to the table where Tooth and Jack we're talking. I caught the last bit of there conversation.

"...Kamerin will be a in the grade 10 so you have to help her around the school, and don't be nasty to her," Tooth told Jack, while eating a sandwich with ham and tomato on it... Yuck! Tomato.

"I will, god, I will help her around the school until she makes friends," Jack told Tooth while reaching over to get a piece of green apple.

"Good, good, Kamerin," She gestured to the house and back yard," What do you think?"

"Where did you get your money is what I'm thinking," Jack snorted and Tooth smiled.

"High paying job I guess," She told me," Sit down, Jack, get your feet off of that chair, its not somewhere you put your feet ."

"But it's my chair!"

"Don't argue with me young man, move your feet!"


"It's fine, really, I can sit on the cement," I told Tooth.

"She can sit on my lap if she wants," Jack told Tooth then looked at me," If she wants a comfy seat, she can sit on my lap," He smiled and gestured to his lap.

Tooth looked at me then shrugged. I sighed and sat on the floor, leaning on a pole, then bit into the watermelon again.

"Kamerin, your going to go to Jack's school in 2 days time, he will be in year 12 but that shouldn't be a problem, you will make friends fast, In the morning you have to go to the office and get your timetable..." I tuned out to the rest of what she was saying.

I don't make alot of friends since I'm a natural smart arse and flirt. I flirt with single and taken guys with out even noticing. I normally get into a fight on my first day of school, that's what always happens. Normal. Well... For me. I laugh out loud then noticed Jack and Tooth looking at me with raised eyebrows.

" Inside joke," I told them

"Is that so?" Jack laughed while Tooth said.

We talked for a while and finished off the food. We all went inside, Jack went to his room to get changed since he needs to go to work tonight from 6-10 at a all night convenience store, ran down stairs then left for work after eating his dinner that Tooth made which was lasagne and salad. Eating is an understatement. He inhaled his food and got Tooth to drop him off at work. I ate my food slowly, savouring the flavour and keeping the taste locked into my memory since Lasagne was one of my favourite foods. I walked upstairs, grabbed a really baggy shirt that falls to the middle of my thigh and underwear, not including a bra. I closed my door, walked into my bathroom, closed that door then took off my skinny jeans, tank top, bra and underwear, grabbed my toiletries and hopped into the shower. I sighed and let the warm water run down my shoulders. I tilted my face up so the water runs down my face and all that was going threw my head was, I have somewhere I can call home.

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