Life with Jack Frost

Watch as an amazing story unfurls before your eyes!


2. Chapter 1

"Your kidding me right? This is the 11th time I'm going to have moved carer's house this year and it's only  f***ing  July!" I exclaimed to my carer Miranda fat face.

"Language Missy, I've had ENOUGH of your b*tchy self, pack up your stuff 'cause Billy is going to pick you up in 10 minutes!" She replied yelling in my face.

"I never liked you anyway Miranda Lilac and your stupid! You will always, always be fat and you can't keep trying to diet 'cause it doesn't work! You eat fatty foods all the time! Go die!" I screamed running up the stairs of the 2 story house Miranda owns to the room I was staying in, shoving all my stuff into bags as fast as I could even though there wasn't much to pack since I always kept my stuff in bags, knowing I'd get kicked out.

"Kamerin! Don't you dare use that attitude with me young lady-" She said walking up the stairs heavily until I interrupted.

"I will use whatever attitude I want, b*tch because I do not live under your house any more!" I screamed grabbing my bags and running out of the room to where Miranda was still walking up the stairs and standing my ground with my blood boiling hot on my face.

"Get out of my house you unappreciative child, I hope your next carers will smack children because you deserve heaps of hits!"

"I'd gladly leave your house you stupid skank and no, I don't deserve to get hit and if I get hit by anyone, I WILL hit them back," I said storming past the old lady taking two steps at a time, running to the front door, opening it and slamming the door to find my friend, Billy in a car waiting to take me to my next carer. Billy is about 3 years older then me and likes me even though I'm impossible to talk to and even more impossible to get along with ever since my mother died but he has been there for me ever since I got into the orphanage and now works there to get close to me because I am always moving carers house and he's always driving me there.

" Hey Billy-pie", I said smiling at his glare.

He shook his head," Same old Kamerin Clementine Haze, So, darlin' how are you?"

"Great, told Miranda what I thought of her, moving carer's house... Again, and my life will always be like this until I'm old enough to leave. I have no stability and only one friend." I replied smiling.

"Nawww, am I that one friend Kammy?" He asked with his brown eyes looking at me with pure adoration that I cant give back to him and then his brown hair covers one eye.

"No, my teddy bear is my only friend," I told him and then his face fell and he looked down and I laughed, I bumped my hip into his leg since he was taller then me," Of course you are my only friend, so where to comrade? Foster home or orphanage?" Looking up into his face.

He opened the passenger side door for me and I got in and he shut the door then ran to the drivers side and climbed in.

"Ok, Kammy, here." He handed me a large file with my name on it in capital letters and another word underneath.

"Kamerin Clementine Haze-Gray," I shivered at the sound of Gray in my name since the name, 'Gray' is my real last name but I dropped it because my dad left before I was 6 weeks old and the name 'Gray' is my dad's last name so I took mum's last name instead, 'Haze'," Adopted?" I looked at Billy to see he was smiling," Adopted?" He nodded, a tear slid down my cheek, "Adopted," I said, my voice waving and squeaking, " What happened if the people that adopted me doesn't like me? No one likes me? I'm never going to see you again Billy am I?" I asked him looking in his face to see hurt flash over it.

" It doesn't matter, you have waited 8 years to be adopted and now you are and you will be happy. I talked to the lady that adopted you and she seems fun and is very beautiful and she wants to give you a chance in life and she likes your spirit," I raised a eyebrow and he laughed and put his hands up in surrender," Her words, not mine, I think your more then what she said, oh and give me the files and I will read them to you because your hopeless at reading files correctly."

I used a finger to trace my jaw to show I was thinking," True," I smiled and handed him the files.

He opened the files and started reading," Kamerin Clementine Haze-Gray, age 15, orphaned at 7 years of age... I will skip that. Adopted parent or parents, I'm not even going to say that name so her nickname she goes by is Tooth, she is 23 years of age and lives in oh yeah here so it won't take long to drive there, and you'll like her, I promise Kammy," He moved his eyes from the files to my eyes, he moved his hands from the files to cup my face in them and I leaned into his touch, then a tear  slid down my cheek again and I looked down, moved one of my hands from my lap to his hand ," Kammy," I looked at him and he smiled and wiped a tear on my cheek with his thumb and smiled," You will be happy there, I know cause'  I know what type of people you get along with, oh and here," He took his hands away from my face, put one into his jeans pocket and pulled out a piece of paper," Call me or text me or whatever only if you want obviously but I'd really like to keep in touch with you but if you don't want to keep in touch with me that's fine but-" I laughed and took the piece of paper out of his hand.

" Stop blabbering idiot, of course I will text you, I'd like to stay in touch to," I smiled and slipped the piece of paper into my skinny jeans front pocket and buckled myself up," C'mon, we gotta' go, I want to see where my new 'home' is," I replied smiling and he saluted and put the key in the ignition and drove off.

During the ride, Billy and I talked about random stuff such as  Miranda and how much of a fat, ugly bitch she is. We laughed at how naive we were when we were young  and orphans, also how long Billy has liked me... Turns out he has liked me for about 6 years. I told him that when I was 13, I had a huge crush on him, and he blushed and told me I should have told him I liked him because he had no clue I liked him and would of asked me out... To bad really, when I was 13, he was 16, 3 years older then me. He didn't have the muscles he had now at that age. I remember walking into his room while he was on his Xbox with no shirt on and all I saw was his skinny figure, tall, dark hair in his eyes and when he noticed I was there I blushed and hid behind my long fringe that covered half my face... Lucky I got over the fringe and pushed the hair out of my face. He asked if I wanted to play and I did. Good times. After about 20 minutes of talking about our past, we got to my new parents house.

The house was gorgeous. The front gate was a curvy design, a stone path leading to timber stairs, garden beds of roses, daisies, frangipanis , shrubs and many other flowers that added heaps of colour to the front yard. The stairs leaded to a timber deck that was shiny and obviously oiled to keep the timber from rotting. On the deck there were pots of more flowers, gorgeous in every way, the door had such a breath taking design on it as well, all curved lines and all meant to be together. This women must be rich or something because the house is huge... And I don't mean 5 bedroom house huge, I mean 3 stories, bottom story holding at least 6 or 7 rooms, 2nd story was slightly smaller but not by much, probably 5 rooms and then the top story, which looked like it held 1 room altogether. This women named 'Tooth' must be a prostitute or a celebrity because no one can have a mansion like this without wealth.

 I finally noticed my mouth was slightly open and my eyes wide when Billy used his hand to close my mouth. Then I noticed he was laughing so hard, he was literally crying and having trouble breathing. I composed myself so I looked as normal as possible.

" I hope those tears are because I'm leaving, not because I can't believe I'm gonna live in that," I pointed at the house.

Billy stopped laughing to catch his breath and use his fingers to dry his tears and grinned lazily at me.

"I knew you were gonna like he house but I didn't expect that you were gonna look so shocked and scared."

"Hahaha, so funny, you should become a comedian Billiam," I replied sarcastically, using the name I made up for him when we were little, only using it to making him angry.

Billy death stared me and I put up my hands to surrender, grinning mischievously at him, I asked," You asked for it Billy, please don't hurt me mister," I batted my eyelashes.

Billy sighed then smiled and then turned his head to look at the house then back to me," Quit stalling, you have to go in and meet who your permanently living with and you know that."

I sighed then looked at my hands, fiddling with my bracelets on my left arm," What happened if she doesn't like me or can't stand me... You know what my old carers thought of me, I am a bit hard to handle, you should know that more then anyone does... You had to pull me out of punching Crystal's face in last year at the orphanage," Billy sighed audibly, lifted my chin up so I was staring at his face, looking into my eyes.

"You are who you are and no one can change that, no one, your strong willed and I like that about you. Someone gives you shit ,you are all over them, either swearing in there face or smashing there nose to oblivion. If someone hurts your friends you do the same, maybe even worse to the  person that hurt your friend. I like you no matter what and I never, ever, want you to change who you are just to have a home, or get a boyfriend or friends, please don't change who you are ever, because I love everything about you," Billy looked down at the gear box in the car, a pink colour flushed onto his cheeks and I became teary.

"Billy?" Billy looked up at me and I saw sadness and adoration in his eyes, I closed my eyes and felt a tear slide down my cheek and then another, my face became hot and wet, a sob escaped my lips, I opened my eyes.

I heard the passenger side door open then I looked around to face Billy hunching down, sliding his hand over the seat belt on my lower stomach, unbuckled me, I swung my feet out of the car still sobbing uncontrollably. I closed my eyes and used the back of my hands to swipe the tears away and then I felt hands on my hips lifting me out of the car with care, putting my feet onto the ground lightly, then folding me into his arms. I buried my face into his shirt, clutching onto his shirt like it's the only thing anchoring me to the world. Billy loosened his grip on my lower back, lifted one hand off my back to  lift my chin up so I was starring into his brown eyes. My tears dried up but my eyes still burnt with the need to cry.

" We will keep in touch Kam, I promise, I have your number, please don't cry, please stop, it's tearing me apart."

I nodded and lifted my arms, wrapping them around Billy's neck, watching nervousness itch onto his face, his mouth falling open a little just so he can chew on his slightly full bottom lip. I pulled him down so his face was only a couple centimetres from mine, even on my tippy toes. I watched as Billy's eyes went wide, felt his arm go back to my lower back, wrapping me closer to his body, his hands cupping my hips slightly. I tipped my face up and kissed his cheek then kissed his lips, no tongue, no opening of mouths just my lips on his for a couple seconds. I pulled back and smiled at Billy, as Billy's cheeks became bright red and dislodged one of his hands from my hips to his mouth, his eyes searching my face frantically.

I laughed and unfolded my arms from around his neck to my side, one hand pulling his hand off of my hip," C'mon comrade," I pointed to the house," I need to play home now so are you gonna help me get my stuff and help your dream about getting me into your bed?" I asked smiling.

He composed himself, putting his hands to his sides then lifting one hand to run it over his jaw in a thoughtful gesture," Hmmm, I like the second option," He flicked his eyes back to mine with a mischievous grin breaking out onto his face," I bet you'd be very good in bed," I gasped and then punched him in the arm," Ouch! Just being honest! Girls these days," I punched him again then he put his arms in a surrender gesture," I surrender, no more punching, lets get your stuff into the house."

Billy walked behind me to the passenger side door, grabbing out my bags and pillow pet, then walking to the front door really fast.

"Hey, Billy! Wait for me," when I got to the front door, Billy already touched the door bell.

No one came and I grinned mischievously.

"Nuhuh, I know that face,"

"And what face would that be Billy?" I asked putting on a innocent act.

"Your gonna do something that will get either me or you into trouble."

"You have so much faith in me, my sweet, sweet Billy," I replied grinning at the door bell then clicking it none stop for a minute or so, I lost track of time, all I know was that it was fun and drove Billy mad.

Billy dropped my bags and grabbed me around my waist and pulled me away from the door bell.

" Your no fun Billiam! You used to be so fun, what changed?" I asked him, kicking around but Billy had a good grip on me then I stopped and laughed," I love door bells soooo much."

" Oh who would have known," he replied dropping me and then grabbing my stuff and shuffled back to the door... After a while he burst out laughing too... Then the front door opened and a boy with white hair opened it.

A boy, pfft, more like a freaking sexy teenage boy with very light blonde hair that looks white that was dripping wet and looked like it gotten shaken out, light blue eyes, full lips, no shirt that showed his abs and great muscle tone, and a light blue towel rapped dangerously low around his hips, one arm still on the door knob and the other in his hair, shaking the water out. His lips curled when his eyes skimmed over me and then a scowl surfaced onto his face when he saw Billy.

"That's not nice! Scowling at my friend? Really? You make me sad ...person, Billy," I looked at Billy," how come all guys scowl when they see me and you together, is it cause your good looking and I'm not?" I asked," Scowling is definitely not an attractive look."

Billy laughed and then cleared his throat, pulling himself together, well trying then extended his hand to the teenager, I'm gonna call the teenager Whitey till I know his name, Billy was still smiling, his shoulders shaking from trying to not laugh.

"I'm Billy Sanchezy," When Whitey didn't take Billy's offered hand he ran it through his brown hair," Is Tooth here? I'm dropping off her new adopted daughter, Kamerin-" I interrupted.

"Ahmm, Billy, if you use my fathers last name... You know what I will do, I've already hurt you plenty of times before," I told him smiling sweetly and then Billy broke out laughing.

" Naww, Kammy, can I just say I told you so," He smiled and I punched his arm again," Shit, I'm gonna have so many bruises now because of you Kamerin."

"You deserve it Billy-pie," I batted my eyes at him and pouted my lips," Don't dob on me now, Billy-pie."

The guy at the door leaned against the door, arms crossed sussing us out, straight faced... Not normal at all since I normally get many people laughing when I act all angelic...  but I could see amusement sparkle in his blue eyes," Are you two dating?" He asked.

Billy and I just said no at the same time.

"Well, why were you to kissing before?" He asked.

"Arrggghhhh, because we have a brother/sister relationship and cause we can. Gotta problem with that?" I asked, arms folded, smiling.

"Yes, I do, Tooth! She's here and you didn't tell me she has an attitude," He said yelling into the house then walked up the stairs.

All I could hear was the boy telling someone to wake up and that they have guests and he was gonna finish in his bathroom then no noise but to sets of feet, one running around swearing and the other laughing then a door closed. After 2 minutes of standing at the door waiting I decided to sit down on my but staring up at Billy while Billy looked down.

"Your such a child," He said shaking his head, making hair go into his eyes while chuckling.

"Gotta problem with that Billy?" I asked laying back on the timber, putting my arms underneath my head, looking at the ceiling.

"Hell no, It's adorable," I looked at Billy and saw his gaze fall onto my body, from my hips, looking over my stomach, his gaze lingering on my boobs and then him looking at my face while I raised an eyebrow.

"Ha, did I give you permission to stare? Because I remember that I didn't."

Billy blushed again, then looked up when we both heard someone coming down the stairs.  I stayed laying down.

"I'm so sorry, my alarm was suppose to get me up at 7 but it didn't and then Jack didn't wake me up until just then, teenagers," the lady laughed," Hello again Billy, and this must be Kamerin, haha, is it comfy on the ground there?" She laughed again.

" Actually, it really is," I sat up and then got to my feet and looked at the lady, she was beautiful, Straight brown hair, green eyes, full lips, high cheek bones and she was thin with no curves, completely different to me, I have Champagne blonde hair that had a natural wave, eyes that change colour from grey, blue, green and brown depending on my mood, C cup boobs, and my butt and thighs are having trouble fitting into my size 12 jeans, I can't fit size 14 jeans because its too large around my waist and hips and I can fit into my size 12 jeans, but they are very large around my hips and waist... God I hate having size 10 waist, size 12 hips and size 14 butt and thighs, curves are not cool, I extended my hand to the lady," I'm Kamerin Clementine Haze."

The lady took my extended hand and pulled me into a hug instead, my body went stiff for a couple moments then I hugged her back, the lady pulled back," I'm Tooth, nice to finally meet you and thank you for coming, c'mon, let me show you the house."

" Thank you for adopting me Tooth but why did you adopt me?  No one likes me... Well I do have lots of attitude and your so young," I looked at her and tilted my head to one side in a silent question.

She shrugged," I believe everyone deserves a chance at life and you haven't had that chance yet so ya know, and yes I'm young but I wanted to adopt, for someone to accompany my other child."

"But you must of had him when you were7 because he looks 17," Billy gave me a look that normally made me shut my mouth but I didn't want to right now.

"His parents died a couple years ago, so I took him in and raised him as my own since his mum and I were close friends, I believed instead of making Jacks life hard, I will adopt him and raise him as my own, thank you Billy for bringing her, I appreciate it," she smiled and he nodded and looked at me.

" Time for me to go Kammy," He hugged me then let go," See you later, Bye Tooth, look after her please."

"I will, come Kamerin, let me show you the house," she said motioning me with her hand to come inside while grabbing my bags and pillow pet.

" By Billy-pie, I will miss you!" I called out after him then went into the house after Tooth.



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