Dearly Beloved

A short fanfic based on one of my all-time favourite games, Kingdom Hearts. This isn't 100% true to the actual scene in the game but hey, it's fanfiction so it's just my interpretation of it. This is from the first game, where Sora confronts Riku/Ansem and finds out how to save Kairi. I'I'm entering this in the Level Up competition - enjoy!

(Note:the title is from possibly my favourite song in the game - it has fantastic music!)

1. Sora



  Her name fell softly from my lips. If I hadn't known any better, if I hadn't known Kairi so well, I would have thought that she was just sleeping. Her eyes were shut but only gently, and her eyelids seemed to flutter occasionally. Anyone else would have said that she looked peaceful.

  But I was not anyone else. I knew her better than anyone, better even than Riku ever could. She had always been pale but now her skin was drained of all colour: I could see the dark shadows beneath her eyes, the tiny furrow between her eyebrows, and I could see the fear and the unhappiness in her face. She was still so beautiful, even like this when it hurt my chest just looking at her.

  I forced my eyes away from her, turning them instead on the giant keyhole in front of me. It was unlike any of the keyholes we’d seen in any other worlds: they had been hidden away, inconspicuous things you could miss if you didn’t know where to look. But this was something else entirely. This was huge, unmissable and intimidating, at least four times my height. The darkness it held swirled and crackled with darkness and flashes of light like a raging thunderstorm – and it was incomplete.

  It needed hearts to finish it, the purest hearts in existence. Only one was missing.

  Part of me wanted to hate Riku for all that he had done, to blame him for all that had happened, but I couldn't. The Riku who had been my idol had changed almost beyond recognition, but I could still glimpse the boy from Destiny Island, the person I had looked up to and raced against and who had taught me how to fight. He had thought that he was doing the right thing, that he could save her, but he was wrong. He had found her, sure, but he had lost something of himself along the way and he couldn't save her. It wasn't his fault: he had just picked the wrong path, and darkness had overtaken him.

  I would do what he hadn't been able to do.

  I looked at Ansem's keyblade, lying across the room next to Kairi. I knew how to save her. I knew what I needed to do. My chest tightened with fear, but I had to ignore it. I had to save Kairi. That was all that mattered.

  I couldn't bring myself to look at Donald or Goofy, or even Kairi. I swallowed, my mouth dry. "I have to bring her back. She needs to have her heart back. The keyhole won't be complete otherwise."

  "Well gawrsh, Sora, how can we do that? Her heart is inside you," said Goofy, looking at the wavering, imperfect keyhole. I said nothing and walked slowly towards Kairi and the dark keyblade that was so similar to my own, and yet so different. Mine glowed with the power of the light; his held its own power, darkness so strong I was almost afraid to touch it. I swallowed my fear: being scared would achieve nothing.

  "Sora?" Goofy called softly from behind me, his tone questioning. I pretended I hadn't heard him and carried on, focussing on putting one foot in front of the other. I breathed deeply, trying to slow my pounding heartbeat.

  I crouched down beside Kairi and brushed my fingers across the keyblade, curling my fingers around the handle. The Keyblade of People’s Hearts. It was cold and heavier than I had expected. The coldness seemed to seep into my skin, but instead of numbing the fear it accentuated it. I rose slowly, getting used to the weight of it. It felt alien in my hand, and I longed for my own blade to give me strength.

  "Sora, hold on!" 

  "No, wait!"

  They had realised what I was going to do. I shut my eyes for a moment, then turned to them and forced a smile. I couldn't bring myself to speak. I looked at them for what felt like an eternity but could only have been a couple of seconds, first Donald, then Goofy. Two of the best friends anyone could hope for. 

  I forced myself to look away. I looked at Kairi one last time, then raised the keyblade. I would do it for her. I turned the blade around so it was pointed at my chest. I took one last breath, then I closed my eyes and plunged it into my chest.

  I felt her heart leave me but it was painless. I heard people calling my name but I was fading, fading away to nothing. Light poured out of my body and I knew I was dying but I felt no fear or panic at the thought: all my senses were dulled and all I felt was a faint kind of sadness that I would never see Kairi or Destiny Island again.

  Then something tugged at my heart and I knew that Kairi was awake and calling for me. She tried to grab hold of me but her arms passed straight through me and the last of the light was forced from my body and I was falling...
                                                                               falling into the darkness.


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