Stand Up

Harry Styles is a bad boy. He falls for a good girl. She's inside her shell. Can Harry break her free?


3. Studio

Sams POV


Harry kissed me. It went through my head 4 million times while I was getting ready. I put on my cherry flavored lipgloss and a little mascara. Then I put on a white longsleeved shirt with pink roses all over it along with a black layered tutu sort of skirt and some white flats. I put a ladder brad in my hair and walked out. Harry looked like a gentlemen. He was wearing slacks. Not skinny jeans. Weird. He looked over at me and smiled. He walked over and everything slowed down. As he walked light was all around him. His perfect curls were blowing as he walked. He got over to me and I snapped out of it. He put one hand behind my neck and the other on my waist and kissed my softly, but passionately. My hands were on his chest. We pulled back and he grabbed my hand. He led me or to his car and opened the door. This time I got in the seat Harry opened the door for. He closed the door and hopped in to his side. He started his car and we drove. I watched him. I watched his chest as it moved up and down. I watched his lips as he sang along to the radio. He looked at me and I kicked myself out of fantasy land. He smiled and I smiled back. Then he focused on driving. I put my hand on the arm rest closest to him and he sneakily grabbed it over time. Our fingers were in a knot the entire ride. My hand was tingling. I was lost in thought when I felt the car stop. "We're here." He smiled at me. We got out and I let go of his hand. He looked at me. I pointed to Simon. "What's he doing here!" He whispered as we walked up to him. "I don't know?" I walked up and smiled at Simon. He hugged me. "Why were you two holding hands?" He whispered and tightened his grip on me. "Simon…" "I'm yourfather, I'd like you to call me that." He tightened his grip even more. I grunted a little. "Ok dad…We like eachother." I whispered. He loosened his grip but then tightened it. "I firebird it. You will not ttake to him in anyway but a friend. Don't talk to him today or the rest of the day. Got it?" He whispered angrily. I nodded and he pulled back. "Ok, let's go into the studio." He said and started to walk off. Harry looked at me and it was hard too, but I didn't look at him. We walked in and he held me back. "What's wrong?" He looked at me. "I can't be with you…" his expression dropped into saddness. "What? Why?" It hurt so bad. "Why would I want to be with you?" I said trying to hold back tears. "What? I thought we…I thought you…" "you were wrong. I only did that because I didn't want to hurt you." I let a year roll down my eyes. I started to walk away but Harry pulled me back to him. "Are you ending us." Please stop talking Harry. "We can't end what never started." Another tear went down my cheek. He let go of me and had a distant look on his face. I held my head high and walked up to the studio. I walked in and the boys looked at me. "What's wrong?" Liam came over and sat me down. I let the tears escape. "Everything." I hugged him. He hugged me back. "What happened?" He whispered. "Simon saw me and Harry holding hands and told me to painfully dump him. I didn't want to." I cried. The other guys came over. They must have heard me. They all hugged me. "He can't tell you that. If you love him that much, you need to be with him." Liam said. "But Simon…" I started. "Crew what Simon says, he can't keep you from the one you love. You need to explain everything to Harry. Then stand up to Simon." Liam interrupted. "I can't. He won't let me go on tour with you guys." I cried. "Explain everything to Harry." "Explain what to me?" Harry walked in looking like he did when I walked away. I looked at him in tears. He looked at me worried. "Give us a minute lads." He said a shooed them. They left and he sat by me. "Simon saw us holding hands and he said if I don't painfully dump you. He tightened his grip with everything he said to me. I don't wanna break up Harry." I looked at him with the tears still coming down my face. He hugged me softly. "You can't let him say that kind of thing. Ever. You need to stand up t

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