Stand Up

Harry Styles is a bad boy. He falls for a good girl. She's inside her shell. Can Harry break her free?


1. Meeting You

Harry's POV 


  We were in the studio record Best Song Ever when Simon came in with a super sexy girl. I looked at her head to toe biting my bottom lip. Man I want that. "Boys, this is my daughter Sam, she's going to open for you guys on your next tour. Her bags are in the hallway. Harry, she's staying with you for the year. I have to go, X-Factor stuff, bye." He said and kissed her forehead then quickly left. Damn she's fine. I was biting my lip again. She sat down and opened a book. She had her hair in a messy bun. She but her lower lip while she read turning me on. "We should get going." I said without taking my eyes off Sam. She looked at me. I smiled. She rolled her eyes. A sassy good girl. Nice. "Shall we?" I asked and got up. I walked over to her and held out my hand. She didn't grab it. She walked straight out of the room. I smirked as I watched her walk out. "Damn…" I whispered and grabbed her bags. I caught up with her. "Your mean." I I started. She put in her headphones and turned on her music. Ok then. I led her to my car and opened the front door for her. She opened the back door and got in. I like this girl. I got in the car and put the top down. I drove to my house and opened the door for her. She rolled her eyes and got out of the car. I grabbed her bags and led her to her room. "You don't talk much." I said biting my lower lip. "Oh please, the only thing in this room you will ever turn on is the TV." She snapped at me. Damn. "Dang girl. You've got an attitude." I winked at her and walked out. She rolled her eyes at me and closed the door. She locked it. She's a little bitch. I like her.

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