Stand Up

Harry Styles is a bad boy. He falls for a good girl. She's inside her shell. Can Harry break her free?


4. Continued

Sams POV 


"You can't let him say that kind of thing. Ever! You need to stand up to him." Simon walked him and glared at me. "What did I just tell you!" He said angrily. I looked at Harry and he nodded. I got up and walked over to him. "Oh? Hmm…Some vrappy bullshit." I snapped at him. "You can't see him." He grabbed my wrist. I got up. "Harry. No!" I looked at him. He sat down and I looked at Simon. "You can't keep people who love eachother apart." I said calmly. "If you love him so much don't bother ever coming home." He let go of my wrist and walked out. I turned to Harry. He ran to me and put his arms around me. "That wasn't supposed to happen." I cried in his chest. Simon came back in. "Oh yeah Harry, your fired." I pushed Harry away. "No he's not Simon. You will be torn to bits by millions of directioners, you will be threatened, you will never be able to leave your house. You will be sewed. Do you really want that? Oh yeah. You will never work again." I glared at him. "Fine. I'm sending all of your stuff to Harry's house. He can stay. But don't come crying to me when you realize what a mistake you made." He slammed the door. I closed my eyes trying hold back all of the tears. Harry put his arms around me. "It's ok Sam." He whispered. I pushed him away. I shook my head. "No it's not Harry. That has happened to me twice in my entire life. My dad walked out on my family and decided to return for a family reunion he's not even part of anymore. Now he's dead. Simon was the only family I had." The guys walked in. "Thanks a lot guys. Because of you all, Simon kicked me out and almost fired Harry. Last time I ever listen to you." Harry put his arms around my waist. I put my arms around his neck and watched the guys' expressions drop. "Lets go…Home." Harry whispered and I nodded. Harry put his arm around me and we walked out. There were paparazzi everywhere. "Sam…What happened? We heard you dad kicked you out." Some guy with a recorder said. "For who?" I looked at him. "You father." I wanted to cry. "Get the hell away from her you bitches can't you see she's in pain?!?!" I heard Harry scream. They back away and Harry grabbed my hand and squeezed it. He led me to his car. "Harry, your hurting my hand." I looked at him. He gently let go. "Sorry. Those little bitched made me freak out." He put his head down. I walked over and looked up at h. "I loved it!" I smiled. "That was really sweet. No guys ever done that for me." He smiled back and kissed me. The paparazzi took pictures. Oh well. Harry pulled away and glared at him. "What did I just say?!?! Keep away from her. She's in pain and you have nerve to bother her. Paparazzi are bastards." He grabbed my hand and pushed me into the car. He got in and put the top on. He looked at me. I was smiling. "Sorry…" "still loving it!" I laughed and put my seatbelt on. He put his on and we drove to "our" house. He opened the door door for me and held out his hand. I grabbed it and got out. We walked inside and he hugged me. I hugged him back.

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