Kristina's College Life

Hi! I'm Kristina Johnson. I know, lame last name. I personally don't mind it though. When ever teachers call out "Miss. Johnson, please stay after class," I can leave and later say "Oh, I didn't know you meant me." Because, come on. There is about 5 people with the last name Johnson in my math class. Don't even get me started on my English class.
Anyway, all my friends call me Krissy. I'm pretty funny, oh what am I saying. You'll be dying of laughter when I'm done talking to you. I hate all of the stupid nerds. Well actually they're not stupid, but you get my point. I'm really short, with dirty blonde hair down to my upper back. I'm in college, rooming with my best friend since kindergarten, Bella. Or Isabella, if you want to be an annoying teacher. Seriously, would it kill them to call her Bella? You'd think They'd get that through their thick heads when I yell at them. Oh well.
Bye for now!

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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